Set of exercises with dumbbells for a breast

Set of exercises with dumbbells for a breast

Exercises with dumbbells since ancient times are used for development of a muscular complex, reduction in norm of body weight, the general improvement of the state of health. In material we will place emphasis on exercises which need to be done to strengthen pectoral muscles.

Anatomy of pectoral muscles

Competently to make the training program for development of muscles of a breast and it is correct to carry out technology of movements, first of all, it is necessary to get acquainted with what muscles are located in this area and what functions they perform.

Those which belong to a humeral belt belong to pectoral muscles and are directly located in a breast. The largest is the big pectoral muscle.

Whether you know? In the ancient time dumbbells applied not only to strengthening of muscles, but also to increase in flying range in a jump. It is considered that if to reject these shells just before landing, then length of a jump will increase by 17 cm. Thus ancient Greeks at the Olympic Games jumped.

It covers about 90% of all chest department, is placed close to a surface and has the form of a triangular fan. It conducts the beginning from a clavicle.

Its functional purpose:

  • bending of a shoulder;
  • leading of a shoulder to the case;
  • turn of a shoulder counterclockwise;
  • rise edges at a breath.

If the person raised a hand, then a problem of a big pectoral muscle to bring it to the lowered state. She is responsible for bust measurements of the person. Directly under big the triangular small muscle is placed. Its beginning is the share of 3–5 edges. She is responsible for the movements of a shovel, carries out raising of edges.

Takes part in a breath. The front gear muscle is placed sideways breasts, originates from the upper edges. Its top comes under big chest. It is necessary for pressing of a shovel and a raising of edges at implementation of a breath.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises with dumbbells on a biceps, a triceps and also muscles of legs and buttocks.

The small subclavial muscle also enters a complex of chest muscles. It is placed below from a clavicle. From above it is covered big chest. Carries out assignment of a clavicle down and raising of the first edge. Intercostal belong to deep muscles. They originate from the top end of edges and participate in an exhalation.

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What exercises with dumbbells it is better for pectoral muscles

Dumbbells — obligatory attribute in trainings on pectoral muscles. They set stabilizers in motion and allow to be focused on bunches. We suggest to examine exercises, it is most effective studying a muscular complex of a breast which need to be entered into a training.

Among them — presses in various provisions, a pullover and cultivations. They should be made in the gym as the special bench is necessary for performance of their most part. The movements which are carried out on the bench inclined under different corners allow to work muscles of the top, average and lower parts of a breast.

We recommend to esteem how it is correct to do squats with dumbbells.

Press lying on a horizontal bench

The press in a prone position is carried out according to such scheme:

  1. To take in each hand on a shell.
  2. To lay down on a bench a back, having naturally caved in in a waist.
  3. To put emphasis in a floor on a full foot.
  4. To carry out bending of hands in elbows at right angle. At the same time shoulders from a nadplechyama have to be leveled to one line.
  5. To carry out a breath.
  6. Exhaling, to lift shells up, leveling in parallel hands.
  7. To detain the upper extremities in the highest point for couple of seconds.
  8. To return to an initial position.

Video: a press of dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench This exercise promotes study big chest, deltoid and humeral muscles. It involves a biceps and a triceps. The recommended number of approaches — 3–4, number of repetitions — 10–12. The interval between approaches has to last not longer than a couple of minutes.

Read in more detail how it is correct to do a press of dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench.

Press on an inclined bench under a positive corner

This exercise is done in the same way, as well as previous, only the bench is located under an inclination. For deep impact on muscles it is recommended to establish an inclination under a positive corner in 20–30 degrees.

Except above-mentioned muscles, at this press the loading is received front gear and trapezoid. The recommended number of approaches — 3–4, number of repetitions — 10–12.

Press of dumbbells-headed down under a negative corner

This exercise should be carried out so:

  1. To capture shells palms by the successful fellow from itself.
  2. To adopt the lying provision on the inclined bench-headed down.
  3. To straighten hands with shells in parallel each other and to put before a breast.
  4. To carry out a breath.
  5. Bending elbow joints, to part elbows and to attract shells to a breast. Shoulders and nadplechya have to form a straight line.
  6. Having inhaled, to carry out rise, having reduced with each other dumbbells.

Learn what exercises with dumbbells the most effective for men and women.

The muscles working at a press: big and small chest, gear, trapezoid, deltoid, beak-shaped, triceps. The recommended number of approaches — 3, number of repetitions — 6–8. Between approaches it is necessary to do respites, carrying out rise from a bench.

Molotkovy press

This press becomes with neutral hold of weighting compounds i.e. when fingers of the hands holding shells are directed to each other. Other name of the successful fellow — molotkovy.

Whether you know? The first dumbbells were produced from a stone, iron and lead. Ancient Greeks called them хальтерес. How exactly they looked, it is possible to see in the National archaeological museum in Athens where the copy which is dug out by archeologists is stored.

