Remedial gymnastics

Remedial gymnastics

To whom is it necessary? First of all to sick people. The traditional and nonconventional medicine completely supports it. Such gymnastics can't be confused with usual physical education. It is sent to the certain site of muscles, for the speedy recovery. It can be diseases of the backbone, heart, lungs and cancer diseases. There are several groups of remedial gymnastics.

 The respiratory remedial gymnastics - restores the metabolism, increases work of lungs, improves blood circulation and removes inflammatory processes.

 Gymnastics in water – remarkable means for treatment of osteochondrosis. Also swimming is useful for blood circulation, weight loss, normalize nervous system, train legs, the stomach, the back and hands. Before coming into the pool, it is necessary to warm muscles, having made several movements in the gym hall. On water it is worth staying no more than ten minutes.

Chinese Chi kung – it was created in the ancient time. It is suitable for people with different level of training. Physical exercises happen in the slow mode. On the legend of Qi means the energy of the person which is in us. Exercises are directed to completion of the lost energy. It is considered that the person recovers and prolongs the life.

Gymnastics with the ball – the easiest way of occupations in house conditions. Helps at fouls of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the backbone and neurologic frustration. It helps to get rid of diseases and to return to the usual lifestyle. But it isn't necessary to neglect exercises, they are recommended to be carried out regularly, otherwise the result won't be. Councils of doctors

It is worth reminding that the gymnastics well affects health of patients. Doctors of the whole world adhere to treatment of a such type. At cancer to the zabolevaniyakhposla of operation of the patient has to perform exercises daily. And at all not to lose courage.

 Of course, there are also contraindications for remedial gymnastics. This exacerbation of chronic diseases, thromboses, sharp pain syndrome, mental disorders and heart failure.

 How to be engaged

 If exercises take place with the instructor, then all responsibility is relieved from you. Sometimes patients choose to themselves gymnastics and do it in house conditions. It yields quite good result too.

What it is necessary to begin with? Begin exercises with the easiest movements, gradually passing to difficult. During the trainings some movements can difficult be given, but in two days of the muscle will come to the tone and it will become easier to be engaged. It is also necessary to follow rules. For example, before the training to warm muscles. If run is contraindicated, then it is necessary to warm them by means of the hot bathtub. Then sensations of pain will be less.

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