Set of exercises at a sciatica

Set of exercises at a sciatica

As a result of frequent overcoolings, an inactive way of life, stresses, carrying weights, during high physical activities often in a waist arise the sharp pain called in medicine a sciatica or inflammation of a sciatic nerve. At the initial stage of development of an illness its symptoms are shown poorly, however, if not to be engaged in treatment, then the disease is capable to gain chronic character and to fairly reduce quality of human life. Why there is a sciatica and as to treat it by means of gymnastic exercises, let's understand.

Reasons and signs of inflammation of a sciatic nerve

The sciatica represents a neurologic illness at which there is a pinching of a sciatic nerve therefore strong painful feelings in lumbar area appear.

Examine exercises of yoga for a back and a backbone.

Characteristic symptoms of a disease are:

  • sharp severe pain in lumbar department which amplifies at physical loadings;
  • pain in one of legs. In a similar case the pain extends on all length, since a waist, passing through a buttock, and finishing with calves and toes. In rare instances the discomfort can be felt in both extremities;
  • burning in a lumbar zone, existence of a lumbago and prickings;
  • feeling of crawling of goosebumps in the field of localization of pains: waist, buttock, hip, calves;
  • otekaniye of the lower extremities, the increased sweating;
  • the sharp pains developing unexpectedly during movement;
  • change of a tone of muscle tissue of a waist and legs;
  • violation of natural main reflexes;
  • dryness and refinement of integuments.

Video: about a sciatica This disease can result from various reasons.

Important! At the started forms of a sciatica there can come full or partial numbness of legs.

However, as the most widespread among them are considered:

  • presence of hernias of intervertebral disks;
  • congenital pathologies of a backbone;
  • shift of vertebras as a result of the suffered injury;
  • diabetes;
  • various new growths of malignant or good-quality character in lumbar area;
  • sciatica or arthrosis, that is, education on vertebras of outgrowths which squeeze nerves;
  • not up to the end cured catarrhal diseases, flu, SARS;
  • overcooling of the nervous terminations;
  • stressful state, depressions;
  • heavy illnesses, for example, malaria, typhus, syphilis;
  • organism intoxication;
  • unsuccessfully given injections in a gluteus.

As a rule, the disease is most brightly shown at a combination of several negative factors.

Advantage of physical exercises

Treatment of a sciatica assumes, first of all, an integrated approach which is based on application of conservative, medicamentous therapy, purpose of special physiotherapy exercises and medical massage and also use of a unique technique from Bubnovsky.

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Specially developed gymnastics at a sciatica considers features of the structure of a human body and allows to eliminate various defects of a backbone. It:

  • strengthens blood circulation in muscles, strengthens their work thanks to what they begin to function correctly;
  • strengthens back muscles, including, waists;
  • allows to stretch muscles of a waist, buttocks, hips;
  • removes spasms in lumbar area;
  • normalizes exchange processes.

Besides, the remedial gymnastics influences positively all organism: strengthens the immune system, increases protective functions, improves the general state, normalizes work of nervous, digestive systems, increases working capacity.

Set of exercises at a sciatica

Best of all when pinching a sciatic nerve special exercises help to take off unpleasant effects. They give the chance to accelerate process of blood circulation in muscles on the struck areas, it is essential to lower painful discomfort, to unblock the jammed nerve.

The program of exercises at a sciatica can be made in three provisions: lying, standing and in a position sitting. Let's consider features of each training.

Important! All exercises at the beginning of the occupations LFK should be carried out under supervision of the doctor who will watch correctness of the equipment and will help to eliminate possible errors. Further, if necessary, the training can be conducted independently.

In a prone position

Exercises which are appointed at a sciatica are directed to removal of pain and also relaxation of muscles and strengthenings of a backbone.

In a prone position it is recommended to make the following physical exercises:

  1. Nominative — lying on a back, legs direct. On a breath it is necessary to tighten legs to a breast, hands to embrace buttocks, to record situation for 25-30 seconds. Further legs and hands need to be straightened that they settled down on one line with the case. To repeat 8-10 times.
  2. Nominative — lying on one side, socks are tense. Slowly, on a breath it is necessary to tighten the lower extremities to a breast, to be late for several seconds, to become straight. To do actions to 10 times.
  3. Nominative — lying on a stomach, palms are located at the level of a thorax. By means of a push it is necessary to lift a basin up, hands to straighten, be recorded for 15-20 seconds, then to return to initial situation.


When pinching a sciatic nerve it is also possible to practice a special set of exercises upright:

  1. Nominative — standing, a foot are located at shoulder length. It is necessary to extend one hand, to lower the second, to slowly carry out inclinations on the parties, and, bending to the right, the left hand and vice versa is raised. It is necessary to repeat 10 inclinations in each party.

Whether you know? The sciatic nerve represents a pair biggest and long nerve in a human body which is responsible for sensitivity and mobility of the lower extremities.

  1. Nominative — standing, legs are slightly placed. On a breath it is recommended to push out a basin forward, on an exhalation to return to initial situation. To make 10 vytalkivaniye.

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Carrying out exercises in a position sitting, it is necessary to take a chair with steady legs which would stand on the firm basis securely.

The complex is carried out as follows:

  1. Nominative — sitting on a chair, the back an equal, one leg is put from above another, hands behind the head. On a breath, it is required to make an inclination in one party, on an exhalation to return to an initial position, then to repeat in other party. In total about 10 inclinations in the right side and left are recommended to do.
  2. Nominative — same, as in the previous exercise. On an exhalation very slowly to lower the case forward, trying to fall most low, to be recorded for several seconds, on a breath to rise. To replace legs, to repeat physical exercise. To make only 10 approaches.

Important! All movements need to be carried out with effort, rather slowly, avoiding sharp actions. At severe pain it is possible to take a break between exercises and to repeat a training.

What cannot be done

Surprisingly but to treat experts advise inflammation of a sciatic nerve through various movements. Special exercises allow to strengthen a blood-groove in lumbar area, to remove inflammatory processes, to eliminate painful discomfort. However, when performing therapy, it is necessary to be especially careful that not to aggravate with the actions a problem.

At a sciatica it is impossible:

  • to make gymnastics quickly and sharply;
  • to be engaged with any weighting compounds, for example, in a bar, the weight;
  • to begin with big loadings. Treatment assumes gradual building of loading therefore occupations are recommended to be begun with the simplest and easy performed by exercises;
  • to sleep on a soft mattress;
  • to provide a training at exacerbation of an illness. All physical complex needs to be carried out at moderate painful symptoms.

Important! When pinching a sciatic nerve any exercises on jumps are forbidden.

Rules of performance of gymnastics

At the beginning of carrying out physiotherapy exercises the technology of performance of each exercise will be shown by the doctor. However, after them it will be necessary to do independently, at the same time, following several simple rules:

  • to begin any exercises with small, easy and short warm-up;
  • the complex should be repeated daily, and at long pains — two times a day;
  • to give classes on equal, quite firm surface, having laid on a floor a special rug or karemat;
  • to watch that indoors there were no drafts, but there was a fresh air;
  • in the course of the training not to make sharp movements, active turns, fast rising.

Whether you know? According to researches, in most cases people, age from 30 to 50 years are subject to a sciatica. Also big risk group is represented by pregnant women they increase pressure in a small basin that can provoke inflammation.

Inflammation of a sciatic nerve — rather serious disease which demands application of complex therapy. It is strictly forbidden to self-medicate, and to start performance of physiotherapy exercises only after consultation with the expert.

Video: exercises at a sciatica And to prevent emergence of a sciatica doctors recommend to move more, the movement, as we know, is a source of health, good health and longevity.

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