Power sources

Power sources

each person fully has vital energy. Often people confuse the shortage of vital energy with the shortage of money, time or attention. Really active person does not know such words as depression or grief.

Where do people lose the energy? Energy is spent for considering of the same thoughts every day, or even each hour. The negative stream of thoughts needs to be stopped by means of meditation. Presently it is for this purpose optional to go to Tibet and to look for the skilled sensei, there is a heap of useful literature on meditation.

Inflow of vital energy requires enthusiasm. Without it all life and will remain without changes. It is necessary to understand accurately what you like to do to the present. You should not confuse it with duties before relatives, the chief at work, children, etc. You for certain noticed that it is possible to do favorite thing infinitely, without thinking of time and forces. At such moments the vital energy just is in full swing! The more we spend energy, the more it appears. Even after easy morning warm-up the huge inflow of forces appears.

Also banal auto-suggestion can help. Present that around you the fiery storm storms. Brightly have also a clear view of fire around yourself. Start up fire in yourself, let it flow on your veins, burns in your breast, storms in your head. Then release this energy back. You have to feel it is unknown from where the undertaken energy. Having mastered this exercise, you will be able easily to enhance mental activity and almost instantly to reach any its degree. Representation of the return process or the imagined picture something serene, like an unruffled surface of the lake at dawn will help to return to a condition of rest. Now, when you already know ways of a call of power activity, you can choose that most of which of all was pleasant, or to use equally them everything.

Instead of the conclusion of article I can just advise the movie with Jim Carrie Always say yes. I will not disclose subject details, I will tell only that the main character who became each opportunity to speak yes found new life, work, money and love. And all thanks to inflow of vital energy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team