L-carnitine as means for weight loss

L-carnitine as means for weight loss

The L-carnitine was for the first time allocated by the Russian scientists V.S. Gulevich and R.Z. Krimberg in 1905. In 1962 the physiological role of the carnitine was revealed — it transports long-chain fatty acids in the mitochondrion through the internal membrane.

The L-carnitine is transport for oxidation of substances in mitochondrions (power stations of cages). When you have the daily lack of calories, the body forcedly to split your fats and to use them as energy. To transport the split fats in the mitochondrion and to burn them, the L-carnitine which facilitates and accelerates this process is used.

Dosage to one gram which contains in various coffee for weight loss and dietary supplements won't render due effect, and is more often - you just don't feel action. The recommended daily dose of the L-carnitine makes 2-4 grams. In professional sport during preparation for competitions and also at the maximum loads, the dose of medicine is raised to 8-10 grams daily. It is worth to rememberIt is worth to remember that acceptance of the L-carnitine is on an empty stomach capable to provoke dispeptichesky frustration. At gastrointestinal diseases it isn't recommended to exceed the dosage over 5 grams a day.

The L-carnitine performs the functions at observance of the corresponding conditions (diet, peak loadings, the dosage), bringing notable result in exercise stresses at regular shortcomings of calories. Isn't the panacea in weight loss and, having quite high cost, doesn't demand obligatory application. I personally tested the L-carnitine, using 5 grams a day, having divided packing in 150 grams for the month. Didn't notice anything special until ceased to receive it. The fact is that during this period I just seriously thought of weight loss process. Respectively, without having experience, I didn't represent how the L-carnitine has to work. Repeated acceptance of the L-carnitine allowed to feel the difference, at the competent diet and the program of trainings. The effect was expressed in the increased endurance at the regular lack of calories. There was no drowsiness during the day. Considering that additive has no pronounced side effects at the dosage to 5 grams, the L-carnitine can become addition in the period of peak loadings and diets. Medicine doesn't show essential results on scales. On feelings it is possible to call it ""power engineering specialist"", but not the zhiroszhigatel. Finally the L-carnitine allows to accelerate transportation of the split fats, forming energy from fat stocks.

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