L-carnitine: advantage or harm?

L-carnitine: advantage or harm?

The L-carnitine is the amino acid accelerating exchange processes in the organism. Most often this substance is used by athletes and persons interested to lose weight people. To understand, harm or benefit are brought by the L-carnitine, it is necessary to learn the mechanism of its action.

As the L-carnitine works

The organism of each person develops the L-carnitine which is synthesized from methionine and the lysine in kidneys and the liver. However it is made it a little, and it is quickly spent. The main role of the L-carnitine – transportation of fatty acids through the cell membrane. At the lack of this amino acid the organism for obtaining energy uses generally carbohydrates.

However it is simple to receive the L-carnitine and you shouldn't wait for fast combustion of fats. The feature of this amino acid is that it works only during exercise stresses. And if you wish to lose weight by means of the L-carnitine, you should combine the low-calorie diet, aerobic exercise stresses and administration of drugs with the L-carnitine.

The second useful property of the L-carnitine is that it promotes extension of muscles. Intake of amino acid displaces metabolism on obtaining energy from fatty acids. And proteins go for construction of muscles at this time. Athletes strongly use this feature of the L-carnitine. But it is not all positive properties of the L-carnitine. It is capable to increase considerably endurance and working capacity, to reduce fatigue that is also extremely important for the people playing sports. Intake of this amino acid accelerates restoration after the strengthened trainings, reduces muscular pains in time and after exercise stresses. The L-carnitine is useful to ordinary people to prevention of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis - it helps to slow down formation of atherosclerotic plaques and reduces cholesterol level. At catarrhal diseases the L-carnitine helps to recover and be restored rather. Uncontrollable reception of the L-carnitine is capable to bring to the organism and harm. If all fat stocks are spent, heart and abdominal organs for which fatty acids are necessary for work and protection will suffer. Besides, high doses of the L-carnitine can cause insomnia, nervousness and concern.

As receive the L-carnitine

It isn't recommended to receive the L-carnitine uncontrolledly. Before adding with this substance the diet and physical exercises, it is worth consulting to the doctor. Except some contraindications, the L-carnitine is capable to cause allergic reactions and individual intolerance. The recommended daily doses of the L-carnitine: - 10-15 mg - for children about one year; - 30-50 mg - for children of 1-3 years; - 60-90 mg - for children of 4-6 years; - 100-300 mg - for children of 7-18 years; - 300 mg – for adults; - 500-2000 mg – for fight against extra kilos and the immunity raising; - 500-1000 mg – at infectious diseases, diseases of kidneys and the cardiovascular system; - 500-3000 mg – for intensive sports activities and hard physical work.

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