Set of exercises with a spring expander for men and women

Set of exercises with a spring expander for men and women

Support of muscles in a tone is relevant at any time and at any age. The system of exercises with use of a spring expander can help with it. Thanks to this exercise machine the load of muscles increases and consequently, the effectiveness of exercises increases. Plus compact dimensions of a shell give the chance to freely use it even in the constrained conditions. And how to use an expander in what its merits and demerits, we also will tell further.

Types of spring expanders

The spring exercise machine — adaptation creating loading as opposed to the movement i.e. the more you put efforts, the resistance will be higher.

Whether you know? The word an expander came from Latin expando — I stretch.

Today there are many types of expanders:

  • butterfly — represents a design from two levers which are fastened with a spring. By sight reminds the unfinished eight or a moth from where and the name. The main function — development of muscles of hips. It is possible to use at fitness classes;
  • hand — are made from different materials, but the principle of work one — tightening of a brush. It is used for development of muscles of hands and a forearm. Usually such shell is appointed for recovering from fractures. A priority of a carpal expander is an opportunity to use it as indoors, and on the street or in other place;
  • chest (or manual) — it is used for development of muscles of a back, a zone of the upper extremities and a breast. Gives the chance to develop own system of trainings. Besides, on such shell there is an opportunity to operate resistance force;
  • the rubber plait — helps to work with extensive group of muscles (humeral belt, the upper and lower extremities). It is quite often used at occupations by yoga or fitness. Can replace a large number of exercise machines;
  • the skier — develops muscles of the musculoskeletal device. It is recommended to use for restoration after operation or a trauma;
  • humeral — represent a design from two handles connected by springs (usually 4–5 pieces). Due to universality and a convenient form are quite popular. The plaits are longer, the more complexes can be carried out. Apply to work with muscles of shoulders, a neck and an upper back;
  • multipurpose — are actively used in house trainings as can replace several types of exercise machines at once. Become on the basis of elastic bands or a spring, and handles are carried out from a neoprene. In the bottom of a design there is emphasis for legs. The main plus — is not demanded by fastenings;
  • wall — such exercise machine is fixed near a usual or Swedish wall. Thanks to it it is possible to carry out about 50 types of exercises.

Important! Handles of an expander have to have a rough surface, and their form to coincide with a shape of palms.

Advantages and shortcomings

Advantages of an expander consist in the following:

  • compact and mobile;
  • gives the chance to carry out a large number of exercises;
  • it is possible to regulate loading degree independently;
  • is suitable for all family members;
  • rather low price.

A certain shortcoming is the fragility of plastic handles. But It should be noted that not all models differ in such defect. Some users consider that spring expanders it is inconvenient to exercise legs. But this opinion only individuals.

Set of exercises

The number of trainings which can be done with an expander is high. On their basis it is possible to develop own program of a training which will allow to keep a fine form and to strengthen a physical state.

For hands

Only several complexes with an expander will allow to give to hands the ideal form, to take away the drooped muscles and to strengthen them:

  1. Initial situation: standing on a floor, legs at shoulder length, a back direct. Having taken the exercise machine for handles, to lift it on height of a breast and to pull it in the parties, trying to reach the maximum length. After that to bend hands and to take an initial position. Carry out 10–15 times.
  2. One leg is exposed forward and pull an expander (as at archery). One hand is straightened, and another in the bent look is put aside back. Hands alternately change.

Important! For auxiliary loading in each situation it is desirable to be late for 10–20 seconds.

  1. To expose one leg forward and to lower to it one handle of the exercise machine. Foot is put on the handle, one hand a palm up take the second handle of an expander. The shell is vertically extended, raising a hand to breast level. Carry out 10 times.
  2. The expander is extended in horizontal position behind the back at height of shovels. Number of repetitions — 10.
  3. To pick up the exercise machine and to stretch in the vertical mode up-down. Hands periodically change. Carry out 10 repetitions.

Video: exercises for weight loss of hands with an expander

For pectoral muscles

The chest expander which is a design from two handles connected by springs is applied.

Important! In the presence of problems with health the trainings with an expander should be provided according to the medical recommendation.

And steel spirals will be suitable for men and the prepared women, and for starting level recommend to use rubber connections.

  1. Press. Initial situation: standing, a back direct. The tape of the exercise machine vertically is fixed behind at height of shovels. About 3–4 times of repetitions are carried out till 10-12.
  2. Data hand. The exercise machine is fixed at the level of shovels, and other end undertakes in the straightened hand. To the place of fastening become a side and expose a hand before themselves. Carry out a training on 3–4 times till 10-12 of approaches.
  3. Initial position: lying on a bench, hands opposite to a breast, elbows look in the parties, the spring of a shell passes under a bench. Having taken the ends of an expander in hands, they are straightened up, having detained in a terminal point for couple of seconds. Do till 8-10 times.

