Sadhana is practice with which day begins

Sadhana is practice with which day begins

In vanity of the modern world it is difficult to remain balanced and quiet. The mad rhythm of the city, the polluted ecology, problems at work and in family bring an imbalance in interior. Sadhana — one of the practician of kundalini-yoga and Bhakti yoga which helps to restore balance, to calm down reason, to eliminate the conflicts of thoughts and to learn absolute harmony. In this review we in detail learn what is a sadhana and what it leads to.

Sadhana as regular practice

The essence of this Sanskrit term consists in daily meditative practice which tunes the Highest I the person into achievement of control over all spheres of life, and first of all — over the spiritual perception of reality.

Learn how to meditate for recuperation.

Sadhana helps to become filled and satisfied, with the net energy full and self-sufficient.

Regular practice is necessary for schooling of to discipline — only daily meditations will allow you to become live grace, will bring closer to perfection, will help to learn own I from within.

Important! Only regular, daily practice of a sadhana will lead to the victory over itself, space and time.

What purpose of following to the sadhena?

The main objective of practice is to improve inner world. Yoga of a sadhan that is literally translated as daily practice, is the deeply personal belonging relating directly to you.

It relationship of God and the person, this clarification, is a victory over itself. Its purpose — in daily assessment of what my place I take among my sublime desires (divine) and low (devil).

The main principle of self-improvement — not to try to uproot sinful defects, and to be able to differentiate that is good and what is bad, to redirect the energy to a positive side.

It is easier to go to the monastery as the Buddhist monk, having fenced off from all vicious, than to be able to speak in everyday life yes to some concepts and no — to others and to learn to treat everything kindly.

Whether you know? Ancient Slavs represented a sadhana in the form of the intricate sun concluded in a circle. Now such charm is used for protection against negative impact and increase in material well-being.

Sadhana role in human life

What is harmony and composure for the modern person as not vital need?

Thanks to practice of a sadhan of a bkhakta everyone can daily find spirituality and be filled with positive energy. Meditations save from a stress, clean subconsciousness and develop new habits.

It will be for certain interesting to you will be to learn what happens to a brain during meditation.

Everyone, executing a sadhana, was influenced by huge advantage of this practice, it not only a way of spiritual self-improvement, but also a method of finding of material benefits.

There is a minimal risk to receive harm or negative feelings from this practice — only in case you are in a condition of a serious illness.

The physical indisposition will not promote tranquility finding, and the carried-out exercises can bring destructions in the suffering body.

Where and when it is the best of all to practice

Sadhana-yoga — the central concept of kundalini-yoga. The main characterizing — performance of meditations early morning hours.

Occupations yoga will also help you to wake up quickly.

Optimum time for a spiritual privacy is time from 4 to 6-7 in the morning. At this time power channels (chakras) of the person are open and most susceptible.

The vain world still sleeps, and internal streams can freely establish connection with Vyshny. Time of meditation lasts of 2 o'clock — one more explanation for early carrying out practice.

Yes, to overcome drowsiness and to waken early — not always it can do, but, having overcome this obstacle, you receive a sadhana-victory over time.

The morning sadhana is time of a privacy and clarification. It is ideal if these hours you spend in nature, being filled with clean air and beholding sunrise.

However there are no obstacles and for carrying out this practice of the house. The main thing is to create a quiet situation for elimination of own patterns, internal cleaning, concoction on own feelings. If, for example, during meditation you are distracted by noise of home electric devices or crying of the child — precious time will be missed, and the balance — is broken.

Important! Practice of a sadhana is carried out in the morning, till the sunrise — it is so easier to hear the soul.

Three parts of practice

Sadhana is carried out in three main steps — reading sacred spiritual texts, directly meditation and singing of mantras. Let's consider more in details each process.

Reading for development of mind

For preparation of for the best perception of the sacred truth of yoga traditionally begin a sadhana with silence.

