Program of trainings of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Program of trainings of Arnold Schwarzenegger

He is considered the best-known bodybuilder in the world. Besides he managed to visit the actor Hollywood and the governor Texas. Truly, everything what Arnold Schwarzenegger touches turns into gold. Many athletes to these are engaged according to the plan, developed by once young athlete, and dream that they will be able to achieve too such heights of what the idol managed to reach them.

As Schwarzenegger came to bodybuilding

Being the boy, Arnold was ready to do nearly all sports: from boxing before swimming. His coach on soccer decided that the boy doesn't need to pump up a few legs, he also sent it to the rocking chair. The raising of weights so subdued young Schwarzenegger that he so more also didn't return to soccer. During the period from 1968 to 1980 it became the seven-time world champion in bodybuilding. It became possible, thanks to the program of trainings which is actually developed by Schwarzenegger. Arnold of 6 times a week trained, only on Sunday giving to the body the long-awaited rest necessary for regeneration. On each exercise it took away about 6 campaigns consisting of 6-12 repetitions. For each muscular group it took away from 3 to 6 various exercises.

Back, breast, legs

Paid to the biggest muscular Terminator group the greatest attention - on 5 exercises for legs and the back and also 6 for the breast. The basis of the training was formed by push-ups and wide presses which were carried out to exhaustion, as well as bending of knees. In addition the training program of these muscles included push-ups from the inclined bench, the data and the arm abduction, twisting. For legs Arnold used the special foot press weighted to the body weight of the athlete.

Calves and stomach

Unlike other athletes paying insignificant attention to these groups of muscles, Terminator allocated them in the training plan the special place. Swing of calves in the standing position and sitting it was carried out in the mode of 18 calling daily. Such training came to an end with swing of caviar, standing on one leg. The training of the stomach was made in in the form of one approach lasting 30 minutes without interruption.


Despite already improbable volume of the biceps in 56 centimeters, the athlete daily entered into the training plan not less than 7 exercises for these muscles. All athletes use short and long dumbbells for these purposes, but hardly they do it as Schwarzenegger - 6 approaches till 6-10 repetitions daily. As well as the french press which was carried out to the full muscles. It pumped up shoulders squeezing of short dumbbells in the sitting position.

What success consists success of Terminator in

Undoubtedly, the certain share of success of Arnold Schwarzenegger is the share also of the smart potential presented to it by the nature, but it is necessary to recognize that without the daily exhausting trainings he wouldn't achieve also the half of those results thanks to which he became the world-famous bodybuilder and Terminator. Training according to its plan, each young man will be able if not to overtake the idol then to approach that top which still so nobody managed to subdue.

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