Insulin and bodybuilding: action, reception, course

Insulin and bodybuilding: action, reception, course

Insulin — very strong hormone, however is widely used by athletes in bodybuilding. In this article we will consider how it influences an organism of bodybuilders and as it is correct to apply it.

Insulin — transport hormone which is formed in beta cells of a pancreas. Its main goal — decrease in sugar in blood.

The abundance of this hormone in blood allows cages of an organism to receive more useful substances that fully justifies its application in body building.

Whether you know? The adult in an organism has about 5 grams of hormone of insulin.

Each reception of products provokes emission of insulin in blood. Its action on athletes can be divided into metabolic, anabolic and anticatabolic effect:

  1. Metabolic — insulin together with other hormone of a pancreas — a glucagon — form the balanced mode for metabolism of the person. He is responsible for glucose lowering of the level, and the glucagon has opposite action and raises glucose if its level is insufficient for normal functioning. This harmonious union of hormones allows to hold sugar level within norm, necessary for bodybuilders.
  2. Anabolic — thanks to the accelerated hit of medicine in blood other nutritious elements and the liquid demanded by an organism are also acquired quicker. The fast metabolism leads to growth of cells of muscle tissue.
  3. Anticatabolic — hormone has property to reduce amount of fatty acids in blood. It allows to keep better the muscle bulk as fatty acids suppress splitting of fats.

The use for bodybuilding from transport hormone consists in fast and effective accumulation of muscle bulk.

  • promotes acceleration of a metabolism;
  • reduces glucose level in blood;
  • slows down oxidation process, and it conducts to fast cell regeneration after physical activities;
  • produces protein much thanks to what muscle tissue expands.

Pay attention to protein cocktails, Mezomorf, creatine.

At the wrong dose of injections there is a risk of development of a hypoglycemia (lack of glucose of a cage).

  • tremor of extremities;
  • plentiful release of sweat;
  • coordination loss;
  • consciousness turbidity;
  • consciousness loss;
  • strong feeling of hunger.

To raise glucose level in blood, it is necessary to eat the product containing glucose, that is something sweet. Except obvious symptoms, there is a risk of chronic decrease in production of own insulin, especially at long intake of medicine.

Important! Hormone is not toxic for a liver and kidneys, does not cause violations of a reproductive system.

Body builders apply insulin of two types: short and ultrashort action.

In half an hour after application, insulin of short action begins to show the effect and is in blood for 5–6 hours.

Insulin of ultrashort action within fifteen minutes begins to function and is removed from an organism in 3–4 hours. It should be entered immediately after a meal.

  1. Begin intake of medicine with a small dose — 2 PIECES.
  2. Pay attention to reaction of your organism to injections.
  3. With each subsequent reception increase a dose by 2 PIECES.
  4. Further, if there are no side effects, it is possible to increase a dose to 10–15 PIECES. However you should not enter more than 20 PIECES as there is a risk of overdose of medicine and sharp decrease in level of glucose in blood.
  5. It is possible to enter injections daily, but for gradual effect of set of muscle bulk recommend to inject drug every other day.
  6. Course duration — from one and a half to two and a half months (depends on the frequency of intake of hormone). The more often you inject, the quicker receive necessary result and the reception course is shorter.
  7. Products need to be accepted at the rate of 1 PIECE on 10 g of food.

Important! For the best result keep to a diet rich with carbohydrates and you hold power trainings.

Rules of introduction of insulin are as follows:

  1. Disinfect the place for a prick alcohol-containing liquid.
  2. Gain necessary amount of medicine in the sterile syringe.
  3. After that enter ampoule contents under skin, pleated in a stomach, previously having clasped this place with a hand.

The syringe for a prick use every time new. It is also necessary to change places for pricks to avoid irritation and hit of an infection in a wound. Ampoules should be held well cooled.

If you only begin a course of injections, avoid the following mistakes:

  1. You do not enter insulin for the night.
  2. Do not use medicine before a training at once.
  3. You do not inject drug intramuscularly — hormone has to be entered under skin.
  4. Do not exceed amount of the injected drug.

Whether you know? The record on biceps volume — 77.8 cm — in bodybuilding belongs to Denis Sester, the USA.

Insulin injections among bodybuilders have high popularity not least because of the price policy. Knowing precautionary measures and having correctly calculated a course of intake of medicine, you will be able to gain additional muscle bulk at short notice.

And also, it is possible to believe that use of insulin after the training also influences except as transport, permeability, other anabolic processes also maintenance of productive secretion of STG and synthesis of IFR.

In general Alexander Andreevich, you also know that you have the correct understanding of methodology). But for example I consider that on course AAS especially in those cases when course AAS inclines in the androgenic party or the general androgenic factors rather high more - there is desirable a use of insulin as well as during the day, and after the training. Need of therapy by insulin also increases about increase in the general, daily kalorazh and application of GR. Also take place to be rare injections of insulin as a way to unload a pancreas (to give rest), it is appropriate in some situations when in besides need for endogenous insulin increases.

Dmitry Sanych

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