Isometric gymnastics

Isometric gymnastics

Isometric gymnastics - the real find for modern people who value every minute. It is available, all exercises are performed on the run, between times and, in essence, a little in what differ from usual movements, but demand rhythmical, deep breath and the bigger muscle tension.


1. Don't jump from the bed at once in the morning. Lying on the back, extend hands along the trunk and with effort press the head into the pillow. Then raise the hands bent in elbows and press palms to each other with the force. Sit down in beds, extend legs and strongly press the sole of one leg on the sole another. Then lower legs on the floor and, having clasped with hands knees, part them, overcoming resistance of hands.

2. After got out of the bed, rise on toes and make the deep breath, fall on the foot and make the exhalation. Making the bed, bend so that your legs and the trunk formed the right angle, at the same time the back has to be the straight line, the stomach in is tucked.

3. During washing tuck the stomach in so strongly as far as you will be able (don't hold the breath), and then completely relax. When you brush teeth slowly rise on toes, and then pass to heels. Took the towel to be wiped, stretch it in both parties. This very good exercise for the bearing.

4. In the workplace (if, of course, you have the sedentary work) lean against the chair seat, raise feet from the floor up and try to raise the trunk on hands, and then slowly to sit down. If hands at the computer were tired of long work, connect palms and very quickly rub them the friend about the friend, don't feel strong heat yet. Then rub hands one about another (as though you wash them) and several times stir up absolutely weakened brushes.

5. It is possible to do several exercises in the car when you get stuck in the traffic jam or in front of the traffic light. undertake both hands the wheel and stretch them with effort, at the same time without releasing the wheel. Relax and repeat once again. You got out of the car. Be reluctant hands about the trunk and very much press on it. Then, standing on one leg, thrust another under the buffer and try ""to raise"" it together with car. Repeat the movement by other leg.

6. In the evening, sitting in front of the TV, put socks and heels together. Alternately, with effort lift socks, without tearing off heels from the floor, imitating walking uphill. Repeat exercise not less than 60 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team