Red Bull decided to fight against Liberty for 30 million

Red Bull decided to fight against Liberty for 30 million

Helmut Marko threatened that Red Bull will leave F1 at the end of 2020 if technical and economic regulations don't meet expectations of team. Actually war with Americans on money began. Here what is staked during discussion...

Engines of Formula 1 will be omologirovana within the month, but officially racing actions will be resumed only in the middle of March on the track Melbourne where there will pass the first Gran Pri of the season of 2019. But actually disputes between teams of Formula 1 only changed Wednesday – instead of boxes and tracks they occur in offices where there take place meetings of representatives of teams.

On tables rules which will define Formula 1 of 2021 when royal races can cardinally lie will change. Not only new technical regulations (possibly, it will strongly not differ from available), but first of all new rules which will concern sports and economic questions are discussed.

In recent weeks rumors about strongly angry management of Red Bull went. Helmut Marko threw the classical stone into the pond: "We have the agreement till 2020. There will be no final regulations on engines and Contracts of consent yet, neither Red Bull, nor Honda will finally solve nothing".

Focusing on engines is the dust in eyes which has to give the opportunity to blackmail with the exit from the championship even of such significant figure as producer, namely Honda.

There are two sensitive issues which as it appeared, irritate Marko: restriction of the budget and criteria by which since 2021 prize-winning will be distributed. Concerning the second point intentions of Liberty are very clear and long ago are known.

The purpose is in revising criteria of distribution of prize fund, considerably having increased Article A of the system which regulates division now (that is the sum which is paid by equal parts to each team) - for today it is 27.5 million euros - at the expense of historical privileges which are reserved for Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Williams now.

The last rumors demonstrate that in the case with Red Bull the reduction can exceed 30 million euros. Probably, it wasn't pleasant to Marko.

From there is clear its position which hints about the probable exit this time.

"There is other choice, - it continued, - we could compete in "24 hours of Le Mans" with Valkyrie by the rules WEC Hypercar. If in Formula 1 the limit on expenses is entered, then we will need to reduce personnel. And we don't want it. Therefore we could consider other projects, for example, Le Mans".

In general restriction of the budget would be the effective solution for races which would allow to expand considerably opportunities to reach the podium even for those teams, which for today on the way of active development.

However it is about practical application as the only viable way would be the introduction to each team of staff of FIA, "commissioners" to which all types of activity of team, including industrial secrets would be known.

There were cases when technical specialists of FIA who held the corresponding positions after resignation came to teams: Laurent Mequis - in Ferrari, Martsin Budkovski - in Renault. 

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