Physical education or sport?

Physical education or sport?

What associations arise with the word "physical education"? Of course, first of all, school. Run, jumps, soccer. Moderate physical activity, slight fatigue, ease, joy. And what is associated with the word "sport"? Tension, exhaustion, work on the limit. Tears and disappointment or joy and delight.

Two of these concepts though are connected with physical activity, but bear nevertheless different semantic loading. Sport, first of all, this competition, the competition, fight for leadership between people. The purpose is to come the first, to be the best, and sometimes much should be sacrificed for the sake of it: time, money, health. Yes, the sport sometimes selects health, and here the physical education adds it.As the mechanical engine if works to the limit, will break, and the human body doesn't maintain catastrophic loadings. What a difference the moderate physical activity which improves the organism strengthens it, does stronger and is more hardy. How often it is possible to hear from athletes about various injuries? Someone pulled muscles on the hand, someone hurt the leg, and here with physical education all differently, cases when the person, working out, is traumatized are extremely rare and loses the opportunity to conduct active activity for an indefinite term.

On the one hand, injuries bear in themselves the negative color, but with another - from this it is possible to derive also benefit. During this time it is possible to be rehabilitated completely, it is necessary to consult with doctors, to study medical literature. In the investigation of it the person becomes more competent, and at some point will be able to help also another with various situations.

Sport and finance

Ordinary "athletes" don't consider exercises as the income source, and here many athletes earn by sport to themselves the living. Participation in competitions, photographings for various blogs, magazines and so forth. For many athletes the regular trainings, the regimen of day and food are the basis of activity by which they earn to themselves the living.

As, for example, the cashier of grocery store comes to work, so the athlete comes to the training. What conclusion can be drawn from all aforesaid? To be engaged only in the easy exercise stress? It isn't obligatory at all. Just it is necessary to approach the question of sports it is judicious and prepared.

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