At execution of this exercise it is necessary to carry out the following actions:

  1. To take weighting compounds in both hands.
  2. To lay down on horizontally placed bench.
  3. Having bent the upper extremities in elbows, to press them to a trunk.
  4. Exhaling, to make straightening of hands before itself, having shells at the level of eyes.
  5. With a breath to return them in an initial position.

At this press the main loading is the share of a big pectoral muscle. The recommended number of approaches — 4, number of repetitions — 7–9. It is for a change possible to carry out this press, exposing various tilt angles of a bench. Thus, different groups of muscles will be loaded.

Cultivation of dumbbells on a horizontal bench

To execute this exercise, you need to carry out the following operations procedure:

  1. To take in each hand on a weighting compound.
  2. To lay down on a bench a back down.
  3. Having a little bent in hand elbows, to raise them up.
  4. Shells to arrange parallel to the case.
  5. Having inhaled, it is necessary to part smoothly hands in the parties until, muscular stretching in a breast will not be felt yet.
  6. To detain shells in the lower point for couple of seconds.
  7. Having exhaled, to carry out raising of shells.

Cultivation is especially recommended to be entered into a training to women as this most effective exercise allowing to tighten a breast and to remove fat deposits under armpits. Are exposed to loading chest, humeral, intercostal muscles. For achievement of effect at one training it is necessary to make 4 approaches till 10-12 of repetitions.

Cultivation of dumbbells on an inclined bench

This exercise is done on the same equipment, as previous, however during it load of other groups of muscles is carried out — except big chest, on wrists, deltoid, a biceps and a triceps.

The bench needs to be inclined under a 30-45-degree corner. The higher it will be lifted, the lower departments of a breast will be involved more. The recommended number of approaches — 3–4, number of repetitions — 10–12.

Video: cultivation of dumbbells on an inclined bench


The pullover becomes so:

  1. To clasp with both palms one dumbbell.
  2. To settle on a bench a back down with slightly divorced legs and an emphasis on full foot.
  3. To raise hands up, having a little bent in elbows and to arrange a shell opposite to eyes.
  4. To move a dumbbell so that the signature stamp came to be between thumbs, and an expanded part directly in a palm.
  5. Having inhaled, to get hands for the head, without changing a corner of a bend of elbows.
  6. In the lower point to stop for couple of seconds.
  7. Having exhaled, to return hands in initial situation.

It is important! If to you at intensive regular trainings the long time is not possible to increase the muscle bulk of a breast, so you or break technology of movements, or work only on some bunches.

At execution of a pullover, humeral muscles, a triceps participate big chest. Shells weighing 3-10 kg will be suitable for exercise. The recommended number of approaches — 3–4, number of repetitions — 8–12. At increase in weight of weighting compounds the number of repetitions and approaches will need to be reduced.

Recommendations about performance of exercises on a breast

In order that it is correct to build up muscle bulk in a breast, we suggest you to use the following recommendations:

  1. In order to avoid injuries and development of an asymmetrical relief it is necessary to adhere to technology of performance of exercises accurately. At first it is necessary to perfect skill of execution, and then to increase the weight of weighting compounds.
  2. As pectoral muscles represent one of the largest muscular complexes which relief affects beauty of a human body, beginners should entrusting drawing up the training program and control over the implementation of exercises to the experienced trainer.
  3. For uniform development of muscles it is necessary to enter the various movements including versatile loading into the program.
  4. Work with a breast needs to give 2 times a week.
  5. In the training day allocated under study of pectoral muscles it is also expedient to include the exercises loading a triceps, muscles of a humeral belt, a press.
  6. People without physical training for achievement of effect need to carry out for one training of 5-7 repetitions of 1-2 general exercises with big scales and 12–15 repetitions of the isolating exercises with easy scales.
  7. Beginners with dumbbells need to pass to exercises only after they are given without effort 5–7 push-ups for 1 approach.
  8. The total number of movements on a breast for one training should not exceed 6–8 approaches.
  9. If the main objective of a training is to lose weight, then it is necessary to make till 10-15 repetitions of movements in one approach if in plans development of force and endurance — 6–8 repetitions, for increase in muscles — 10–12 repetitions.

Important! Between the trainings developed for chest department the break at least has to be observed at 48 o'clock. It is necessary for muscles for restoration so much.

  1. It is important not to subject pectoral muscles to excessive loadings.
  2. The effect of occupations can achieve only in case of simultaneous correction of food towards increase in consumption of a protein, cellulose and reduction of fast carbohydrates.
  3. To increase efficiency of movements and to reduce risk of getting injured possibly if to start a training only after 5-10-minute warm-up.

Video: exercises for a breast with dumbbells Thus, pectoral muscles require special attention both at men, and at women as beauty of a figure depends on them. The program of trainings should be painted, considering specific features training and anatomy of a muscular complex of his breast.

The trainings developing chest department can be held as in a fitness studio, and at home. The main thing is to carry out correctly technology of movements to achieve desirable effect.

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