Pilates: advantage and contraindications

Pilates: advantage and contraindications

Pilates as a technique of fitness gained popularity hundred years later after the birth. The created set of exercises on resistance and a tone of muscles is held in special high esteem today at women who keep the figure. About what such kind of physical exercises and what features of occupations, the speech in this article will go is useful.

What is Pilates

The new direction of fitness developed still in in the conditions of World War I and practiced on wounded for recovery of their health. Pilates is a gymnastics, the whole series of exercises, smooth and controlled movements, without pressure of the neuromuscular terminations.

These exercises are carried out according to natural bends of a backbone. Occupations do not strain. A certain area of muscles is studied, but also other departments relax. This special technique collected in itself all the best from east systems for self-development. And in it feature of Pilates.

Learn that it yogalates.

Than it is useful

Supporters of this system consider its main advantages:

  • complex study of groups of muscles;
  • disposal of pain in a back. Provides special provisions for a back. Gives flexibility and unloads;
  • joint pain recedes into the background. At the beginning of the technician it was developed for study of the musculoskeletal device. It is used by professional athletes for restoration and all those who want to return to joints a former mobile form;
  • ability to concentration. Allows to watch correctness of breath, technology of performance and coordination of exercises;
  • fixing of attention at work of each muscle;
  • flexibility training as removes stress;
  • an opportunity to relax and be adjusted on an operating mode.

For a backbone

The advantage of occupation is caused by Pilates for a back:

  • strengthening of muscles and acquisition of elasticity;
  • improvement of a bearing;
  • developing of flexibility.

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It is necessary to carry out for this purpose the following combination of actions:

  1. Sit down on a floor.
  2. Extend hands forward, having arranged them at shoulder length.
  3. Relax shoulders and level a back.
  4. Direct toes up.
  5. Deeply inhale and on an exhalation smoothly fall, rounding a back.
  6. Again a breath, and on an exhalation rise (at first raise a waist, then cervical department).

To execute such 4 approaches.

For strengthening of muscles

At office worker, for example, or at those who lead a sedentary life the waist most of all suffers. Pilates allows to get rid of weight of day of work.

Important! Before the training consult with the attending physician. Listen also to own feelings. As soon as there are sharp pains, stop occupations.

For an extension of this department there is such exercise:

  1. To kneel with an equal back and palms on a floor.
  2. To take away basin back, to sit down on legs. Hands in an invariable position.
  3. Smoothly and accurately to return to a starting position.

To execute exercise of 10 times.

For a respiratory system

Pilates begins with the correct breath – chest. The belly zone strains, and the thorax reveals.

Important! During the trainings it is necessary to exclude exercises with sharp movements.

This process fills an organism with oxygen and strengthens intercostal muscles:

  1. To lean on forearms, to rise on all fours. To establish elbows on the line of shoulders.
  2. To hold coordination on fingers of legs. A back and the case – straight lines.
  3. To pull in a stomach.
  4. To hold a position couple of seconds.

Video: Pilates for a respiratory system

For a mental state

Pilates is based on the principles which well influence a mental state. Concentration will allow to catch harmony between a body and reason, to exempt the head from thoughts, will present self-confidence.

Self-checking will allow to overcome mental disorders. Accuracy and smoothness of movements will teach not to do anything superfluous, will give grace.

Get acquainted with an effective set of exercises of Pilates for the house.

Correctly carrying out one movement behind another, problems of a psychological range will leave:

  • insomnia;
  • causeless alarm;
  • neurotic frustration;
  • panic attacks;
  • seasonal depression;
  • psychosomatics;
  • problems with memory.

Being engaged in Pilates, symptoms of above-mentioned diseases become less intensive.

For weight loss

Practicians note, as 10 minutes a day help at weight loss. And having coordinated food, having added useful products to a diet and being engaged in Pilates, it is possible to begin active fight against excess weight.

Whether you know? One hour of Pilates liquidates calories of all day.

For weight loss use the following equipment:

  1. You breathe deeply, moving apart edges and reducing muscles.
  2. Do not raise shoulders, do not throw back and do not hang the head.
  3. You keep a press in suspense.
  4. Extend a backbone.

For brain activity

Pilates also removes nervous tension. Exercises oxygenate a brain.

We advise you to rest about Pilates set of exercises on a fitball.

For release of thoughts follow this equipment:

  1. You breathe deeply and measuredly.
  2. Carrying out each movement, concentrate on feelings (it will teach to operate them).
  3. You keep muscles of a back and a waist in suspense.
  4. Train consistently and regularly.

Contraindications to occupations

At Pilates, as well as at other sports techniques, there is a lot of positive. Following the principle do not do much harm, it is necessary to know also about contraindications, and the moments to which it is necessary to pay attention:

  1. Most of doctors incline that at scoliosis you should not strain, twist and curve a backbone. But if scoliosis at an initial stage, and classes are under supervision of the therapist, then Pilates is admissible. And here at the diagnosis hernia is better to refrain from this equipment.
  2. During cases of flu. At high temperature the coordination which at a training can lead to injuries decreases.
  3. Undertreated fractures and sprain. The equipment promotes fast recovering from fractures. Occupations in other states provoke a recurrence.
  4. Injuries of a backbone and flat-footedness 3 degrees. Occupations can only aggravate with Pilates diseases.
  5. Mental disorders. At trainings the concentration is necessary, and with mental diseases of it it is difficult to reach.

Whether you know? The set of exercises in the Pilates equipment means also such which are specially developed for the lying patients.

Stock for occupations

Occupations will become much more effective with a set of necessary make-shifts:

  • isotonic ring (strengthens resistance of certain muscles);
  • the roller or roller (helps to work muscles of a back, buttocks and hips);
  • ball or fitball (studies muscles of legs, without affecting hands);
  • tape expander (directs load of muscles of hands, shoulders and a back);
  • rug for house occupation 6 cm thick, for the hall – 15 cm;
  • exercise machine reformer. So the wooden framework with a metal frame, a soft plank bed and the moving elements which movement activates many groups of muscles is called.

Rules of holding trainings

Summing up the aforesaid result, it should be noted: beginners begin occupations with the general acquaintance with a technique. As it is carried to sets of exercises, difficult on the equipment, she demands strict performance of a number of rules:

  1. Before a training do warm-up. It is possible to stretch or walk few times small steps.
  2. Be engaged regularly. For a start – 2–3 trainings, over time their quantity can be increased.
  3. Train at the same time. It will be easier to develop own schedule, and it will be simpler to muscles to get used to loadings;
  4. You watch the correct technology of performance. Before passing to home trainings, work with the instructor;
  5. After a disease it is better to miss a training.

We recommend to you to esteem about a complex of effective exercises with an isotonic ring for Pilates.

Pilates has the incalculable number of admirers in the world and is in good graces of the celebrity. And everything thanks to the ability to activate physical and moral components of our organism, to establish between them balance. Pilates cannot be thoughtless and automatically. Always be engaged with pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team