Rules of carrying out hygienic gymnastics since morning"

Rules of carrying out hygienic gymnastics since morning"

To open eyes, to stretch, drink waters, to do exercises — and at last to wake up. At everyone in the mornings the ways to bring itself round. However the morning exercises are considered the most effective after all. It is about elementary exercises which will wake a body and will help to collect the thoughts. As to do it — we learn further.

About hygienic gymnastics

To increase efficiency, to accelerate work of a brain and to bring a body into a tone — all this result of daily morning exercises. Sometimes the thought of rise even for a couple of minutes earlier, than usually, horrifies. Before the working day every minute of a dream is expensive.

But if to spend this time for warm-up of a body, then in a week you will notice significant changes in health. And only 15 minutes since morning for this purpose are necessary.

Secret of an effective training of the house — fresh air and replenishment of water balance. Woke up, opened a window, and at this time you go on kitchen behind a glass of water. You come back to the aired room, you close a window and you start business.

The hygienic gymnastics includes exercises on a warming up, an extension and strengthening of muscles. It is worth beginning from 10 minutes of work and to increase this time to half an hour.

Important! Main rule of occupation: the first minutes of work — quiet, further the intensity increases and keeps throughout all training. Closer to the end speed slows down.

How to pick up exercises — will prompt you a body and a type of activity. Weight in the head, the clamped neck and shoulders is said that more loading will be required for the top part of a trunk. The same concerns any problems with legs, a basin and a stomach — in this case work one bottom more.

Also it is worth making a start from features of work. During the sedentary work more active warm-up since morning for dispersal of blood on a body is necessary. The same who walks the most part of day should be engaged in strengthening of pelvic joints and to give load of top that there were no back and neck pains.

Also it will be useful for you to learn how to do warm-up before a training, than the water aerobics whether it is possible to run in the winter on the street in what advantage of swimming is useful how quickly to learn to stand on hands what is stretching how to do exercise a vacuum.

Over time for exercises can the stock — dumbbells, a fitball, a jump rope is required. This optional condition, but such objects will help to diversify occupations and to make them more interesting.

Types of gymnastics

Work on yourself all day — after awakening, in operating time at the computer and before going to bed. On each of types of gymnastics there are exercises which will help to wake up, distract and be prepared for rest. Let's consider each type of gymnastics separately.

Morning exercises (charging)

To be prepared by new day and to allow an organism to start all processes of activity — here a main objective of morning exercises. It helps to maintain health and to strengthen immunity. Besides exercises allow to prevent various problems with muscles and a musculoskeletal system.

Examine how to do a complex of morning exercises, morning exercises for children, in what advantage of morning yoga.

Such rules will help to do exercises of effective:

  • always be engaged in the aired room;
  • put on free, light clothes;
  • turn on the music — with it the training will take place more cheerfully;
  • you monitor breath, it has to be equal.

Important! The breath always needs to be taken through a nose, and exhaled — through a mouth. Otherwise breath can be broken, speed — to change, the body will be quicker tired, and a brain — not to be enough oxygen.

After exercises go to the bathroom and try to take a contrast shower. It is impossible to include ice water at once, just gradually every day it is possible to lower its temperature. It for certain will help you to wake up and be loaded with energy completely.

The problem of morning exercises is to normalize the state of health. Therefore at the slightest deterioration in health it is worth reducing speed. It is necessary to take a small break if you noticed the speeded-up heartbeat, fatigue, a headache.

It does not mean that the remedial gymnastics should be thrown — opposite, it is necessary to continue to be engaged at slower speed and gradually to accelerate it.

Gymnastics in the mode of the working day (physical cultural pause)

Such gymnastics is called still production. It does not demand a lot of time and efforts therefore it is possible to be engaged in it directly at office. Moreover, it is necessary to distract, allow a brain to have a rest from hard work and to get rid of overfatigue.

The physical cultural pause has many advantages:

  • maintains working capacity;
  • during the sedentary work helps to support work of joints and muscles;
  • it allows to be discharged emotionally;
  • simplifies the solution of difficult tasks — quite often answers come just to gymnastics time when the brain can "reboot".

Only 5 minutes — and you are already ready to come back to work, full of strength and desires to work. During this time it is usually possible to manage to do 7 exercises, such as extension, squats, warm-up of hands, necks, backs.

Still there is such concept as a fizkulminutka. This performance of easy exercises up to 5 times in a day. But for such training 1 minute for which it is possible to do no more than 3 exercises is allotted really. Such way of warm-up will suit those who have completely sedentary work.

Whatever type of gymnastics at work you chose — will see result very quickly. It will be easier for you to undertake new tasks, you will quicker carry out old, there will pass back and neck pains, the head will hurt less.

Such options of exercises are possible:

  1. Sitting on a chair, extend direct legs forward, and hands — up. Last very much. Make 5 times.
  2. Sitting on a chair, extend legs, and hands you hold a chair. In turn do circular motions by each foot, then — both. Carry out 5 times.
  3. Get up before a back of a chair and try to make a swallow, without bending forward. Take away a leg back and part hands. Repeat 3 times on each leg.

Whether you know? The most effective time for trainings the period is considered from 16:00 till 19:00. It is connected with the fact that at this particular time day the most part of records of Olympians was established.

Evening gymnastics (before going to bed)

If in the afternoon we try to give more load of a body, then in the evening it needs to be minimized. Pay attention to an extension, yoga and respiratory practicians.

