Myths about power trainings

Myths about power trainings

In the pursuit of the ideal body many women cautiously treat power exercises, giving preferences to cardiotrainings. And these fears are quite clear. Suddenly the womanly figure will be spoiled by the rolled muscles. But whether so it actually.

In the female body for 15% of fat it is more, than at men. It is connected because of the high level of women's hormone of estrogen and low level of men's hormone of testosterone. Testosterone helps to form muscle bulk. Therefore hardly the woman can become similar to the kulturistka. If purposefully doesn't use protein products for athletes.

Being engaged in daily power exercises it is possible to be traumatized, stretchings and to reduce immunity. After intensive training the muscles need restoration and on it leaves about two days. Therefore most of instructors advise to go to gym 2 – 3 times a week. It is quite enough that muscles always remained in the tone, without overloading the organism.

Many who aspired to the ideal split and the bridge from the standing position worry that increase in muscle bulk will lead to decrease in flexibility. However correctly picked up and performed exercises will only improve flexibility. As, squeezing one muscle – opposite stretches. Straining the biceps, in the same time the triceps stretches.

Unfortunately or fortunately it is the most widespread myth. Women's chest gland consists generally of fatty tissue. Respectively it isn't possible to pump up it. In the course of the training the breast can be tightened. It is reached by loading of the small muscles which are over the thorax which join the humeral bone. And the only way to increase the breast in the natural way – to recover.

It is possible if to carry out them correctly and regularly. But if you the beginner in this case, then is better to register for a start in gym and to get support of the coach. It will pick up especially for you group of exercises, will make the plan of occupations and will check that you carried out them truly. The wrong performance of exercises with cargo can be dangerous to joints, muscles with sheaves and even to internals.

Besides, who for the first time was engaged in power trainings, make the typical mistake – forget about breath. The standard scheme – the breath when lowering weight also exhaled at its raising. It helps to support average pressure in the thorax and the abdominal cavity. Many also hold the breath that can lead to squeezing of vessels and the wrong distribution of pressure upon internals.

So, being engaged in regularly power trainings, it is possible to strengthen the bone and copular device and to reduce amount of unnecessary fat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team