Pullings up by the reverse grip: technology of performance and value

Pullings up by the reverse grip: technology of performance and value

Performance of general exercises is the basis of any training for the set of muscle bulk. Pulling up on the horizontal bar concerns the most available of them. Advantages of exercises of this type consist in the possibility of various arrangement of hands, concentration of loading on certain muscles. So that to increase volume and to strengthen bicepses, use pullings up by the reverse grip.

Guarantee of efficiency of exercise consists in the proper technique of performance and understanding his physicists. To train the biceps by means of pullings up by the reverse grip (palms to itself), it is necessary to concentrate loading. It becomes by means of selection of necessary capture of the horizontal bar.

Choice of capture of the horizontal bar

Capture of the horizontal bar can be the average when palms are shoulder width apart, and, respectively, narrow and wide. The already capture, the load of the biceps is higher.

Except adjustment of loading, the studied part of the biceps depends on width of capture. The internal part of the biceps at narrow capture of the horizontal bar is most loaded. At wide – its external head. The average reverse grip distributes loading rather evenly. It is necessary to begin trainings on the horizontal bar with it. At pulling up, unlike work with dumbbells or the post, a number of muscles is involved. First of all, it is the lower part of the broadest muscles of the back. To a lesser extent – the shoulder girdle, deltoid and pectoral muscles. And thanks to movements the volume of the biceps is involved in shoulder and elbow joints in the best way.

Technology of performance of exercise

For working off of the proper technique and with the purpose to experience muscles it is recommended before the trainings on the horizontal bar to execute passive pullings up. This method is that exercise begins to be performed from the top point, that is with the bent hands and the chin over the horizontal bar, and for this purpose become on the stool. Then, slowly unbending hands, fall down. Correctly to perform exercise and to gain the greatest effect it is necessary to reach the home position, having executed capture of the horizontal bar, having completely unbent hands and having a little taken away shoulders back. Then to make the pull of the body to the horizontal bar, having touched its top part of the breast. During this movement the breath is carried out. Before lowering it is necessary to make the small pause. On the exhalation – slowly to unbend hands.

Creation of the training

The recommended number of approaches at pullings up by the reverse grip – 3-5 times. In each approach the number of exercises is in range from eight to twenty repetitions. The smaller quantity directionally on increase in force and volume of muscles is also applied to accumulation of muscle bulk. Fifteen and more repetitions train endurance. Not to stop progress and not to lose efficiency of occupations, it is necessary to increase loading over time. When it becomes rather easy to raise own body, it is possible to apply weighting compounds. It can be the special vest or the simple backpack filled with necessary amount of pancakes from the post. Weight is regulated so that not to derate 8-10 repetitions.

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