Mobility at advanced age

Mobility at advanced age

30-minute physical exercises are also useful to elderly people, as well as smoking termination.According to scientists, giving only half an hour in day to easy physical exercises, 6 times a week, elderly people can achieve improvement of the state of health comparable with effect of smoking termination.

Researchers from Norway established that the elderly men keeping activity, being engaged in intensive walking within 30 minutes, 6 times a week, for 12 years of carrying out the experiment were subject to risk of death 40% lower, than those who led the inactive life. The advantage for health of exercise stresses is well-known, but the experts making the experiment admitted that they were struck how big it can be, even in old age.  

Researches were conducted in Norway with participation of group of 6000 men aged from 73 years and above. It became clear that those from them who was engaged most intensively achieved the best results, but even the small physical activity lowered risk of death provided that exercises were performed more than 1 hour a week.  

Professor Ingar Holm who headed the experiment noticed that though almost all recognize huge advantage of physical exercises, less than a half of the population of Europe follows recommendations. At the same time he added that the few tablets can reduce mortality by 30-40%, and the physical activity even in group of elderly people increases life expectancy for several years. Now it is recommended to aged people of 65 years and to give 2.5 hours to moderate exercise stresses in the week, for example, to driving the bicycle or fast walking and also strengthening of muscles above that can achieve thanks to daily occupations, such as carrying bags with purchases and work in the garden.  

Though this research considered group of elderly men, its results, certainly, concern also women. There is no magic formula to remain intellectually and physically healthy in old age, but the healthy lifestyle which includes regular physical exercises, the balanced food and vigorous social activity is the major factor. When the share of genes makes the fourth part of all factors defining life expectancy, and the remained three quarters fall on the lifestyle and food, these simple councils can seriously change to the best human life at advanced age.

Now there is the lot of occupations for those who want to live actively! Several directions which it is possible to consider, LFK, yoga, chi kung, taytszitsyuan. From personal experience I can tell that the chi kung and tai chi at regular trainings work wonders. In my practice there were such cases about which it is necessary to write separate article. The main thing is not to become unstuck and seek to learn something new. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team