Overtraining: symptoms and treatment

Overtraining: symptoms and treatment

Many athletes faced such concept as overtraining. This state is characterized by decrease in working capacity, power indicators, overall health, various failures in the central nervous system. There are certain ways of treatment and prevention of this deviation.

How to reveal

The condition of overtraining is determined by power indicators. That is, if the number of repetitions or workers of weight sank for 15-20%, the overload comes nearer. The drawdown over 20% says that the organism already is in this state.

If after the training, load of muscles was not optimum, and exceeded, then within a day and more after classes, pulse will be raised. There is it because the organism throws out huge amount of the stressful hormones provoking the increased heartbeat.

The overtraining can come from the outside microinjuries, injuries of muscles. Muscle tissue doesn't manage to be restored, the amount of the damaged fabrics exceeds quantity of healed. It is shown by morbidity of muscles which you trained long ago, but all of them weren't restored yet. It is sure sign to take the break.

In relation to nervous system, the additional neurosises unusual for you can develop. Emotional failures, irritability, decrease in the libido which in usual life you don't experience. All this is one of signals of the overload of your central nervous system because of abundance of training volume.

Treatment and restoration

First of all it is necessary to postpone all affairs and to increase the dream number of hours till 9-10 for several days. The dream is the paramount factor of restoration in the human body. It is desirable to refuse any exercise stresses on recovery time.

Also you can underestimate intentionally weight on the post to give to the organism the certain rest. In the training plan for few weeks take two steps back, then, after restoration in the same way gradually move up. It will allow you to leave the condition of overtraining, at the same time, without having lost power results. Thereby you unweight the central nervous system, it doesn't need to activate so many resources, as on limit scales.

As for food, in your diet there has to be enough amino acids. Protein from products can be useful during this period. Vitamin C positively influences decrease in stressful hormones, including cortisol.

Only your own observations of the organism can determine recovery time. For someone 2 weeks will be a little, someone will have enough couple of days. Actually, many weightlifters of old school trained with high intensity, with the large volume of trainings almost every day. They, as a rule, had no so-called condition of overtraining. Observe the pattern of sleep, food, listen to your own condition of the body and with high probability, the organism overload doesn't threaten you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team