Set of exercises with an expander for men

Set of exercises with an expander for men

Expanders train muscles, forcing them to overcome elasticity of elastic materials or springs. These exercise machines for sports do not take a lot of place and perfectly are suitable for house occupations to all age groups. We learn what types of expanders happen as it is possible to be engaged with them, and we will get acquainted with the set of exercises for men training different parts of a body.

Types of expanders

In the market of sports equipment there is a wide choice of expanders — with their help it is possible to train different groups of muscles. It makes sense to take several their forms at once to capture trainings the most part of a body.

Whether you know? The name of this simple exercise machine comes from the Latin word expando that means to spread, stretch.

Allocate such types of expanders:

  1. Carpal expanders (for strengthening of muscles of hands and forearms). They occupy a minimum of the place and they can be used in different conditions.
  2. Plait from rubber. Has an appearance of a rubber tape or a plait, on the ends there can be rings for hands. With its help, having picked up a set of exercises, it is possible to train muscles and joints of all body.
  3. Chest expander. It is called still humeral as he perfectly trains not only muscles of a breast, but also shoulders. This design works for stretching and consists of two handles connected by rubber or steel springs. Some of them can regulate loading by change of quantity of plaits. When using in them elastic materials of the handle can be absent (round, eight and other).
  4. Butterfly. Also works for compression and can train different groups of muscles, but it is most effective it use for muscles of hips.
  5. Skier's expander. Has also other name — the boxer's expander. Can have different quantity of the long elastic ends which need to be stretched. Trains muscles of a back, legs and hands, a humeral belt. Occupations with an expander of the skier demand his reliable fixing in a support.
  6. Special expanders — for a training of elbow joints, a waist, for a press and other.

Carpal expanders, in turn, are divided into the following types:

  1. Rubber expander in the form of a circle. It is the most widespread type of such exercise machines, various rigidity, diameters and thickness. They possess different degree of resistance to compression which is expressed in kilograms and happens from 15 kg to 65 kg. For achievement of the best sportswear it is recommended to change smaller resistance for bigger gradually.
  2. Torsion expanders. It is carried out with use of a spring which creates the necessary resistance. On some versions it is possible to regulate loading. There are different types of manual designs — in the form of scissors or with parallel springs; there are even options which give load of separate fingers.
  3. Expander in the form of a sphere or egg. Usually are made of silicone, work by the principle of resistance to compression and most often happen to loading of 5-25 kg.

It is better for them to choose

It is recommended to buy products from quality material therefore it is the most reliable to buy goods of the famous producer. It is necessary to pick up an expander with a resistance, sufficient for itself.

Therefore upon purchase it is necessary to test this exercise machine at once, having done several exercises. They should not become easily, and at the same time loading should not be too heavy or excessive.

Read in more detail about whether it is possible to be pumped up in house conditions.

Many of these exercise machines have marking on rigidity degree as for beginners, so for professional athletes. For power trainings it is necessary to buy exercise machines with bigger loading — for example, an expander ring not less than 50 kg. For beginners the choice of option with adjustable loading will be fine.

If you stopped on a version with handles, check their convenience. It is desirable that place for hands was taken by the soft rubberized covering with roughnesses. Such handles will be convenient and will not begin to slide in hands.

Of course, the choice of a type of an expander depends on what group of muscles you want to train, from physical training. For improvement of the successful fellow and development of a brush and also forearms are applied by carpal expanders and butterflies. They are necessary for those who are engaged in weightlifting (for example, a bar), fight, rock-climbing and other. At an integrated approach it is recommended to buy several exercise machines for different group of muscles. Only for the improving purposes or to beginners it is enough to buy a product from elastic material (elastic plait).

It is important! If before exercises to massage a little trained muscle, then the result from occupations with the exercise machine will be more notable.

Rules of trainings with an expander

Professional coaches recommend at occupations with an expander to follow the following rules:

  • before use of the exercise machine it is necessary to warm all muscles and to make small warm-up;
  • begin a training with the strongest extremity;
  • loading is given gradually, and all movements have to be not sharp not to pull a muscle;
  • each exercise is repeated in 2–3 approaches several times from 10 to 20. If it is difficult to carry out for want of habit, then loading can be lowered. Between approaches take a break 2–3 minutes for full relaxation of muscles. Such tactics allows to make them more relief;
  • power loading is given on an exhalation, up to the peak tension of the trained muscles. Then there is a smooth return to an initial position, together with a sigh;
  • for obtaining good result the training needs to be held daily. It is allowed and every other day, but the effect will be not such strong. If to practise from time to time, irregularly, with constant admissions, then you will not notice special result;
  • at appearance of pains in joints or muscles it is necessary to replace exercise or to take a break in performance of a complex. To continue study, despite pain, does not follow;
  • after the end of training occupations, five recommend to lie down in the weakened condition of minutes to restore a normal blood-groove in muscles.

Video: a training with an expander

Set of exercises

Let's examine exercises for different parts of a body with various expanders.

Learn what push-ups from a floor are useful to men and whether exercise can do harm.

On brush force

Before these occupations it is necessary to warm up properly hands — to squeeze and unclench fists, to rotate them in different directions, to do wavy movements.

