Move Vishnu in a universe matrix

Move Vishnu in a universe matrix

Vishnu is one of three main gods in Hinduism, namely — in trimurt.

It has the different manifestations and properties distinguishing it from other deities.

But correctly to worship it, it is necessary to get acquainted with what functions, manifestations and features it has.

What or who it?

God Vishnu is one of gods of a trimurta, his name is translated from Sanskrit as ubiquitous or eternal. Also the name means getting into everything, comprehensive. The particle виш means to get, penetrate, take root. He is considered the defender and the keeper only. His spouse is the goddess Lakshmi.

Its main function is to keep the Universe which was created by Brahma and seeks to be the destroyed Shiva. Before creation of a material world there was Sankarshana's expansion — the Move.

It is considered that Move and Kshirodakashayi created all existing material world. From a legend it is possible to learn how Move Vishnu creates the material Universes, at first all of them appeared from his body, but were filled with emptiness, darkness and silence, and only after its entrance to these worlds, Brahma was born and began to create life, but there is also a next stage - it is an entrance of Kshirodakashayi to hearts of people.

Important! The purpose of activity of the Move Vishnu arrival comes down to Earth for recovery of the world balance between the good and evil.

Each divine being has avatars — degression forms on the earth, so, there are avatars of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. As well as all other unearthly beings, he can reincarnate, today there are about 10 of its transformations, but many point that their number cannot be measured because it is infinite. The most known embodiments are: Krishna, Rama and Buddha.

Many choose one of them and worship only him. Admirers of god of balance are called Vaishnavites.

It is interesting to learn who such Garuda, Ganesh, Kali in the system of Hinduism.

Ancient texts about the Move Vishnu As Move Vishnu are one gods of a trimurta, about it there are many legends and exercises.

The earliest mentions of it were texts which said that he is not one of famous seven solar gods of Aditya, but already a bit later he is mentioned as their head or as younger of their sort.

A bit later it strengthened the positions and occupied one of the central places in divine hierarchy.

The main texts in Hinduism are the Veda, and it is mentioned in Rigveda (4 Scripture) a set of times as one of great deities, near Indra, Brahma and others. Also about it it is written to Vishnu-purana — one of 18 texts of Makha-puran.

Whether you know? Anthems Rigveda — some of the most ancient literary texts in the world. The first of them were created in the 2nd millennium BC.

As it has several embodiments, they are mentioned in epic ancient stories, namely: in the Mahabharata and Ramayan, Tayttiriya-samkhita, Yadzhurveda, the Bhagavad Gita, Sakhasranam.

As looks

The standard image is the multiarmed deity (usually 4), with dark skin (often blue color) which sits on a throne in a free pose. The clothes usually consist of gold fabrics, on hands bracelets, on a neck — flowers.

Important! Each element in the physical embodiment of the deity matters.

The body has an appearance of human. Shiva, Vishnu and Brakhma have special attributes. Attributes of the Move it:

  1. Lotus — the embodiment of clarification and light.
  2. Chakra — a symbol of mind and wisdom.
  3. Mace — physical and mental force.
  4. The sink — creates a sound of ohms, a sound of creation of the world.

The most popular poses are: standing on a flower of a lotus and lying on rings of a snake near Lakshmi who does it foot massage. Often the image of the Move lying in the Causal ocean meets.

Facing something new, often the care and hostility replaces surprise and genuine interest therefore it is necessary to learn what is an ashram, chakra, a mantra, an asana, ekadash, a bodhisattva.

Three forms

Three forms of Vishnu are necessary for creation of the world:

  1. Move — the creator of cumulative material energy which is called Makhat-tattva.
  2. Vishnu's Garbkhodakashay — has to enter each world to create a variety of life.
  3. Kshirodakashay — appears in the form of supersoul or Paramatm in each atom.

Each of them plays a part and has special function during creation of the Universe.

Whether you know? The Indian temple of Padmanabkhasvami is considered one of the most expensive in the world: it is estimated at 20 billion dollars!

Only during the uniform work all of them perhaps complete functioning of the world. These three forms give the answer to a question: Vishnu is god of what?. This is god of creation and preservation of peace.

Thus, we see that god of maintaining balance in the world an integral part of creation and peacekeeping, all its attributes of appearance are important, it has special function and the purpose, at its absence the harmony in the world will be broken.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team