Set of exercises on a biceps with dumbbells

Set of exercises on a biceps with dumbbells

The men coming to gym often seek to receive beautiful bicepses (biceps of a humeral belt) which by means of regular trainings can be increased considerably in volumes. Article will tell what effective exercises on a biceps with use of dumbbells exist that will allow these muscles to look impressively.


The biceps is located between an elbow joint and a shoulder and helps hands to do a turn and bending.

Important! Bicepses are not intended for performance of large volumes of work: it is the best of all to apply the multirepeated mode of a training in style to their pumping a pamping (a rating of bicepses the increased blood volume that allows to increase them in volume).

It consists of set of muscular groups:

  • external head (it is called still a long bunch), which is responsible for a raising of weights at the provision of brushes down and gives to a muscle the weight and power;
  • the internal head (short bunch) controlling a biceps rating by means of rise in weight with the hands turned to the athlete's trunk;
  • brakhialisa — the muscles which are under bicepses-sgibatelyami and intended for rise in weight at a supination of brushes (turn of a forearm at which the wrist is developed up).

Rules of occupations on a biceps

The program of exercises on a biceps assumes the following aspects:

  1. To pump over a biceps, only one shell and also basic drafts is used.
  2. The beginning athletes can be limited to one training in 7 days. At the same time they have to carry out two presses, doing three approaches in everyone.
  3. Athletes with experience can train two times in 7 days, doing to five presses on five approaches.
  4. To increase biceps force, in each approach there have to be not less than eight repetitions.
  5. Each occupation the weight of weight needs to be increased. If it is felt that after strengthening of exercise suffered his technician of performance or quality, then it means that you hurried with increase in weight of a shell a little.
  6. Pumping of bicepses has to happen in one day to a training of tricepses.
  7. Heads have to be pumped over in the following order: the first trains short, following — a long head, and pumping of a brakhialis will be the finishing work.

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The best exercises for a biceps with dumbbells

We give the description of presses by means of weights below.

Costing raising of dumbbells

Technology of performance:

  1. Soles are located a foot at shoulder length, slightly we bend hands with shells in elbows, wrists are developed to a trunk and lowered along it. Carrying out presses, completely we do not unbend elbows as it can injure hands. Especially as the sufficient tension of muscles will bring the best effect.
  2. We press elbows to a body and we fix, muscles of a press are strained.
  3. Slow speed we bend hands, without coming off the case. When forearms appear on one line with a floor, wrists need to begin to be developed up (supination).
  4. Weight is lifted before contact of wrists with shoulders (without pressing to them).
  5. We are late for a moment and slowly we lower extremities, at the same time we do not develop a wrist back.

Video: costing raising of dumbbells on a biceps

It is important! If during presses of dumbbells the last movements trouble, it is not necessary to make sharp breakthroughs by hands or to use inertia force: it is better to use for occupations shells with a smaller weight or to reduce approach.


Exercise is carried out as follows:

  1. First of all we decide on the suitable weight of sports weights that there was possible a performance up to 10 repetitions. After that we hold a steady position: it is necessary to rise directly, having put legs on width of shoulders, lumbar department — with a natural deflection.
  2. We fix elbows of a trunk on each side and we try that during performance of presses they did not make advances or back.
  3. We take apparatuses by means of neutral hold (brushes are turned to one another).
  4. We exhale and raise hands to humeral level. Here it is necessary to achieve peak of muscular contraction. Usually it occurs touch of palms to shoulders a little earlier. When the forearm is located vertically, sinews will assume all loading. Therefore when raising hands of a forearm should not fall into vertical position completely. Further — for couple of seconds we are late in a peak point.
  5. Slowly we lower shells down, returning to the source code, and, without being late, again we do raising of forearms.
  6. We repeat exercise to 12 times, then we have a rest and we carry out couple more of approaches.

Video: exercise Hammer

Whether you know? With age at the person the decrease in muscular volume is observed: after forty years it is annually lost from 2% of muscle tissue, and by a 60-year boundary of loss increase to 5%. Therefore it is also important to elderly people to be engaged in trainings, as well as to young people.

The concentrated rise

The described raising of shells will allow to have the following results:

  • more expressed ocherchennost of bicepses;
  • the most clear split of heads;
  • beautiful relief of hands without use of superweights.

