Isotonic ring for Pilates: complex of effective exercises

Isotonic ring for Pilates: complex of effective exercises

Today a huge number of different sports devices which help to improve efficiency and result is presented at the market. One of the most popular during the trainings on Pilates is the isotonic ring. Let's consider efficiency and the description of general exercises.

Characteristic of an isotonic ring for Pilates

Pilates — the balanced ensemble of exercises which are taken from different currents in sport and are developed for restoration after getting injured and other problems with the musculoskeletal device. Gradually the program began to be used for improvement of flexibility and the general strengthening of a body.

Today many sports clubs offer occupations groups on Pilates with different stock. One of the most popular objects is the isotonic ring which can be bought in any sports shop.

It represents the exercise machine which is intended for creation of additional resistance when performing exercises that increases their efficiency. Plus is ease and compactness of a shell. The ring is used for strengthening of muscles of all body without increase in their volume.

Whether you know? Initially Pilates had other name — a contrologiya. Quite so it was called by the inventor Joseph Pilates, and it captured the main essence of trainings: the sheer control over all over, breath and even thoughts.

Most often it is used for work with muscles:

  • breasts;
  • buttocks;
  • hands;
  • backs;
  • stomach;
  • surfaces of hips.

The advantage of this stock consists in the following:

  1. Improvement of quality of a body and tone of muscles.
  2. Disposal of problems with skin in many places.
  3. Low-impact load is safe for joints.
  4. Improvement of a bearing and disposal of pains in a back.
  5. Muscles stabilizers which have a rest in other power trainings get into gear.
  6. It is possible to use during rehabilitation or restoration after the delivery or to elderly people.

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Popular models

The most popular models among fans of this stock is the following:

  • Starfit of 39 cm;
  • Fittools;
  • Skyfit SF-FR870;
  • Balanced Body Ultra-Lite Circle UL-3005 (facilitated);
  • Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Mini Circle diameter is 30.5 cm.

As it is correct to choose

Proceeding from the fact that a huge number of options of these goods is presented at the market the buyer can choose not those goods which are necessary to it. It is ideal to ask council the trainer or to get with what you are engaged in the hall.

Important! All exercises with an isotonic ring are effective as they increase load of all body, but at the same time without increasing a muscle in volume.

Besides it is better to buy a shell from the reliable seller. Rings happen two sizes — 35 and 38 cm in the diameter. The first is used by women, and the second men. Everyone chooses a form of handles individually.

Principle of work with a ring

The universality of a shell consists in the principle of its work as the advantage of application is shown not only at compression, but also adaptation stretching. In addition, it can be applied as a support about different surfaces.

Set of exercises

We suggest to try to train with the exercises described below which for a short period will help to recover a body.

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For hands, shoulders, a breast and a back

The exercise directed to muscles of shoulders, hands and even a back:

  1. The Starting Position (SP) — legs are located in Turkish. The back is held exactly, completely straighten shoulders.
  2. Ring have at the level of a breast, elbows part in the parties.
  3. Carry out turns of an upper body serially to the parties, being late maximum in everyone for several seconds.

Exercise for muscles of a breast, hands and even a press:

  1. — costing SP most exactly. A ring have between palms which place at the level of a breast.
  2. Strain muscles and begin to lift a shell up.
  3. In the weakened state return to SP.
  4. Again strain muscles and lower a shell to a stomach bottom.
  5. Relax and return to SP.

Exercise for increase in mobility of a backbone:

  1. SP — lying on a back, hands have along a body. A ring have slightly over the knee.
  2. The stomach is pulled in and slowly squeeze legs. Tear off hips from a floor, caving in in a back, stretching all vertebras.
  3. The finishing pose — an emphasis on heels and shovels of a back.

For a stomach

These exercises train oblique muscles and also all press.

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Exercise No. 1:

  1. SP — lying on a back, hands have along a body.
  2. Legs bend in knees and clamp them a ring.
  3. On a breath carry out raising of the case.

Exercise No. 2:

  1. SP — lying on a back, legs bend in knees.
  2. The ring is picked up and have over the head.
  3. On an exhalation strain a press and begin to raise the case up.
  4. On a breath return to SP.

Exercise No. 3:

  1. SP — lying on a stomach, hands extend forward and palms squeeze a shell.
  2. On an exhalation lift the case and legs at the same time.
  3. On a breath return to SP.

It is also possible to arrange a ring between anklebones.

Whether you know? Pilates is not gymnastics for disposal of excess weight, with its help carry out strengthening of muscles, increase flexibility of joints, restore a bearing, remove pain and learn to breathe correctly.

For hips and buttocks

We offer you a training for improvement of quality of muscles of a surface of a hip.

Exercise No. 1:

  1. SP — lying on a back, legs bend, a shell have between knees.
  2. Begin to lift slowly a basin, at the same time strain buttocks.
  3. Then lower hips, relaxing muscles.

Exercise No. 2:

  1. SP — lying on one side. The palm of a hand which is located from above is set against a floor.
  2. The ring is placed between legs in the suitable place.
  3. Strain muscles of legs, squeezing a ring, and direct legs up.
  4. Return to SP.

Exercise No. 3:

  1. SP — a position Pilates, a stomach involve. A ring have slightly over the knee. Elbows part in the parties.
  2. Begin to squat slowly several times, straining legs and springing them.
  3. Return to SP.

Video: technology of performance of uprazheniye for hips and buttocks with an isotonic ring

Important! Having studied general exercises, everyone can develop for himself the suitable program as there are many opportunities to use this shell.

Useful recommendations

To receive the maximum quantity of advantage of use of an isotonic ring, it is necessary to adhere to the following useful recommendations:

  1. The first ring has to be not too dense, it is better to take facilitated and only then to get with bigger rigidity.
  2. At first with a shell it is better to do the minimum quantity of repetitions and only then to increase.
  3. Classes have to be given regularly that muscles were involved the maximum time.
  4. Before a training it is important to do good warm-up, not only a muscle warming carefully up, but also having stretched them.

Apparently from all above, a ring for Pilates — rather useful adaptation. The main thing — is correct to use it, and then positive results will not keep themselves waiting long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team