On couples: yoga for two

On couples: yoga for two

The concept of yoga came to us from far India. It seems to people, far from this question, that it is a kind of fitness, but it is in practice more difficult. The yoga is a complex of physical exercises for strengthening of a body and the whole philosophy of a thought as a hobby. The belief that in harmonious development of physical and mental the secret of health, longevity and success of the person is hidden is its cornerstone. There are many types of this surprising art, and today we will get acquainted closer with one of them.

This direction is also known under names lazy, trust yoga, yogas with the partner, all of them display his essence: it is the yoga calculated for two the people who are engaged together.

It is possible to practice exercises with the loved one, the husband or the wife, the friend, the child or the stranger/stranger. The fundamental principle of this complex — to learn to trust. In process the partners interact among themselves, helping to make inclinations, to hold balance, supporting each other. Work in couple facilitates performance of exercises, giving the chance to execute the asanas inaccessible during individual practice.

Whether you know? Ancient yogis believed that the more slowly you breathe, the you live longer. They considered that the quantity of sighs is limited.

From that with whom to participate in pair yoga, the psychological result depends on process.

Psychologists often appoint exercises from a yoga complex for two as therapy to couples during crisis of the relations, to parents and children for elimination of problems in mutual understanding. It is an effective method for a number of reasons.

  • Improves a form and gives endurance, first of all is a complex of physical exercises.
  • Does not demand special physical shape. It is more likely charging, than serious sports loadings therefore can practice it everyone.
  • Weakens and teaches trust. Thanks to this property there was also a name trust yoga. During the occupations it is necessary to release control over own body, entrusting it to the partner, to take the responsibility for the workmate, to accept and help.
  • Opens complexes and fears. Relaxing, giving itself in a charge of the partner, the participant of pair yoga sees care and participation from the outside. He, without feeling danger to itself, instinctively lowers the barriers protecting it from the world around. And the released energy which was spent for their maintenance can be directed to creativity, self-improvement and new achievements.
  • The great way of fight against a stress, is always the cheerful process sated with jokes and comments.

Important! This type of yoga has no medical contraindications. Even people with serious diseases are allowed to participate in pair yoga under supervision of the experienced instructor. In that case all loadings as much as possible fall on the partner.

The yoga for two has no serious shortcomings. More likely, there is a category of people to whom it will not suit. Fans of the movement, active, dynamic sport and which just did not get used to relax in traditional understanding of this word treat them.

People begin to meet on the basis of mutual sympathy, but here mutual understanding and trust are the cornerstone of the constant relations.

Pair practice is an original way to spend time together, recognizing each other is closer and also to check whether there is between people an understanding. During exercises the partners learn to listen and hear each other, discussing performance of any given asana, prompting how to move to achieve result. Besides, it is open relationship — the fine beginning for any relations that will allow to avoid in the future an array of problems in communication.

Whether you know? In military forces of the USA in the mornings instead of charging the soldiers practice yoga.

Young couples which only became interested in yoga for two are often especially intrigued by the fact that occupations have a positive impact and on the intimate sphere of life. Thanks to pair yoga in men the confidence in the forces, hardness in actions gets stronger, the ability to conduct the partner is improved. At women increases softness and grace in a bearing, movements. These qualities involve representatives of different floors to each other therefore no wonder that their improvement positively affects mutual inclination.

Pair exercises of yoga will be useful not only to those who begin the relations, but also for those at whom they grew cold already a little.

  • For a start it is an excellent opportunity to spend time with advantage together. Today life moves in a crazy rhythm, and the people living together often meet in a bed only late at night. Yes, it is difficult to find free time in such speed, but by means of yoga it is possible to combine business with pleasure: to be engaged in physical training and to communicate to darling.
  • If in the relations there came crisis, the pair yoga is an opportunity to find mutual understanding. Fundamental qualities which are formed by this art — patience and ability to help, to sympathize. If to ponder, then the called lines also serve as pledge of the healthy relations. Also during the occupations there is a focus shift from the I on care of the partner, its convenience and safety that is an additional push to rapprochement.
  • We learn to hold balance: both physical, and moral. In life of each couple there come such moments when accurate understanding comes that the guy and the girl who fell in love each other ten years ago already turned into the man and the woman at whom owing to life experience views and concepts about the world around exchanged. Such opening can shake confidence in the relations, force to ask a question and whether the love for this person is alive.

In yoga there are many exercises in which center balance maintenance. Even at skilled probationers the fluctuations, poshatyvaniye which are not allowing to keep in an asana can sometimes begin. Any instructor will tell that it is normal. Life often unsettles therefore if balance is lost — it is not terrible. It is more important to find it again. Both balance physical in an asana, and balance moral, in subconsciousness, the relations. It is taught by yoga.

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When there was desire to try this practice on own experience, there is a question as it is correct to start business. About the most important aspects of occupations which should pay attention by preparation, we will talk below.

To begin to be engaged in any business always better under supervision of experienced teachers or instructors.

  • The instructor will help to be adjusted correctly on process, will tell about asanas, will answer the questions interesting beginners, will track the correct performance of exercises.
  • The bought subscription to the hall — an excellent incentive for many. When after the first occupations the muscles, unusual to loadings, begin to ache, outside the window pours a rain which tempts to go home, but not on occupations, a thought of already paid money forces beginners to go to the hall. Over time most of them will be involved, and in similar coercion to trainings there will be no need.
  • At group occupations in the hall it is possible to communicate to those who are engaged not the first day, to know their impressions and the results of work.

