Mountain bicycle: characteristics and features

Mountain bicycle: characteristics and features

The mountain bicycle – Mountain the bike operated in the conditions of the mountain area. Such bicycles are divided into the hardteyla and two-suspensions which are carrying out the task and intended for overcoming the certain area.

The mountain bicycle is the vehicle which is capable to overcome complex trasses, rises, descents and off road terrain. The mountain bicycle often call Mountain the bike that in translation from English is meant by "the conqueror of mountains".

Features of mountain bicycles

As this vehicle is operated in other than simple driving conditions on the track, it has to have the certain construction features. In particular, the frame of such bicycle has the special durability and also shock-absorbers on front and back wheels. Besides, the Mountain carriage of the bike is practically at the level of plugs of wheel couple. Due to such configuration the clearance of this type of the bicycle increases, and it positively affects its characteristics. On wheels of the mountain bicycle there are special tires with bigger, than standard, width and the special relief of the protector helping to increase the force of adhesion of wheels with the road surfacing.

Mountain the bike has several options of speeds, and the reference point on the lowered values provides the maximum torque of the back wheel. Due to this feature it is possible to overcome steep slopes easily.

Types of mountain bicycles

On design features the mountain bicycles are divided into two groups: hardteyla and two-suspensions. The first type has no system of absorption of the back wheel. Such "rigid tail" allows to make as usual walks on the area with the difficult relief, and to play sports – the trial, slalom, the country and the bike the cross-country, strity and so on. Besides, hardteyla have the frame from light aluminum alloy, strong wheels, with a diameter of 26 and 29 inches, rubber with the mud protector, obodny or disk brakes, the narrow sports saddle and have no wings and the front shock-absorber. Some models possess the special shock-absorbing fork. The two-suspension is equipped with both shock-absorbers. It significantly improves controllability of the bike, allowing the cyclist not to be distracted by pushes at the movement. Two-suspensions, in turn, differ on belonging to the certain sport. For example, short-stroke two-suspensions allow to participate in cross-country races where the main thing the speed and ease of overcoming descents and rises. Bicycles for Trail are stronger "cross-kantriynykh", but it is easier than models for freeride. They easily move on small stones and tracks, overcome singtrek and blinders. Two-suspensions for freeride are created for aggressive driving. With their help in air it is possible to perform various tricks. The heavy version of such two-suspensions is intended for jumps from slopes and other dangerous adventures. Two-suspensions for the daunkhill are the most powerful and heavy mountain bicycles ready to any tests.

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