"Push-ups from a floor: technicians, types and programs of exercises

"Push-ups from a floor: technicians, types and programs of exercises

Any training contains general exercises in which several muscular groups work and skeletal system becomes stronger. Push-ups from a floor — one of the main general exercises, it it is recommended to include in each training and to carry out regularly. It is useful for people at any age and at any physical training. There are many options of push-ups when, changing position of a body or using additional resources, you receive different result.

Push-ups from a floor

This exercise can be considered as the turned press lying. First of all are exposed to loading:

  • pectoral muscles and tricepses,
  • forearms,
  • front bunches of deltas,
  • quadriceps,
  • lumbar and gluteuses,
  • press.

During work there is a stimulation of growth of muscles and the endurance of a body as the muscles supporting a backbone become stronger trains.

Whether you know? It is possible to be wrung out even standing on crude eggs! As Austrian Johann Schneider showed, having held on the whole 112 times.

For those who want to be wrung out and the nobility how many calories at the same time are burned, there is an answer: 1 calorie for once. But even this figure appears provided that you do exercise far not for the first time and very vigorously. So, having properly prepared, you can burn 100 calories for hundred push-ups.

Considering how many it is spent energy when performing exercise, it is possible to count an expense of calories by other principle. If push-ups trouble you, but you try to approach standard indicators, then they are set off as gymnastics with high loading. Consumption rate at such occupations is more than 600 calories. So that to dump the same 100 calories, it is necessary to be engaged on average ten minutes. Being wrung out in the mornings every day, you will raise a tone of a body and will create great base for maintenance of the skeleton as muscles around a backbone will quickly develop necessary strength, at the same time having become elastic. Norm for men up to 40 years the ability to be wrung out 30 times, after 40 — 20–25 times is considered. For women up to 30 years 12–16 push-ups are considered as norm. If the woman can be wrung out further 10 times, then she in great physical shape.

It is important! If you have cardiovascular or other diseases before actively being fond of any physical activity, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Than are useful

The high efficiency and relative simplicity of execution do push-ups from a floor very popular. Let's note what exercise pluses consist in, than they help and what influence:

  • effectively hands and shoulders, especially a triceps and deltas develop;
  • at men the pectoral muscle beautifully appears, at women the decollete zone improves;
  • the press actively participates in the movement of a body and in holding it exactly; thus, the press in a tone and the drooped stomach does not threaten all the time you;
  • muscle bulk grows;
  • a variety of types of push-ups allows to develop various sites of muscles that gives the wide field of activity in creation of a muscular relief;
  • the general coordination improves and the endurance increases;
  • the body finds strong support of the bone device, in particular, of a backbone.

Harm and contraindications

Negative effects can arise if you missed some nuances:

  • it is undesirable to the people having a hypertension to be wrung out; because it is necessary to change often position of a body, shaking it up, down, there can be violations of pressure and develop an indisposition;
  • the lack of warm-up can negatively affect your joints — you load them with the weight of own body and this serious test for an unprepared organism;
  • you should not be fond only of push-ups; constantly swinging the same muscles, you risk from attractive rotundity of a breast to make not esthetic pumped-over muscle;
  • be careful and be not fond of performance of exercise before loss of forces and health; daily trainings only experienced athletes can do, and that who starts from scratch, rest is absolutely necessary not to lose regularity of trainings and not to overload an organism;
  • be not engaged in push-ups if you have injuries or serious problems with a backbone;
  • people with an excess weight should look for other options of exercises, easier not to do much harm to joints and the bone device.

Types of push-ups

In the presence of a set of types of push-ups there is the general, initial equipment:

  1. Initial position — facedown on an equal floor, resting against it palms.
  2. Place hands at shoulder length, slightly part legs in the parties, rest socks against a floor.
  3. On a breath lower a body, bending hands in elbows (before receiving a corner 90 °).
  4. On an exhalation you come back.

Slow rate of performance is allowed for beginners who are not able to operate the body vigorously yet. At regular performance the speed increases, and you already know how many it is necessary to be wrung out and in what optimum rhythm.

Important! The line of a body has to remain equal. No deflections in a waist should be, otherwise exercise will become not only useless, but also injury-causing.

Starting a training, do not forget about warm-up. It is necessary to warm muscles, to disperse blood and to enrich it with oxygen. It can be simple moves hands and legs, rotation of shoulders in different directions, "boxing", inclinations, an extension, the racetrack, etc.


Classical options of push-ups mean various ways of execution of exercise, practically without use of any stock. Further speaks how it is correct to learn and without injuries to carry out it.

With the wide successful fellow

Here well average pectoral muscles work; the load falling on a back is static and is very useful. Following technology:

  1. Emphasis from situation "lying" on the straightened hands.
  2. The head looks directly, is not lowered and not lifted up up (in order to avoid excess load of a backbone).
  3. Hands are placed more widely than shoulders, the belt is tightened and keeps in tension.
  4. Fall down, then by effort of a pectoral muscle push out a body in an initial position.
  5. Elbows remain are slightly bent, the breast is statically strained several seconds.
  6. Again repeat exercise.