Over time, when partners surely feel in process, and they do not need an insurance from the instructor, preference is given to trainings in the fresh air, outdoors or in rooms where access to a large amount of light is open. Such locations well influence a spirit, create perfect atmosphere for meditation and a relax.

As for time of occupations, there are here factors which cannot be ignored: work, children and other circumstances. If there is an opportunity to choose time for trainings, then experienced mentors recommend the following:

  • Whenever possible avoid occupations during the period from 10 to 14 o'clock in the afternoon. It is the hyperactivity period for a human body, in it energy, and attempts to meditate, ship consciousness in a condition of rest and slackness rages are unnatural.
  • Find free hour during the period till 10 in the morning or from 16 to 18 o'clock better. At this time consciousness and a body only begin the activity (or, on the contrary, pass already to its decrease). Occupations since morning will allow to feel better during the day, it is correct to construct the schedule and to make it extremely productive. And a training in the second half of day — a great way to analyze the work and to prepare consciousness for rest.

For reading this article the first step on the way to pair yoga — acquaintance with the theoretical background — it is made. It is necessary further:

  • To pick up comfortable clothes. There are no special requirements here — things for occupations have to be convenient, suitable by the size, well stretching. From the practical point of view it is better to select materials which are well erased, pass moisture and bring esthetic pleasure to the owner. Pay attention that there is a small requirement to design of trousers: they have to open knees or densely adjoin to them that the instructor could see legs during performance of exercises.
  • Rug. A special covering which is necessary for convenience of performance of pair asanas of yoga, it as personal care product — extremely individual thing. As it is correct to pick up and use it, consultants in shops with goods for yoga will in detail tell.

Important! Beginners sometimes do not know that practice yoga barefoot: footwear and socks only disturb a thicket. Therefore it is worth taking care of a pedicure.

  • Very few people know, but for practicing yoga there is the etiquette. According to it it is necessary to switch-off phone before occupation, you should not use plentifully perfumery and also sign of bad form is the attempt to leave occupation before its termination, during meditation.
  • On a full stomach it is undesirable to be engaged. It is fine if between meal and a training there pass 1.5-2 hours.

Here opinions of skilled yogis were shared, and each option has supporters.

  • Music helps to be adjusted on the necessary state.
  • She does not allow to fall asleep during meditation.
  • For group occupations music — a way to synchronize collective, to send its energy to one course.
  • In the conditions of occupations in the city the easy music is more preferable to meditation, than sharp and not always pleasant cacophony of street sounds.
  • Correctly picked up music helps beginners to experience an asana, to understand what effect it gives and as it to reach.

However there is a number of adherents of silence who say:

  • Music is the distracting factor.
  • The silence and concentration on the breath allow to feel more fully positive effect from occupations.

What option to choose for itself, the main thing that the chosen maintenance helped to reach harmony depends on everyone individually.

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Process of occupation yoga for 2 people has the features. These are so-called stages of its development.

  1. The first — creation of asanas. It consists of interaction of physical bodies. Beginners, carrying out exercises, begin to feel each other, to get used to the partner, to arrange the needs to needs of the workmate. During acquaintance of bodies there are couple unification in physical sense.
  2. The next stage is breath coordination. Partners are adjusted on one wave, someone slows down the rhythm, someone accelerates — they aspire towards to interact harmoniously. The correct breath increases elasticity of muscles, gives endurance and lays the foundation of emotional connection between practicing.
  3. Full unification — what partners in pair yoga aspire to. At accumulation of certain experience and harmonious interaction they cease to need ready complexes, and create the — more similar to surprising dances of two bodies, than on physical exercises.

It is important! If there is a purpose to achieve good results in pair yoga, then it is carefully necessary to choose the partner. If to change him in process, all achievements will ruin, and it is necessary to start over again.

To understand what it is necessary to begin with, it is necessary to remember several councils which will be useful during the occupations:

  • It is necessary to talk to the partner during exercises for their best performance.
  • Sharp movements are excessive here.
  • It is necessary to warn about change of poses in advance.
  • In each asana it is recommended to be late for one or two minutes depending on body opportunities.
  1. The tree pose — teaches coordination and balance, approaches to start a complex. Improves a bearing and increases concentration.
  2. The pose of the dancing Shiva is more complicated option of the previous exercise. Helps to remove stress.
  3. Inclination to feet — we relax a waist, we accelerate inflow of blood to a lower body and we begin work on flexibility.
  4. Inclination to legs — profound performance of the previous exercise on flexibility, only already sitting.
  5. Pose of a butterfly — one of the most known in yoga; works for a muscle strain of legs, strengthening of a back and prevents varicosity.
  6. The lotus pose — it enters pair asanas of yoga too, only has the features in this case. Improves an extension.
  7. Double twisting — here already from an extension it is gradually passed to more difficult exercises which are versatily influencing an organism.
  8. Together in the boat — the pose directed to strengthening of a back, press muscles. Renders positive effect on digestion and helps at back pains.
  9. The hill — the asana combining an extension, balance and demanding some power efforts.
  10. Rocking — the exercise which is ideal for the termination of a complex allows to relax in the partner's hands. These are already the first steps to transfer of control over itself into strange hands, elements of the real pair yoga.

Whether you know? Occupations yoga help to reduce body weight by 20% in 2 months without diet.

The described yoga poses for two — only the example, over time each couple chooses an ideal complex for themselves. Many so are fond over time that the lazy yoga turns in

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