Kallanetika - exercises for ballerinas

Kallanetika - exercises for ballerinas

Kalanetika or kalanetik is the proved system of static exercises developed in the sixties the twentieth century. With its help it is possible to strengthen and extend muscles, having given them the so-called ballet form.

Kalanetika represents the complex from 29 exercises based on yoga asanas. It strengthens cervical and lumbar departments of the backbone, improves the metabolism and the tone of skin, involves deep muscles and in general well influences the organism. It is considered that only one hour of the kalanetika replaces with itself day of occupations aerobics, so, there is the chance to become more harmonious for very short period. This slow, slow gymnastics demands careful performance of all recommendations and, what is even more important, the correct breath. During performance of exercises you won't sweat, choke or try to keep up with mad pace as it often occurs at aerobic loadings. No, the basic rule of the kalanetika is to hold the difficult, unusual pose, having forced to work as the ""sleeping"" muscles. This set of exercises extends and extends muscles, forming the beautiful relief without increase in volume. For this reason the kalanetika received the unofficial name of ""exercise for ballerinas"".

Kalanetika is called in honor of Kallan Pinknya who developed this set of exercises in the early sixties to restore the health and to avoid knee and backbone surgeries.

What needs to be known before the occupations of kalanetiky?

At first sight this gymnastic complex seems absolutely simple. Only it is also necessary to stand in one pose no more than one and a half minutes. However, this wrong representation. Deduction of required poses demands serious loadings and doesn't come down to the extension and relaxation. If the level of your physical training isn't too high, it isn't necessary to choose the kalanetika as the main exercise stress. For a start be engaged in Pilates which, professing the same principles, as the kalanetik, nevertheless isn't so exacting to resources of the human body.

If your preparation allows to be engaged in kalanetiky, remember that the maximum result, as well as in the case with many other types of loading, can be reached only at respect for the principles of healthy nutrition. The proteinaceous diet, refusal of alcohol, intake of vitamins - all this will allow you to feel and see changes of the body as soon as possible.

Kalanetika will suit people who want to lose considerable weight, those who doesn't love cardioloading, subjects, who has no time for hours-long sports activities. At the beginning the kalanetika needs to give on the hour two-three times a week when the desirable form is reached, the number of hours can be reduced to one in the week. It quite will be enough for keeping fit.

If the hour training seems to you too heavy, be not upset: it can be distributed on several 15-minute approaches during the day.

In what cases can't kalanetiky be engaged?

As in the case with any other serious exercise stress, there is the number of contraindications. You should look for the alternative to this complex in case: - you underwent surgery less, than a year ago; - at you are very poor eyesight; - at you are asthma; - you observe varicosity or there are gemorroidalny knots. Actually, there are no other contraindications. You remember, at occupations of kalanetiky you shouldn't force the body if you can't perform any exercise, try its facilitated version. Over time your body will become is stronger, and you will be able to carry out all movements, achieving the best results.

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