Run from scratch

Run from scratch

Daily in surrounding things (magazines, newspapers, television, the Internet) the people see ideal men and women with magnificent bodies and dream to have same. The most popular way out – to register in fitness and to go there 3 times a week. But many justify themselves with the fact that have no enough money to go constantly to halls and to eat properly, keeping saying that after all the healthy lifestyle is expensive pleasure. Let's open all secrets. It is possible to play sports, without having spent any kopek, and to eat properly it is necessary to begin with small, that is, to limit itself minimum (refusal of fried, flour, fat) and it is obligatory to drink as much as possible water.

 So, there are certain rules of run for beginners. The first – it is necessary to run slowly. It isn't necessary to rush as if the maniac because it extremely tires chases you and the person gives in much quicker. That is if to jog, it is possible to run twice the big distance, than to run headlong. At easy jogging the base which is necessary for all athletes is formed.

 The following step is time. At the beginning it will be very difficult to run the big piece of the distance. You shouldn't torment yourself. The beginner begins of 5 minutes and reaches time over 40 minutes as after 40 minutes of exercise stresses the organism includes biological processes of the zhiroszhiganiye. And the last moment is the number of trainings in the week. For the best achievement of result, it is necessary to run 4 times a week, having left 3 days for recuperation of the organism. In the 3-day break it is better to shake the press, to be engaged in the extension, to go to the pool.

 Now several councils. Doctors don't recommend to run in earphones as there is the derivation from breath, pulse. And in general during run in the head brilliant ideas as it is some kind of meditation can be born, and music will only force down thoughts. But for many music helps to support the rhythm and the fuse of the run. Also you shouldn't run right after food as instead of receiving pleasure only the discomfort will be got. And obligatory action before run is the warm-up which will help to prepare all your muscles for the exercise stress. And the warming up of muscles will prevent painful feelings after the training.

 So, those who use eternal excuses – simply idlers sports activities not always demand big financial expenses and the huge waste of time. The main thing – desire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team