Rock-climbing on the artificial relief: councils for beginners

Rock-climbing on the artificial relief: councils for beginners

As well as any other sport, rock-climbing requires the maximum return of forces - not only physical, but also sincere, psychological. To beginners who have no physical training (for example as I:) when all physical activity consists in physical education classes at school and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION) to begin to be engaged in rock-climbing very hard. On the first occupations I couldn't overcome also couple of catches. Began to run, do exercises - and to me success came! Be engaged, train and everything at you will turn out!


1. What to choose? Occupation with the coach or independently to be engaged in rock-climbing? Of course, as well as in any other sport, presence of the coach, head, mentor is extremely necessary (at least at the initial stage). He will help you to master elements of this sport, will teach safety measures bases that it is extremely important in rock-climbing. Then, when you will own necessary skills, you will be able to start independent occupations.

2. How often it is necessary to be engaged? Frequency of occupations depends on your purposes: whether you want to become the master of sports, or you are engaged as a hobby, for maintenance of physical shape. If you the fan, then it is necessary to be engaged at least 1-2 times a week 1.5 - 2 hours. It is the minimum. If you wish to achieve the maximum success in rock-climbing - you should visit the rock climbing wall daily.

3. Warm-up. Before the beginning by all means make good warm-up. So your muscles will be warmed and occupation will bring you the maximum benefit and result. It is also very desirable to do jogs. At least 1-2 times a week 40-50 minutes. It considerably will improve your physical training.

4. What equipment to choose to the beginner? At the initial stage it is possible to use the safety system which is provided in the hall. But then it is better to get the. It will be always modified under your size, always in good condition. Footwear is usual light sneakers with the nonskid sole. Professional rock-climbers use special rocky footwear. The shirt and sports pants, also don't forget the sack with special substance - magnesia. Periodically dip your hands into magnesia, and fingers will become more tenacious and won't be slides.

5. Several councils for technique of rock-climbing for beginners. At the initial stage of occupations rock-climbing take care of the defense: don't neglect knee pads and elbow pads. Don't pull the safety rope too strongly. You always have to have three points the support - two legs and one hand. The second hand is free - has a rest, or probes the further route. Try not to kneel at rise. Get used to stand on socks, the foot edge. Give rest to hands serially. Wave the free hand, stir up it. So your hands will be tired less.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team