Learn what directions in yoga happen what is yoga-Pilates, Fly yoga, yoga for weight loss, fitness yoga, pair yoga.

It will help to fall asleep quicker, will improve sleep quality and will make awakening easier.

It is strongly recommended to do evening gymnastics to people with sleep disorders, at a stress and chronic fatigue. At systematic occupations the organism will learn to resist to these problems: the health will improve, forces will appear more.

Features of evening exercises:

  • help to be adjusted on a dream;
  • the body, brain calm and does falling asleep easier;
  • it is possible to carry out them to the sound of music, by candlelight or the aromalamp;
  • after gymnastics and a warm shower the dream will come quicker, than usually.

Options of exercises:

  1. Pulling of a back: connect fingers of hands in the lock and extend them up. At the same time legs do not come off the earth, and hands last as it is possible above. Slowly remove close hands before yourself and lower down. Repeat 3 times.
  2. Work on legs and back: sitting on a rug with widely placed legs, try to grab finger-tips of legs and slowly stretch to them. If you do not reach, just pull hands before yourself on a floor. Every time as you will reach, remain in the bent situation not less than 5 seconds.
  3. Twisting: you lay down on a floor, stretch hands in the parties, bend legs in knees and slowly, without tearing off a back from a floor, put them on a floor on each party.

Supplement evening warm-up with yoga elements — various asanas will perfectly stretch a body and will prepare it for sleeping.

Set of exercises

According to this scheme it is possible to carry out morning exercises, each time at the same time increasing loading.

Simple and effective exercises:

  • Pandiculations. Stand directly and extend the hands collected in the lock up. Hang up, then heavy fall down. Carry out exercise of 5 times for 10 seconds. It is important not to tear off legs from a floor and to try to extend a back. When lowering the case down the back has to be equal. It is also possible to finish with this exercise gymnastics.
  • Take dumbbells on 1 kg and walk, at first slowly, then accelerate. You increase speed — raise above knees. Thus you gradually warm a body and prepare it for the following exercises. It is possible to walk also without dumbbells, but they bring into a hand tone.
  • Rifts. Stand exactly and you transfer slowly body weight from heels on socks and vice versa. Present that you turned into the pendulum. Make 20 rifts. Do not forget to breathe: on heels the breath, on tiptoe exhaled.
  • Circular motions. Carry out 5 whole revolutions forward and back at first the head, then hands, elbows, brushes, legs, stupnyam. After that twist a basin to the right and to the left. Do everything in one rhythm, but you do not hurry.
  • Inclinations. Stand exactly, then bend forward, back, to the left, to the right. Last as it is possible further. In each party do 10 inclinations.
  • Inclinations with squat. Slowly bend as much as possible forward and in this situation sit down, touching by buttocks of heels. Then come back to a starting position. Not to injure knees — do not bend a back, it always has to be equal. Make 20 repetitions.
  • In a prone position bend one leg in a knee and as much as possible tighten hands to a breast. Carry out 10 times on each leg, pressing a knee to themselves for 10 seconds.
  • Go down on all fours and a vypryamta a back. Now bend it down and curve up. Change position of a back slowly not to injure it. Do 15 times. It is important not to hang at the same time the head, it has to look in a floor.
  • Go down on all fours and lower a basin with legs on a floor. Pull the head up and back, feel how the backbone lasts. Postoyte in this pose of 20 seconds.
  • From the previous situation accept an emphasis lying and begin to be wrung out. If it is difficult for you, try to do push-up from knees. Fall on an exhalation, rise on a breath.

Whether you know? Without the constant movement even orangutans degrade. In 2010 the Dutch zoo employed the Olympian that that held for monkeys couple of trainings on acrobatics. In bondage they forgot how to jump from a branch on a branch. But they willingly repeated each exercise after the athlete.

Features of music

Music during the trainings is not obligatory, especially if it is five-minute charging. But nevertheless it will set a spirit and a rhythm.

For what music is necessary:

  • the body picks up a rhythm and begins to move to a step, thus it is possible to wake up, for example, quicker;
  • for development of a reflex — as soon as you will hear a cheerful melody, you will want to do couple of exercises;
  • if in the house it is noisy, then music in earphones will help to concentrate on a training;
  • it is more interesting to accelerate under fervent, fast music;
  • slow melodies will calm a body, will tune it into rest and a dream.

Create the playlist from favourite tracks to derive the maximum pleasure from a training. For active occupations choose fast melodies, and for an extension and trainings before going to bed — quiet and slow.

As it is correct to begin and finish morning exercises

Try to be engaged only in good mood. Accustom yourself that the morning exercises have to be followed by good thoughts — about productive day, interesting meetings, successful projects. Then it will help to be adjusted on positive mood for all day.

Do not start the main exercises (squats, push-ups) without preliminary extension. Warm muscles and sheaves not to injure them.

You monitor breath, it has to be always equal. Any violations of speed say that speed needs to be reduced.

Finish occupations as well as began — with an easy, slow extension. And after — in a shower. And the main thing, thank yourself for the done work, then it will want to be repeated again.

So, the morning exercises will help with any age to support a body tone, to strengthen health and to increase efficiency. If to give to occupations at least 15 minutes a day, then already in few weeks it is possible to see result — good health and a tone of muscles in all body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team