Leclair wants to compete with Vettel already in the first season

Leclair wants to compete with Vettel already in the first season

Charles Leclair told what for him would be "good sign" to create Ferrari the problem of management of it as Sebastian Vettel's workmate.

Signed the contract after only one season in royal races in Sauber squad with the perspective young pilot of Ferrari, and Vettel told that he expects pressure from the Monegasque already in this season.

The new head of Ferrari team Mattia Binotto said that Vettel has much more chances to become the first number of team, than their beginner Leclair, but added that he hopes to have such "problem" as management of two top pilots.

On the question of the journalist of Motorsport.com whether it receives that it needs time for adaptation, or hopes to become quickly the cause of the headache of Binotto, Leclair answered: "Obviously, I will be glad if prizvichayusya to this car as soon as possible! Also I am realistic. It is only my second season in royal races, and I should learn what a lot. Ahead very for many years sotrunichestvo. But I can't hide that I will make everything to be the most ready to the first race. If Mattia has the problem of management of two fast pilots, then it is the good sign for me. But now I concentrate on myself, trying to improve each circle which I pass. It is top team which very much differs from team in which I was. Some adaptation is necessary".

Leclair told that he already sees advantages of work with the four-time world champion.

"In terms of feedback from the pilot Sebastian Vettel in it is very strong, - Leclair told. – It has very good technical knowledge, and at this stage I can improve the skill, but I also should study quickly. I spent the last five-six weeks on our base to try to understand better all scheme of work of team – and I came to the conclusion that it was one of my weakest points last year, but this time I could work and improve considerably all these moments".

Ferrari finished the first early tests in Barcelona not with the best time, however all the same it is considered the reference point for the others.

It means that Leclair can arrive to the first stage of the season Gran Pri of Australia the contender the victory that will become his first victory in career of the racer of "Formula One" .

"I don't concentrate on this moment on results, - he told. - If I focus on myself and I will try as it is possible to fulfill better in the car and out of it, I am sure that results will come very quickly. I don't want to hammer into the head that I need to win the first race. I just want to grow as much as possible to the first race, to feel most comfortably in team and driving the car, and also results will come then".

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