"Janu Shirshasana (a pose in yoga): description, advantage and harm, equipment

"Janu Shirshasana (a pose in yoga): description, advantage and harm, equipment

Occupations yoga are capable to put breath, thoughts and muscles in order. One of the most known poses is Janu Shirshasana. Its execution demands some physical training therefore it is not offered for beginners.

The name of an asana consists of Janu's words — "knee" and Shirsha — "head", that is "the head to a knee".

Actions of joints and muscle work

Muscles of a bottom of a back, the back surface of a hip and also sural are involved in Janu Shirshasana.

Besides, in work are used: talocrural, knee joints, muscles and joints of a basin.

Important! In certain cases the coxofemoral joint is not always rather mobile therefore for occupations it is possible to use auxiliary objects — a thong for capture of a foot, the put blanket as a lining under a basin.


This asana strengthens a condition of an organism. Regular performance of Janu Shirshasana is capable to bring such benefit:

  • stimulates activity of digestive tract;
  • improves work of a liver, kidneys, spleens;
  • expands the volume of lungs;
  • increases flexibility of a waist;
  • helps at diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • calms nervous system;
  • brings the general relaxation at a menopause at women.

We recommend to learn what is asanas in yoga and what their role.


Possible harm at Janu Shirshasana's execution can be done at diseases of knee joints, serious loading is the share of them during exercise. Therefore at the injured knees it is necessary to consult with the doctor or at all to refrain from use of this asana in the occupations.

Performance of a pose at problems with the respiratory device as poses of yoga are inseparably linked with the correct breath is also contraindicated. Chronic diseases, like asthma or acute respiratory diseases, are a contraindication not only for performance of the described exercise, but also for practice of yoga in general.

Whether you know? The yoga became known in Europe only in the 19th century when the progressive public became interested in it. And the first lecture about practice in this part of the continent was given by the German philosopher A. Schopenhauer.

Technology of performance and correct breath

To bring benefit to an organism from performance of any asana, it is necessary to conform precisely to the rules of its performance and at the movements of a body, and at breath. The equipment and stages of performance of Janu Shirshasana are given below:

  1. To accept Dandasana (Staff pose) — sitting on buttocks, to straighten legs. Turning knees to each other, to straighten a backbone, having caved in in a waist and resting straight arms against a floor.
  2. Bend one leg in a knee and turn it aside, having laid an external part of a hip and shin. The heel and a thumb of this leg have to touch an internal part of a hip of other leg about a crotch. The corner between legs has to turn out as much as possible 90 °.
  3. Take away a knee of the bent leg as much as possible back.
  4. Stretch hands to foot of the extended leg, having got serially fingers, a foot and a heel. After that connect hands behind foot "in the lock".
  5. Exhaling, bend forward, having taken elbows to the parties, and touch by a forehead, a nose and a chin of a shin of the extended leg.
  6. Lower the person to a floor from any side of the lying shin, preventing a possible deviation of foot outside.
  7. Extend all top part of the building forward and bring a breast to a hip. In this position it is necessary to be late approximately for about a minute at deep breath.
  8. Exhaling, become straight on hands, raise the head and a look as much as possible up. You hold a pose within several seconds, curving a back.
  9. Relax and adopt the initial provision — to Dangdasang.
  10. Repeat all sequence for other leg.

Video: The technician of performance Janu Shirshasana Uprazhneniye equal number of times for each leg is carried out. The number of repetitions is limited only to fatigue and common sense.

Whether you know? Long stay in an asana and its combination with Sarvangasana (a rack on shoulders with a support) are good therapy at increase in a prostate.

Widespread mistakes

During Janu Shirshasana's performance, mistakes which can "nullify" all efforts are possible. Let's consider below what should be avoided:

  • rounding off of a back — a direct back is an indispensable condition of the correct performance of an asana;
  • it is not necessary to reach the head for a knee, despite everything — at difficulties, for contact it is possible to bend a knee a little;
  • legs have to work together with a back Sarvangasana a defect in any component will not allow to execute exercise correctly;
  • the asana is carried out regularly, but not occasionally.

Subtleties and secrets of performance

Each asana has the secrets and rules which were developed for centuries in the practical way.

We advise to learn how it is correct to carry out a pose of a triangle, onions, a frog, peacock, diamond, the mountain, a cat, raven in yoga.

Janu Shirshasana — not the exception, this pose rather energy-intensive, and yogas found long ago some subtleties thanks to which correctly carry out an asana, without excessive nervousness and expenditure of forces:

  • for the correct performance considerable muscular efforts are not obligatory — the asana is better carried out at relaxation, trusting in the body;
  • having accepted a pose, it is necessary to try to stay in it about 10 respiratory cycles;
  • at the maximum pulling it is necessary to stop in the correct performance of an asana at least for several seconds;
  • it is necessary to leave a pose quietly, giving this time to an organism for rest;
  • carrying out an inclination, you should not strain face muscles, necks, shoulders;
  • elbows at an inclination get divorced in the parties at once, as much as possible opening clavicles;
  • exhalations go to a back part of edges, to buttocks, to other intense areas.

Important! Exercise has to be carried out carefully — at the maximum load there is a possibility of traumatizing joints, ligaments or muscles.

Janu Shirshasana, despite some complexity, is fine means for improvement of an organism, normalization of breath, acquisition of internal rest. This asymmetric pose forces to work muscles in atypical conditions and to control movements that perfectly develops muscles and powers of thinking.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team