Our world is the mirror!

Our world is the mirror!

Why mirror? Because everything that in our life occurs, and everything that surrounds us, this turning aside of what we think of that we do as we treat the world. How does this mechanism work?

If to describe this mechanism simply, then it is possible to draw the analogy to specular reflection. The child approaches the mirror, pulls different faces, then begins to smile or to look quietly in turning aside. How does the mirror in reply behave?

All of us know that the mirror parries all that in front of it occurs. And if to apply this situation with the playing child to the description of our world, then there is everything likewise, but owing to certain reasons the turning aside is shown with the delay.

In the example with the mirror such situation will look unusual for our perception of the world. The person approached the mirror, smiled, and turning aside in the mirror didn't react in any way, remained indifferent. The discontent was reflected in the human face, and the mirror, at some point began to react, but gave response with lateness.

I.e. it can turn out so that in response to discontent, the world will answer us with the smile, and in response to the smile, on the contrary, will make the mug or will remain neutral. And so such delays are the norm in "behavior" of our world.

Because of it confusion turns out, the person is confused, it seems to him that the world is unfair or that there are no certain regularities, apparently, that the world is rather similar to chaos, than is built in some system.

Actually how the world concerns us, depends on how we treat the world. Also it turns out that we create the own Universe! About this concept of the world we are told by yoga.

If we understand, at least as a first approximation as this mechanism works and we will learn to use it in daily reality, then we will be able to improve our life considerably.

When will it occur? Nobody can give definite answer. Because in each case it will be a question of the separate karmic situation, will depend also on other factors. Such, for example, as the power of desire and the made effort and from many other indicators, not always obvious.

What can we make already now? To begin to smile to the world!

Knowing "the law of turning aside of the Universe", it will be logical. Sooner or later our world will begin to reciprocate. And precisely you shouldn't consider that the world is exclusively angry and cruel. It is at least not rational.

It is better to let the energy to transformation of the world, but not to spend it for despondency. If the person got used to react reflexively how the world proves, at first it will be difficult to reconstruct. Work on itself is required. Work on increase in the mindfulness.

But further we will receive remarkable fruits of the actions! Our world will become such what we want to see it. Our world isn't bad and isn't good. Our world is the turning aside! What message, such is and the answer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team