Technology of performance:

  1. We sit down, parting legs is slightly wider than a humeral belt. By means of neutral hold (the direction of a wrist — to the center of the case) we take a shell in one hand and we place it on the internal line of a hip above, resting a triceps against this place. Then we lower the working extremity, completely without straightening it. Only the forearm moves. We put a free hand on a knee of a free leg.
  2. Exhaling, smoothly we bend a hand with weight before emergence of feeling of full reduction of a biceps. We fix exercise, straining muscles to a limit and we stop on two respiratory cycles.
  3. Breath, and gradually we lower an extremity, controlling work of muscles. Return to the source code. Up to the end we do not unbend elbows and we do not throw a hand sharply down.
  4. We make up to 12 duplications, then a short respite and we begin other approach.

Video: the concentrated rise

Important! In order to avoid traumatizing sinews before presses on Scott's bench the preliminary warming up of muscles by means of shells with average weight is recommended.

Bending of hands sitting on Scott's bench

The described movements are similar to previous, but here it is necessary to be focused on a negative phase of scope that will help to reach the following effects:

  • it is good to stretch a muscle;
  • to reach a pamping.

Technology of execution:

  1. We sit down on Scott's bench, having arranged tricepses on its surface. Elbows we have on width of a humeral belt, in palms we hold shells. The balanced pose, with a neutral backbone.
  2. Slowly we bend hands and we raise weights in the direction of a chin. Straightening extremities, you should not use inert force. It is also important to consider that movements are carried out by biceps force, but not brushes. When performing presses in elbows the pain should not be felt.
  3. We lift dumbbells and we make exercise repetition.
  4. Correct respiratory mode: moving up — a breath, down — an exhalation.
  5. The breast is straightened, we do not round a humeral belt, we will not stoop.

Video: bending of hands sitting on Scott's bench

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Raising of dumbbells on a biceps on an inclined bench

The specified exercise will help to stretch enough bicepses and completely to work them.

Order of performance of presses:

  1. We sit down, nestling on a bench shoulders and having densely pressed feet to a flooring. We lower hands with cargo along the case, pressing elbows to sides, and having developed brushes to each other.
  2. At rises we work with a biceps for a bend, we turn wrists up.
  3. During movements the elbows remain pressed to sides, we do not curve a back, we do not come off a bench, hands are parallel to a flooring.
  4. Correct breath: at a bend — we exhale, when lowering weights — we inhale.
  5. That the big extension of biceps was carried out, during exercise the head has to be pressed to a lava.
  6. The beginning athletes can use 5-8-kilogram weights with commission of two-three approaches with eight repetitions.

Video: raising of dumbbells on a biceps on an inclined bench

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Costing bending of hands through the parties

Rises in weight in the following order are carried out in a specified way:

  1. It being necessary to become straight, holding shells in outstretched arms, and pressing elbows to the case. Wrists are turned inside.
  2. Bending hands, we part dumbbells in the parties and we lift them up, holding motionless shoulders. Raising extremities, we turn wrists up. Forearms (only they) are in work in the area of arrangement of deltoid muscles.
  3. We move before full compression of a two-headed muscle, the arrangement of dumbbells has to appear at the level of shoulders.
  4. We are late in this position, bicepses are strained.
  5. We take a breath and, developing extremities, slowly we lower weights.
  6. We carry out the necessary number of repetitions.

Video: costing bending of hands through the parties

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Bending of hands with dumbbells lying

At the described exercise the athletes use the weight which they will be able to control. When performing there has to be an easy bending of elbow joints, otherwise, if it is wrong to carry out exercise, traumatization is possible.

Technology of performance:

  1. We lay down on a back on a horizontal bench, we hold dumbbells, having a hand near hips, in their top part. We transfer weights on sides of the case, we straighten hands, slightly we bend elbow joints. Palms are developed up.
  2. Starting position. Elbows and hands are located close to the case. Slowly we lower hands as it is possible closer to a floor. As soon as muscular stretching is felt, we stop and we fix hands.
  3. We exhale and slowly we bend hands with simultaneous turn of wrists that at the end of the movement of a palm were turned up. A part of an extremity from a shoulder to an elbow remains motionless — in work only a forearm. The movement continues before full compression of a biceps. We make a pause, muscles are strained.
  4. We inhale and very slowly we return weights in a starting position.

Video: bending of hands with dumbbells lying In our article the most effective exercises for a biceps training, carrying out which are described you will be able to achieve desirable results. At the same time it is important to remember that it is necessary to avoid excessive loadings and injuries therefore the beginning athletes need to work together with the personal trainer. Also important before each training to warm a body a warm-up set of exercises.

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