If there is a task — to develop a pectoral muscle, it is possible to hold dumbbells in hand, resting on them: the breast will sag more.

We recommend to get acquainted with technology of performance of such difficult exercises as push-ups in a handstand upside down at a wall.

With the average successful fellow

Deltas, pectoral muscles and tricepses, also back muscles are actively involved.

  1. Make an initial rack (straight arms, situation "lying").
  2. The look before itself, a body is not curved anywhere.
  3. Hands at shoulder length; in the course of exercise the elbows slide along a body, do not part.
  4. On a breath lower the case, having practically put a breast on hands.
  5. On an exhalation quickly return back.
  6. Do not forget about an equal back and an intense press.

With narrow hold

This type of exercise belongs to the average level of complexity. It is focused on tricepses, an internal part of pectoral muscles is also studied.

  1. Put emphasis (straight arms).
  2. Fingers of hands meet in the middle, under a breast.
  3. Fall slowly until the breast touches brushes.
  4. Fast, but not too sharp movement return a body to an initial position.
  5. Strain tricepses for several seconds.
  6. Continue exercise.


The complicated push-ups are considered as more effective, than usual (basic). For strengthening of effect they are recommended to be alternated with each other. In this version the exercise can be carried out with various auxiliary devices — for example, with dumbbells, a bench, a chair, a ball, etc.

Whether you know? The boxing is the most popular sport in cinema.

With cotton

There are options where loading becomes complicated cotton commission. These are the most difficult versions.

  1. With cotton before. The initial position means slightly placed legs (for balance maintenance) and hands are wider than shoulders. Exercise is carried out as it is described in basic option (see item 2), only on an exhalation the body is thrown by a sharp push up, hands come off a floor and you do cotton (instead of just rising and straightening hands). After cotton you fall down, taking a breath.
  2. With cotton behind the back. Technology of performance the same, as in the previous look, but in the top point cotton is made by straight arms behind the back. For this exercise it is necessary to have basic sports preparation and good coordination. Support a back equal.

On fingers

Several exercises belong to this type.

  1. On finger-tips (it is not recommended to beginners). Strengthens muscles of a breast, brushes and forearms. Hands at the same time are located more widely than shoulders.

Get acquainted in more detail with technology of performance of push-ups on fingers.

  1. On fists. You lean not on palms, and on bones of fingers. Thus, the area of a support is less and exercise becomes more difficult. Especially this type of exercise is recommended to those whom wrists strongly hurt at usual push-ups. The main effort is the share of a humeral belt and pectoral muscles here.

Important! Being wrung out on fists, do not forget to spread a gymnastic rug or the fabric put in several layers under hands to avoid injuries.

With burdening

This exercise is done alternately on two hands with a weight. It will be necessary for you: dumbbells (2 pieces) and a gymnastic rug (that hands with dumbbells did not slide). Loading is necessary on back muscles, on hands and shoulders.

  1. Emphasis is placed by straight arms with dumbbells; palms are turned outside.
  2. Having lifted the case from a floor, raise a hand to a shoulder; change a hand after each rise.

Do not forget about the correct position of a body as it is so easier and safer to train.

Get acquainted with technology of performance of Hindu push-ups.


In what supports and an emphasis are used belong to deep push-ups. There are several types of this exercise, and it is important to know how it is correct to do them:

  1. Option when the bench or a chair can serve as a support. Establish legs on the eminence and do exercise, touching by a floor breast. Consider that the pose has to be steady.
  2. Further, push-up between two supports. Hands lean on benches, and when performing exercise lower a breast as low as possible. In this option you are not limited to floor level.
  3. At last, emphasis. Put them slightly more widely than shoulders; being wrung out, you will hold handles. For the rest exercise is carried out, as usual. This option is chosen for preservation of wrists from overloads.

Important! Do not use an emphasis in the presence of problems with shoulder joints. Elbows should be taken away back further, than in usual execution that increases risk of a trauma.

From knees

It is much easier to carry out push-ups when the emphasis is the share of knees. Such option will become the excellent beginning for acquaintance to push-ups not to overload a muscle and to accustom. Also it is recommended for women.

  1. Initial situation — an emphasis "lying", straight arms, legs are bent in knees at an angle 90 ° and crossed in ankles. Under knees it is the best of all to spread a gymnastic rug.
  2. Back a straight line, a basin it is tightened and forms a straight line with legs and the case. Palms look forward, hands at shoulder length.
  3. On a breath you fall, on an exhalation — sharply you rise back. Completely it is not necessary to straighten hands, elbows are slightly bent.

From a wall

One more easy option — perhaps, the simplest of all possible:

  1. Standing in a half a meter from a wall, rest against it hands.
  2. Heels are torn off from a floor.
  3. On a breath bend hands and as much as possible approach a wall.
  4. On an exhalation adopt the initial provision.

It is also possible to choose as a support of a step or a bench — anyway, it will be easier to be wrung out.

