Power of the yogi: advantage and harm, set of exercises

Power of the yogi: advantage and harm, set of exercises

The known introduction Force is — mind it is not necessary small has relation to power yoga. Though in power a corporal cover much more attention, than to consciousness of the pupil is paid to yoga, nevertheless it remains yoga with its requirement to strive for harmony of spirit, a body and reason. How it occurs in yogichesky practicians of this type, and the speech in article will go.

Direction history

The U.S. citizen Beryl Byorch decided to modify a little the technique of an ashtanga of a vinyasa of yoga existing to her, having adapted it for the American public.

As a result in 1995 the book with the description much of the reduced and renamed exercises which focused on improvement of a body and its physical standards was born, considerably cutting down spiritual aspect.

It will be useful for you to esteem about what is asanas in yoga and what their role.

The new technique became widespread not only in the United States and today is positioned as a way of preparation of a body for more severe requirements of an ashtanga of a vinyasa of yoga.

Distinctive features from other movements of yoga

Though the technique power yogas is very similar to an ashtanga to a vinyas yoga, it nevertheless has at the same time characteristics which allow to distinguish it in separate school:

  • the technique places emphasis on strengthening of physical standards, development of flexibility and vigor of movements by means of the exercises which are based on muscular loading and an extension;
  • the emotional harmony, intellectual concentration, destruction of psychological blocks are a consequence of the correct performance of exercises, but not their purpose;
  • in power yoga there are several variations of the sequence of exercises;

Whether you know? Followers yogis claim that they at breath through a nostril nose hold serially every two and a half hours a dominant position. At the same time the right nostril is a patron of mental capacities, and left — of good rest of an organism and its relaxation.

  • sets in it are much shorter;
  • asanas build slightly more simply;
  • the sheaf udzhayi-bandhi-drishti is excluded completely;
  • special attention in power yoga is paid to practicians of the correct breath and improvement of attentiveness.

Advantage of occupations power yoga

At total absence of any sports shells for holding trainings, the power yoga allows:

  • it is essential to strengthen muscles;
  • to improve coordination of the movement;
  • to normalize a condition of nervous system;
  • to optimize warm activity;
  • to contain blood and digestive system in good condition;
  • to save a body from slags and toxins;
  • to level consequences of stressful situations;
  • to liberate joints;
  • to support good mood;
  • to tone up an organism;
  • to replace with itself wearisome diets for weight loss, eliminating excessive weight and giving to a figure symmetry and grace;
  • to create the correct relation to drawing up an optimum food allowance.

We advise to learn more about such widespread practicians of yoga as: bikram-yoga, ayengara, atma kriya of the yogi, rajah-yogi, Hatha yoga, kundalin, Fly yoga, Bhakti yoga, akroyoga, yogalates, kriyya-yoga, prana yoga and yoga-challenge.

Contraindications and harm

At all seeming inoffensiveness of yogovsky exercises they can cause problems with health and even human health.

Besides, experts do not advise to practice power yoga:

  • to people of old age;
  • to the people having problems with a backbone;
  • in the presence of serious problems with a cardiovascular system;
  • at defeat of an organism neuroinfections;
  • at permanent increase in blood pressure;
  • in the presence of the injured joints.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to practice power yoga to the people having mental disorders.

Set of exercises and technology of performance

The author power yogas, considering different extent of physical training of future pupils, developed for them several levels of complexity of exercises.

For beginners

The complex from 7 exercises which consistently and gradually train different groups of muscles is offered to beginners:

  1. At a pose of the sumoist of a leg widely, up to 90 cm, are placed by heels inside, and palms at the level of a breast rest each other in the form of east greeting. Slowly bending legs, lower a body, having developed hips outside. This equipment allows to strengthen muscles of hips and calves.
  2. At a pose of the soldier the leg bent at right angle the attack becomes forward while the second leg remains to a straight line with the dense heel pressed to a floor. At the same time hands are bent and elbows go back. Then legs sharply change the situation. As a result of this exercise, muscles of a back, hips and calves train.
  3. For a pose of six points it is necessary to lay down on a stomach and, resting knees, to lift a basin. At the same time palms of the hands bent in elbows are strictly under shoulders. Leaning on palms, raise a breast and the head. As a result the body leaning on 2 palms, 2 knees and 2 socks of legs has to rise over a floor at least on 6 cm. This exercise develops tricepses.
  4. The pose of the wise man is carried out by attack of the left leg and installation on a floor perpendicularly to it the right hand forward. The body turns together with the left foot to the left at this time, and right at the same time is put on a floor by an external part. For maintaining balance the left hand is raised up. Then exercise is done in other party therefore the abdominal press and muscles on forearms becomes stronger.
  5. To execute a level pose, it is necessary to adopt the lying provision a stomach on a floor and to bend in hand elbows. Leaning on elbows and socks of legs, it is necessary to raise a body over a floor, tightening at the same time a belt and strongly straining buttocks.

Whether you know? One of postulates of yoga is in a statement that the quantity of breaths exhalations for each person is limited. Therefore slow breath prolongs life.

As a result the abdominal press and muscles of hands train.

  1. The pose of the boat assumes adoption of the lying provision on a back and a pripodnimaniye of direct legs and a part of the building to a waist at least on 10 cm. At the same time hands it is necessary to last towards legs. This exercise is the best training for an abdominal press.
  2. The grasshopper pose very much reminds a boat pose. That to execute it, it is required to lay down a stomach on a floor, raising over it a body and legs shifted together. At the same time hands should be extended up and to direct them back.
  3. After performance of exercises it is recommended, having drunk waters, to lie down in a relaxed pose several minutes.

Video: occupation with power yogas

For more advanced (average level)

After mastering a technique of performance of exercises for beginners it is possible to pass to higher level of complexity:

  1. The pose a triangle for which legs with in parallel the located feet need to be placed widely, and the case and one of legs to deploy, having touched by one hand of a heel and having lifted another up.
  2. The pose of a cobra is carried out in situation, lying on a stomach. At the same time by means of the palms located around forearms, the case rises up to a natural deflection in a waist. The rack on the straightened hands has to last at least 80 seconds.
  3. For a pose of the tsar of fishes it is necessary to sit down on buttocks, to cross legs and to press to foot hips. The left elbow needs to be rested against the right hip, to record situation then the right hand needs to be got with simultaneous turn of a back and head back.
  4. The pose of a tree is carried out upright at which palms at the level of a breast rest one against another in east greeting, and one leg rises and rests foot against a hip of the second leg.

Important! For receiving from trainings on power yoga of desirable result, it is necessary to give to daily exercises not less than half an hour.

In a similar pose it is necessary to last most long.

Power yoga, being the adapted version of the techniques existing earlier, nevertheless, thanks to comparative ease of exercises and also clarity and clearness of rules of their performance, found the niche among fans of physical self-improvement worldwide.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team