Video: a house training with an expander

For a back

The backbone is a framework of all organism therefore all need to develop back muscles, and exercises by means of an expander will help to make it without prejudice to health:

  1. Thirst for a belt. The main muscular group of a back is developed. Initial situation: sitting, legs together. The expander is thrown through feet, and handles are picked up. Exhaling, the back is leveled, shoulders and elbows put aside back, trying to cramp shovels. On an exhalation take an initial position. To make till 12-15 times in 2–3 approaches.
  2. Draft on a back standing. Besides work with back muscles, allows to develop muscles of hips. Initial situation: standing, the exercise machine will be thrown through a horizontal bar. The ends of an expander take in palms and level a back. Exhaling, elbows and a basin put aside back, cramping shovels. To record situation for 2–3 seconds. On an exhalation become on an initial position. Make till 12-15 times 2–3 approaches.

Whether you know? At sports activities the sweating amplifies, and the person intensively loses water therefore each 10–15 minutes and also if desired it is necessary to do several drinks.

  1. Data of hands ahead. The back and muscles of a breast works. Initial pose: standing, legs are placed on width of shoulders, a back direct. To start the exercise machine for a back, and the ends are taken hands. Taking a breath, brushes of straight arms connect before themselves (if there is an opportunity, it is possible to cross). On an exhalation to become in an initial position. Make 2–3 approaches till 15-17 times.
  2. Raising of hands. Hands, a back and shoulders are loaded. Initial situation: sitting on a chair, feet — on a floor, a back direct. The exercise machine is showered for a chair seat, and the ends are picked up. Having deeply inhaled, the ends of an expander, without leveling elbows, pull up, trying to hold on to forehead level. To record a position for 8–10 seconds. On an exhalation to become in a starting position. To make on 10 times in 2 approaches.
  3. Except back muscles, muscles of buttocks and hips work. The exercise machine is thrown through a turnstile. Standing extend hands before themselves, take the ends of a shell. The left leg make attack forward, holding a straight line back. At attack the hands are raised up. On an exhalation become in a starting position. Number of repetitions 10–12, approaches — 1–2.

Video: exercises with an expander for a back

On shoulders

For performance of a complex take a chest arm expander, applying which perform such operations:

  1. Work with the delta (front bunch of humeral muscles). To become on the middle of a spring, keeping the ends of a shell in brushes. To bend a little in elbows of a hand and to alternately raise them.
  2. Back part of humeral muscles. To become on the middle of a spiral and to bend forward. In such situation rise towards a hand, reaching head height.
  3. Average zone of the delta. To become in the center of a spring and to place hands in the parties, trying to reach the moment when they become parallel to a floor.
  4. Costing, with an equal back, legs direct, are placed at shoulder length. To pick up the exercise machine and to place them in the parties. The number of approaches can be regulated independently, but it is minimum necessary to make till 10-15 approaches.

Video: exercises for shoulders with an expander

For legs and buttocks

That the spring exercise machine it is difficult to pump over muscles of legs and buttocks, to make it really:

  1. Press lying. Initial situation: lying on a floor, one leg is bent in a knee. The toe is passed throughout the exercise machine handle, other handle is kept by hands at thorax height. Toes take away from themselves. At the same time spirals have to be tense. The leg finishes, moving along a floor. About 4–5 times for each leg of repetitions are made till 10-15.

Whether you know? Sports activities increase sexual excitement at women.

  1. Reduction of a leg lying. Muscles of a back surface of a hip and buttocks are pumped over. Initial situation: lying, one leg is raised on 90 °. One handle is put on a toe, and the second remains at the breast level. The leg falls before contact of a floor with a heel. Quantity of sets for each leg 3–4 to carry out 10–15 times.
  2. Initial pose: sitting, legs direct. To start the exercise machine for a foot, to pick up the ends. Bending them in elbows, to tighten an expander to a breast.

Video: 4 exercises on a bottom with an expander

Rules of occupations with an expander

Trainings with an expander will bring benefit only at observance of certain rules, otherwise it is possible to be injured seriously.

Important! It is impossible to put before itself excessive loadings, otherwise there can be an overfatigue.

The basic rules of a training with an expander are as follows:

  • before exercises surely carry out a warming up of all muscles (6–8 minutes to do turns, inclinations). For strengthening of effect it is possible to pound the trained zone;
  • occupations begin with a part which has a greater effect;
  • performance is increased step by step, and trainings carry out smoothly, avoiding sharp movements;
  • each complex is made till 12-15 times in several repetitions. After each 2–3 approaches a break several minutes during which as much as possible relax muscles is taken;
  • trainings carry out daily, at most — every other day, otherwise to reach desirable effect will not be gained;
  • after the training, several minutes in the weakened state are desirable to lie down, it will allow to fill muscles with blood;
  • at the end of a training to take a contrast shower. This procedure will set results.

It is possible to carry out trainings with an expander not only, but also it is expedient. This exercise machine is a fine shell which is available to everyone.

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But at the same time it is worth to remember that loading has to be uniform, and trainings — regular.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team