Run or the bicycle - what it is better for weight loss?

Run or the bicycle - what it is better for weight loss?

When the spring begins to pass smoothly at summer, women actively think of ways of weight loss which there is great variety today. It is possible to dump the fat deposits which are saved up during the winter by means of diets or exercise stresses. The most popular sports for weight loss are run and driving the bicycle – however what of them nevertheless more effective?

During run of people loads muscles of the hip and the back part of the shin which strain and train better, than when driving the bicycle. At run, muscles of the front golenny part, the muscle of the neck, the back and the press uphill begin to work. It occurs under the condition observance of the proper technique of run and also breath distribution. Besides, occupations run train lungs and are the excellent cardiotraining for the cardiovascular system.

Also run can well prepare the body for other sports or serious household exercise stresses.

At run of people spends a lot of energy and burns many calories therefore not really trained organism will sustain no more than an hour of active run – and it is norm. In addition, regular jobs by run can negatively affect the condition of meniscuses and the ankle. From run pluses – only good sneakers more than any expensive devices will be necessary for you. If you can't run, you will suit the pedestrian course or usual walk which can also help you to lose weight.

In the course of driving the bicycle there is the training of gastrocnemius muscles which work during pressing pedals. Besides, cycling effectively strengthens quadriceps and bicepses of the hip, removes fat deposits from the press and gluteuses. The bicycle trains lungs and the cardiovascular system just as occupations run.

Many experts claim that the bicycle and run have identical usefulness, however driving the bicycle doesn't take away so much energy as jog from the person.

That weight loss by means of the bicycle happened actively and it is useful, the cycling has to continue not less than 90-120 minutes. Such long physical activity forces to work the aerobic processes of power supply happening to oxidation and burning of fat deposits. At daily occupations (twice a day) training time by bicycle can be reduced to the hour. If you have no bicycle or on the street the improper season, it is possible to register in the fitness studio where there are automated bicycles with the computer calculating pulse and speed of driving. Thus, cycling and run it is equivalent for weight loss are effective under one condition – they need to be combined with low-calorie food and daily trainings. The most noticeable result at these types of loading is noted on hips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team