Keeper of the world mighty god Vishnu

Keeper of the world mighty god Vishnu

Hinduism is one of the most ancient religions which, in turn, is considered the third in number of believers around the world, Orthodoxy, and on the second Islam is in the first place. The Indian religion is a set of traditions, ceremonies, philosophy and knowledge. It is presented by numerous schools and also svyashchennopisaniye. In Hinduism there are various directions, one of which is the Vaishnavism or Vaishnava, its distinctive feature is worship of the Indian God Vishnu and his avatars.

What god is

God Vishnu — one of a Hindu Trinity or Trimurti whom, besides it, Shiva and Brahma enter. This Supreme Deity, according to Hindu beliefs, returns to Earth to maintain balance of the good and evil. For this purpose it reincarnates in various appearances or avatars. The name of Vishnu is repeatedly mentioned in Hindu svyashchennopisaniye in which the special part — the director of justice is assigned to it. It is considered that at the moment Vishnu reincarnated 9 times, and the 10th arrival of this God to Earth is only necessary, and there will be it when doomsday is absolutely close.

Whether you know? In some villages of India there is a tradition which will be read both Hindus, and Muslims, and it is that newborns are dumped from 15-meter height on the stretched awning. It is considered that after the child copes with this test, he will grow healthy and happy.

As Vishnu looks: iconography

On Vishnu's icons represent in a human body with blue, blue or black integuments and four hands. Four hands symbolize that the person acts not only 2 hands as a physiological part, but also still a set of four hands which reflects inner world, that is that the individual fills from within and reflects his acts. To it there is an explanation in Vedanta where 4 hands are treated as Wuma's symbols, the Ego, Consciousnesses and Intelligence. Visualization of the Director of justice, thus, emphasizes his divine qualities and abilities.

Almost in all pictures this God is represented with the spouse Lakshmi. He or costs on a lotus flower, his wife just is nearby, or lies on rings of a dragon, and his spouse does it foot massage, and around family the boundless Dairy ocean is scattered. Also such option of pictures on which Vishnu sits astride Garude's eagle meets. On the head of the Director of justice there is a crown which symbolizes his domination and the fact that he is a part of soul of each person. Vishnu is God who can change appearances, but what he wants to achieve, there is invariable, and it and justice, and kindly, both love, and mutual respect of people.

Important! Vishnu's wife — Lakshmi is also honored in Hinduism and is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, abundance, happiness and good luck.

Attributes and their value

On all images in hands Vishnu has 4 objects, each of them is a peculiar symbol and has the value and also speaks about what its owner is responsible for. It holds a sink, a mace, a lotus and chakra or a disk. The sink symbolizes primary sound of creation of "Ohms". The mace — demonstrates to mental and physical force of the owner. The flower of a lotus is a reflection of freedom and purity, thoughts and acts. And the disk — emphasizes mental capacities of this God and his wisdom.

Other names of the deity

According to the Old Indian epos to "Mahabharata" there are more than 1000 names of Vishnu, in this source there is a whole section devoted only to them. It is possible to distinguish the following names from the most considerable: Govinda (shepherd), Keshava (blagovolosy), Hari (reddish-brown or deliverer), Madhusudana (murderer of the demon to Madh), Purushottama (highest spirit, the best of people) and Murari (demon Muri's enemy). The embodiments of God Vishnu are boundless as, actually, and names which can belong to it.

About indulgence, Vishnu's avatars

"The highest God" is allocated with numerous positive characteristics among the admirers. He symbolizes the future, the present and the past, creates and destroys, directs existence in the Universe, he resolves all problems, supports and operates terrestrial beings. Its emergence on Earth not of an ischislima as Vishnu continuously manages justice and the appearance changes uncountable number of times, but there are such avatars which are considered as conventional and highly are honored in Vaishnavism.


Having embodied in fish, Vishnu came down to Earth during a Flood and saved Manu.


Having addressed in a turtle, it supported Mount Mandara which could sink because of a pakhtanye of the ocean provoked by Gods and Demons to extract nectar from its subsoil.


In the guise of Vishnu's wild boar killed the demon to Hiranyaksh and saved Earth from the overtaking water abyss which symbolized sins of people of Earth. It is considered that thus the Deity saved people from sinking in own offenses and sinfulness thanks to the highest force to Varakhavatar.


Having reincarnated in the person lion, it overcame the evil, that is the demon who began to predominate on the earth and heaven.


In the form of the dwarf "The director of justice" was to the ascetic and the magician of Bali which at that time took control of the world. He asked for him such piece of the earth which it will be able to overcome, having taken only 3 steps. The magician agreed, and Vamana, having stepped 2 times, measured heaven and the earth and pushed off the villain in an underworld, having left the underground Kingdom to him.

Important! The following 5 avatars of Vishnu consist in transformation in people, that is only a half of standard is connected with mythical beings or animals.


Having tried on on itself shape of the son of wise family Renuki and Dzhamadagni or having embodied in Rama with the axe, Vishnu won kshatriyev and saved mankind from tyranny and danger. He defeated soldiers and extolled "brahmen".


Is one of the most esteemed transformations of God of justice. The frame defeats all villains and establishes harmony of good and justice.


Still this avatar call Belaram, it is the fullest embodiment of this Deity, and Krishna in India is honored as the Move Vishnu. Krishna is a wise soldier, the talented strategist and the wise man. He personifies children's spontaneity and purity of thoughts and acts and also comprehensive love.

Gautama Buddha

The ninth avatar — the embodiment of the Move Vishnu in Buddha that is treated as manifestation of Hinduism in the Buddhism.


In this appearance of Vishnu will appear before the end of this era, he will be with a sword on a white game, will defeat all enemies of a Dharma and will restore justice.

Whether you know? In the western part of India, in the city of Deshnok the temple "Carney of Mata" is located. Its feature is that in this holy site worship rats. In the territory of their temple more than 20 thousand live, believers bring them gifts, and the special honor is considered to taste the food which is taken a bite by an animal.

About Vaishnavism (Vaishnava)

Vishnu's followers are called by Vaishnavites or vishnuist, they are carried mainly to monotheists, most often it is residents of India. The quantities of vishnuist given relatively change in various sources. So, in some of their quantity makes about 700 million people, and in others — about 200 million.

Among extended the practician of yoga it is necessary to call Ayengar, Anuloma-Vilom, the Mule of a bandh, Jalandhar of a bandh, Uddiyana of a bandh, Agni Yoga, Kaula-yoga, Hatha yoga, yogalates, the Bhakti yogi, Fly yoga, Atm Kriya of the Yogi, Kriyya-yoga, akroyog, kapalabkhata.

Despite of the number of followers, Vaishnava is one of the main directions of Hinduism. The Vaishnava is also based on belief in resettlement of souls, a sansara and a karma, and worship of the Deity is carried out by means of yoga and meditation.

Answering a question who such God Vishnu, one may say, that it is the Supreme Deity in Hinduism and is honored the followers as the fighter for justice and good who reincarnates in different appearances with the purpose to save Earth from the evil and destructions and to establish on it harmony, to impart to mankind love and mutual understanding.

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