It is interesting. Run and martial arts

It is interesting. Run and martial arts

recent times the ancestor of the Bodhidharm's Shaolin school himself trained the first monks-novices of the temple a zen in the Buddhism. It began exercises with meditation in a pose of a lotus or semi-lotus, but time and experience showed that this practice of the doctrine should be changed for dynamic. It began to combine meditation and practice of martial arts. During the trainings they plunged into a certain state, being improved and spiritually and physically. On this combination – and spiritual and physical many schools of martial art are constructed.

History shows that owning art of battle of Davy soldiers immersed themselves in a special state by means of the respiratory equipment and an internal spirit then any fighter in this state could resist to 12 enemies at once. According to this state time for the person slows down and actions of the enemy for the monk were sluggish, and he in this state became fast, imperceptible and sure.

It is known that our ancestors owned such equipment, and Svyatoslav Igorevich with 18-thousand army could win fight against 100-thousand Byzantine army.

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Similar practice can be applied and in technology of run when the person interacting with consciousness and emotions, can without problems for health accelerate run and run long distances. Practice of run and martial arts of the Shaolin, during the correct work with emotions and consciousness, interact with each other. Jogs as well as martial arts of an ancient civilization, promote growth of physical force, internal energy and help to leave from realities of day.

For receiving more good results at intelligent approach not only to run, but also to other fields of activity, it is necessary to improve the physical indicators.

The monks of the Shaolin recognized in the world as great fighters in the fighting philosophy claim that at two opponents, equal on force and preparation, the one who quicker and more deeply managed to be discharged of the outside world will win and to plunge into inner world. Then any movement will be foreseen, and any cunning is solved in advance. Such soldiers were invincible and impregnable, they could be overcome only a siege.

Conscious run helps to open with the person not only inner world and its reserves, but also contributed to the development of sixth sense. Yes there will be a world with you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team