Then the words Dzhab Dzhi Sahid are pronounced — it was said by the founder of Sikhism of the Guru Nanak to the pupils soon after their enlightenment.

Further are read the sacred texts of Nanak written by the inspired poets and believers of various religions, the capturing essence of spirituality and self-improvement.

When reading in original language — gurmukh (practice of naad-yoga) — special vibration which causes associations with wildlife sounds, such as murmur of a stream or rustle of leaves is created. Each of 37 paura (poem) develops a separate side of life of the person and if to say defined paur not any once, then energy of this aspect will amplify.

Whether you know? Day of a summer and winter solstice — special time for carrying out a sadhana. During this period the manifestation of space energy reaches the peak that I positively influence the Highest and the general spiritual state.

Practice of yoga

The next stage — care of a body. Kriyya (exercises) — the important component of a sadhana improving the general condition of an organism.

When performing exercises the active circulation is reached, the system of blood supply is cleaned, pain, tension and stiffness are eliminated.

With the help kriyya it is possible to change secretion of glands and to develop Kundalini (energy in a backbone of the person). Warm-up and stretching of all muscles awakens internal will, promotes maintaining concentration when reading mantras.

During daily exercises at the person certain habits are developed. Depending on a main objective kriyya, whether it be weight loss, development of flexibility or maintenance of the general tone, the result can be achieved in 90 days.

Important! A large number of exercises can tire a body. The heavy sadhana can be carried out when before carrying out practice there is enough time for relaxation and restoration.

Singing of special mantras

After performance of exercises time for meditation and special singing — mantras follows. Usually time of meditation contains 62 minutes, without breaks during their reading.

In the course of singing of people cleans chakras, learns to understand himself better. A pose at meditation — Jalandhar a bandha with an equal back (cervical lock).

It promotes quiet penetration of power streams into head department. In the morning sadhena 7 main mantras are used.

Sadhana eras of Aquarius

This practice was entered Yogas by Bkhadzhan on June 21, 1992. Its essence — in following throughout the following of 21 years to the daily sadhena appealing to internal virtue.

This interval of time — transition from an era of Fishes by an era of Aquarius where astrologically Uranium operates other planets. Sadhana of an era of Aquarius is a transition to a maturity, it is an age of equality and prosperity.

This Greatest transition — the beginning of a new cycle allowing to be creators of Novaya Zemlya, to pass into more perfect spiritual state. Physically it is shown in climate change and speed of rotation of Earth. This special time of Hals — those who are clean soul and consciousness who is fearless and ready to transformation.

Mantras for transition to an era of Aquarius

  1. Morning call — the seven-minute mantra lifting Kundalini and opening chakras. In it it is told about wisdom and infinite magnificence of the Creator. Creates interaction with creative energy.
  2. Ba Yangti — connects to a thousand-year prayer. It was given the Guru Gobind Singh. Speaks about three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Restores aura. 7 minutes are sung.
  3. A mule a mantra — advance to destiny, feeling of the deep consciousness. The mantra contains 108 letters, from so many elements the world was created. Expands creativity of the person. 7 minutes last.
  4. SAT Cirie Cirie Akap — a reminder that the person is an immortal being. A seven-minute mantra for an era of Aquarius. Narrates that the person passing through an era of Aquarius samoutverzhdat himself out of a current of time.
  5. Rakhe Rakankhar — protection against all bad, negative. 7 minutes last. Has especially calming effect on women.
  6. To Vakha Gur — the mantra 22 minutes long telling about ecstasy. At its reading meditating accept Virsan's pose.
  7. Guru Ram Das — is filled with humility. 5 minutes are read. Speaks about healing and restoration.

Sadhana of a bkhagta is not only special practice. Yogis announce, what is it a deep meditative state at which it is possible to reach full harmony.

In Sanskrit it is said: having quiet mind becomes the tsar of all tsars. Meditate to get rid of polarity of mind. Practise by means of kriyya-yoga to have a perfect body. Make a sadhana for a victory over yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team