On one hand

Before starting this exercise, trainers recommend to practise at first to stand on one hand at least of 15 seconds. Static exercises accustom muscles to such loading and train muscles bark. For this purpose adopt the provision as for basic push-up, but place legs more widely, and put one hand under a buttock, on a back part of a hip.

Push-ups are one of the best exercises for hands against a skin obvisaniye.

Through the put time have a rest and change hands. Several approaches 4 days a week will help to be prepared for push-up on one hand. It happens as follows:

  1. Initial situation — legs are widely divorced.
  2. One hand is straightened and rests against a floor, another is brought for a back and lies under a buttock.
  3. Lower a body, bending a hand in an emphasis; the second hand remains motionless.
  4. The elbow does not leave aside, it is bent along a body.
  5. On an exhalation breakthrough push out a body back up.

Often this exercise is provided in lists it seems "as it is easy to create a beautiful muscular relief" as it very effective and really useful.

Examples of the program of push-up from half of the house

If to approach occupations in a complex, then the result will not keep itself waiting. Starting occupations, surely think over the program, draw the schedule of performance of exercises and make the schedule — then the picture of your trainings will become more evident and it will be visible where it is necessary to correct the plan. We want to offer you several approximate schemes of a course of the push-ups directed to extension of muscles and to weight loss, issued in the form of tables.

Read how to increase the number of push-ups from a floor.

For accumulation of muscle bulk

It is possible to learn from this table how to be pumped up for several weeks. Especially this scheme is suitable for guys.


Number of approaches and repetitions


You begin with 10-minute warm-up (extension, inclinations, moves). Then 3–4 approaches on 15 push-ups with broad setting of hands (for women also 10 will be enough).


You add to our program 3 more approaches till 12-15 of repetitions with narrow setting of hands. It is possible to add a weighting compound to a training, that is to place a backpack weighing 5 kg on a back and to do push-ups with hands wider than shoulders.


The same exercises, only weight of a backpack are +5 kg. It is also possible to add push-up on fists if physical training allows.


You add push-up on one hand and you increase backpack weight to 15 kg. Pay attention that such weighting is possible only for those who have no problems with a back and a backbone!

Being guided by this scheme, do not forget about individual contraindications and also that when following to any technique the system is important.

For endurance and weight loss

That the body became more hardy and tightened, we offer the following scheme of trainings: It is necessary to train at an interval of one day, carrying out for one occupation of all 5 sets in a row. The break between sets should not exceed 3 minutes.

Whether you know? The record set on push-ups in a minute makes 199 times. These are over 3 times in a second!

The main mistakes when performing exercise

There are typical mistakes which not only prevent to do exercise, but also can do much harm to health:

  1. Body curve. Sagging, or on the contrary, the lifted-up basin, the raised or hung head, the hunched back, shoulders lowered down — all this redistributes loading and can seriously do much harm to your joints and a backbone.
  2. The placed elbows. Elbows when performing push-up have to be parallel to the case.
  3. Completely straightened hands in the top point. Hands have to be slightly bent in elbows, otherwise the injury of joints of hands is possible.
  4. Lack of warm-up. Loads of an unprepared body bring traumatic stretchings and do not give pleasure.

Video: 3 worst mistakes in push-ups

General recommendations for beginners

Following the simple rules, even such exercise simple in appearance as push-up is possible, to turn into serious weapon in fight for a sound and beautiful body:

  1. It is necessary to begin with such loadings which you can do. If it is possible to reach 10 repetitions, it will already be good start. Increase loading gradually, without overstraining an organism.
  2. Beginning a training, you remember warm-up (at least 10 minutes). Between approaches also let's a body have a rest at least several minutes.
  3. All force in constancy — do not give up a training, be engaged regularly, and in several months you do not recognize yourself (if your purpose — accumulation of muscle bulk).
  4. Making own program of trainings, set to yourself specific goals. The quantity and intensity of trainings will depend on them.
  5. Pay attention to marks "important" in this article to avoid injuries and stretchings.
  6. You pass to difficult types of push-ups only when surely you carry out general exercise and you feel confident.

World records in push-ups from a floor

The most impressive records among fans of push-ups:

  1. The very first world record on push-ups from a floor was set by Charles Linster: in 1965 it was without stopping wrung out 6006 times.
  2. In October, 1980 Yoshid's Japanese set a new world record on push-ups: 10507 times without breaks. Today so nobody beat this record recorded in "Guinness Book of Records".
  3. Charles Servitsio in 1993 in 21 hour and 6 minutes was wrung out 46001 times, having set a world record in new category "the largest number of push-ups in 24 hours".
  4. The U.S. citizen Alicia Weber set three world records among women at once: the maximum number of push-ups for an hour (1020 times), in 30 minutes (829 times), in 10 minutes (450 times).
  5. Paddy Doyle famous as the most hardy person in the world, set a set of world records on push-ups, including: with a disk in 50 pounds on a back (4100 times), on one hand in 5 hours (8794 times).

Having studied all recommendations, having weighed all pros and cons and also having estimated the state of health, you can start trainings on push-ups. Choose exercises it can do, increase loading, make the program of trainings and accurately adhere to it. The result will not be fast, but it surely will please you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team