They are carried out with a carpal expander in the form of a ring:

  1. To slowly squeeze a ring before contact of the parties. This exercise can be carried out sometimes on a statics — to hold hands a ring in the compressed state some time. It is possible to change loading, squeezing a ring different fingers. It is possible to begin with weaker ring, and then to pass to more rigid.
  2. To twist the eight from a ring.
  3. To stretch it fingers in different directions.

Over time the number of repetitions and degree of a tugost of a shell can be increased.

On a breast

The elastic plait or chest expander well will be suitable for a training of pectoral muscles.

Whether you know? Occupations with carpal expanders are very important for athletes, the doing contact martial arts, an armlifting, binding. Strength of the successful fellow is very important for these sports. In an armlifting the developed brushes it is more important than other physical data.

With their help you can execute the following exercises:

  1. To raise hands with the exercise machine up over the head and to part them in the parties, lowering down.
  2. To hold hands with the exercise machine behind the back and to pull hands in the parties.
  3. The expander is held before a breast, and, exhaling, part hands with its ends in the parties.
  4. To carry out the previous exercises, parting hands on diagonal.

Video: study of muscles of a breast with an expander

On a biceps and a triceps

The model on the basis of an elastic plait with rings for hands will help to pump over bicepses and tricepses:

  1. To wrap up the middle of a plait around the right foot and to take it a small step forward. To keep a left hand under a bottom of a triceps of the right hand. To take both ends the lower hold and, bending the right hand in an elbow, to pull the ends to the right shoulder. To make a set of exercises on the other side of a body the left hand.
  2. To rise legs in the middle of an elastic plait on width of shoulders. To take the ends the lower hold and to pull them to the top part of a breast, having bent elbows.
  3. To repeat the previous exercise by the successful fellow from below.
  4. To fix the middle of our expander most highly on top of a wall and to kneel for 1 meter from it. To take plait handles the top hold, having bent elbows at right angle. The body is a little inclined forward (15 °). Slowly unbend hands down, straightening them completely, and feel triceps tension.
  5. To fix an expander in a wall bottom, to turn to it a back and to take its ends the top hold. To get hands for the head, bending in elbows then to straighten them, having pulled a plait up.

For muscles of a humeral belt

It is possible to strengthen shoulders by means of an elastic plait:

  1. It is necessary to become in the middle of a plait, a leg at shoulder length. To take the ends of an expander and to bend a little hands in elbows. To lift the ends before itself to the level of the person the right, left hand. It will strengthen front muscles of shoulders.
  2. For pumping of a back part of a humeral belt it is necessary to make an inclination forward and to part hands in the parties to the level of the person. Legs still stand on the middle of a plait.
  3. To become straight and do the same exercise, as well as in the previous point, for a training of a middle part of humeral muscles.

We recommend to esteem about what to do at severe muscular delayed onset muscle soreness.

On a back

For improvement of a bearing and strengthening of a back it is necessary to do the following:

  1. To fix a plait it is higher than the level of head on a wall, to take for the ends hands, standing facing an expander. This exercise is done so as if you try to attract a wall to yourself.
  2. To execute a series of exercises of the previous point, now having fixed a plait in a wall bottom. The upper back will be studied.
  3. To fix a plait at the level of a breast and to become facing a wall. To sit down and take a little hands the ends of the exercise machine at distance of their small tension. Pull the ends to a breast, taking elbows to the parties and for themselves, tightening brushes to shoulders. At the same time average, broadest and back deltoid muscles of a back work.
  4. To enshrine a plait in the top provision and to sit down, having bent legs in knees, resting feet against a floor. Take away a trunk to an expander tension a little back. Then pull the ends to shoulders, parting the bent elbows a little.

Video: exercises with an expander for a back

On legs

For strengthening of legs carry out the following exercises:

  1. Squats with loops or an elastic plait. At application of loops it is necessary to become legs on one end, and to throw the free end over a neck. When performing exercise with a plait both ends are held tense in hand.
  2. The expander is fixed foot ahead of the standing leg. Do attacks serially in the beginning on one leg, and then on another.
  3. To rise toes in the middle of a loop, and other part as in exercise No. 1, to get for a neck. To hold the ends of a plait tense, having tightened hands to shoulders. To execute rises on calves.

Important! After classes it is necessary to take a shower, it is desirable contrast (with alternation of cold and hot water). It will help to set effect of trainings and to restore forces.

On a press

It is possible to pump up a stomach an elastic plait by means of the following exercises:

  1. To fix a plait it is above on a wall and to become to it a side on distance of a small tension. To take both ends both hands. Knees are slightly bent, and the press and a back are strained. To make the cutting movement from top to down, at the same time doing turn of the case. To turn to a wall other side and to repeat a series of these movements.
  2. To fix an expander in a bottom of a wall and to repeat the previous cutting exercise on diagonal, only in the direction from below up.

Video: exercises with an expander for a press the Set of exercises with use of expanders will help you to pump up all muscles of a body and to be in good shape. For it it is enough to use such widespread exercise machines as a ring and an elastic plait.

Exercises with a ring can be carried out practically in any situation and in any place. Over time you can increase loading, replacing old devices new, having big resistance.

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