Schumacher is close to signing of the contract to Ferrari?

Schumacher is close to signing of the contract to Ferrari?

Members of the media reported that Mick Schumacher is close to signing of the contract to Ferrari – he has to become the student of racing academy of Italian team. According to journalists, the son of the seven-time champion chooses between Mercedes and Ferrari, but everything Ball inclines to sign the contract with Scuderia.

Two leading F1 teams this year hinted at the interest in the son of the seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher – Mick won the last European championship of Formula 3, one of the most prestigious junior series.

The young man from the first steps in karting didn't suffer from the lack of attention - thanks to the star surname, and after success in Euro F3 began to be considered as one of the most perspective young racers.

Therefore it isn't surprising at all that in Mercedes and Ferrari this year hinted at the interest in the son of the legendary racer.

During the recent awards ceremony of FIA the head of Silver arrows Toto Wolff remembered the young German: "This year Mick won the European Formula 3 by car with the Mercedes engine, and it is great result, but alas it isn't the part of the youth Mercedes program. I don't doubt that it has potential to become the successful racer of Formula 1. Perhaps, one day he will pilot the race car of our team..."

And Maurizio Arrivabene, even in the summer, gave the accurate message to young Schumacher: "Having the surname which is the part of the history Ferrari, it is obvious that Maranello's doors will be always open for him. But let he will make the decision...".

And it is valid, still Schumacher Jr. was able to finance independently to himself career in younger formulas and had the opportunity not to tie to itself the hand by the agreement from Formula 1, any of teams.

Long time he acted in the squad To which is traditionally connected with Scuderia, but unlike the numerous workmates, the majority of whom were members of racing Academy Ferrari, didn't do business with Maranello.

At last, the guy grew up and it appeared in the step from Formula 1. And it is similar, time has cometime has come independently to choose the command which will put it for Formula 1 race car wheel.

 According to Motorsport.comi Mercedes, and Ferraris made the proposal to Schumacher, and Mick though so far and didn't sign any agreement, is very close to it.

In the nearest future Mick can sign junior the agreement with Scuderia with which his father took five championship titles of F1 – with team which now actively advances other young talent - Charles Leclair.

In 2019 Schumacher debuts in Formula 2 as a part of the same To – and with this stable Leclair in the 2017th took the title in the first season in this series. In the next season the competition in the highest junior championship is expected much more therefore it will be interesting to look how Mick will cope with it.

In any case, if Schumacher officially signs the agreement with Ferrari, it will be very emotional moment for all admirers of Scuderia and Michael. And further history will be written on the track.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team