Small breast: how to increase forms

Small breast: how to increase forms

The size of the breast satisfied not all women. How many psychologists urged to love themselves such what are, when it comes to the breast sizes, this appeal remains not heard. Well, how it is possible to fall in love with the breast such what it is if instead of it there is only the name of this part of the body, and all that has to invitingly and is elastic to rise up – is absent? The issue of how to increase the breast, still remains topical.


1. Perform the physical exercises contributing to the development of muscles of the breast. Different types of push-ups, presses with the otyazheleniye and without and also work as hands which involves work and pectoral muscles concern them. Many paid and free techniques promising the guaranteed absolute result just also offer the set of exercises for breast muscles. The main thing, harm from such occupations won't be. Even if in 2-3 months of daily trainings you don't receive the dream bust then you strengthen muscles. And it will allow to keep its tone and the form longer.

2. Tablets and ointments for increase in the breast look attractively as the commercial product. Unless it is bad: drank the capsule (applied cream) - grew heaps. And any difficult trainings, any terrible tools of the surgeon. However, nobody will give guarantees that you swallow of something really safe for the organism. What causes growth of the breast, but not some tumor. To take such drugs or not – choose. But many women using such means or were treated then for complications, or received short-term result which disappeared after the termination of administration of drug.

3. If you consider that only the nonconventional medicine is capable to solve all problems of the person, can try national recipes. Infusion on hop cones, the eating of the crude test or cabbage warming compresses (and also mustard plasters and iodic networks) – will be the set of entertaining ways on increase in the breast in the arsenal of folk remedies. Before adopting any given way, estimate risk degree, side effects, undesirable consequences, the possibility of allergic reactions. And only then solve, you will try to resort to folk remedies or not

4. If you need the guaranteed result which will remain for many years, then address to clinic of plastic surgery. Implants become more and more qualitative every year, technology of operation is brought practically to perfection and surgeons "got the hand" long ago, they should perform operations on increase in the breast rather often. However, the cost of such operation is still high, and the ultimate result can be estimated only in several months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team