Michael Schumacher's condition today

Michael Schumacher's condition today

Michael Schumacher's condition remains unstable. He so far completely didn't recover from the medicamentous coma. The other day the pilot will be translated home that process of recovery went quicker.

The state of health of the glorified racing driver Michael Schumacher is watched by nearly whole world. As soon as it became known of the tragedy which happened to it some days before the birthday fans and those who just heard about the famous pilot of Formula One fell into catalepsy. Meanwhile the racer was in the condition of the artificial coma.

Beginning of the coma

First nobody decided to give rather future Schumacher's forecasts because everything depended on will of the case. In the first days after accident two difficult operations were performed then the brain of the German was scanned constantly to trace as the hematoma decreases. For minimization of risk of defeat of brain fabric, body temperature was lowered up to 35 degrees Celsius.

Daily physiotherapists that muscles and sheaves didn't turn into stone worked with Michael. By the end of January, 2014 the decision on the conclusion from the medicamentous coma was made. Process long as it is necessary to reduce every day gradually amount of the medicines crossed in the organism.

The first signs of return to life

As soon as process of the conclusion of the coma began, Michael Schumacher several times blinked that became the good signal. But even if everything will well go, the racer should work for months to restore the speech, motive functions. With Michael constantly there is the wife who talks to him, but doesn't wish to communicate with journalists. Moreover, around the state of health of the pilot of Forlumy-1 legends go. In the press even there passed information that the hospital dossier was stolen.

Michael Schumacher today

For the beginning of August, 2014 Schumacher is in clinic at the university In that in Switzerland. Exactly here will undergo all procedures connected with rehabilitation. The family is all the time nearby. According to the latest data, the racer can already communicate with the wife, reacting to her words. It only the beginning of the long way. There is the opinion voiced by many professionals that Schumacher never will be former any more. It is possible to consider miracle if he begins to go, talk and recognize again people with whom communicated earlier. After similar injuries the victims seldom restore the health for 100%. The brain which was in the coma six months can be recovered only two years later. So much time there will take place Schumacher's rehabilitation according to the most optimistic forecasts. Literally the other day the spouse of the pilot will take away it home that in native walls the process of recovery went quicker. On assurance of experts, the house familiar situation well influences any patient.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team