Sneakers for run: nuances of the choice

Sneakers for run: nuances of the choice

Planning to be engaged in run, it is in advance necessary to think of the choice of suitable footwear. All professional athletes pay due attention to the question of the choice of sneakers for run. Correctly picked up sneakers, though don't guarantee achievement of result, allow to avoid various damages and injuries.

To choose sneakers in which it will be comfortable and easy to run it is necessary to consider the mass of nuances. The right choice of footwear practically guarantees absence of injuries, decrease in fatigue of legs and pleasure from sports activities.

For each covering – the sneakers

It is impossible to find those sneakers in which it would be equally convenient to be engaged in run both on asphalt, and on the racetrack, and on the special covering of stadiums, and on soil or sand. Therefore it is in advance necessary to decide on what surface it is necessary to run. The choice of the sole at sneakers depends on it.

Sneakers with the sole, resistant to attrition, are suitable for asphalt more. It is similar to automobile rubber. For soil, forest footpaths, the wet grass or even snow sneakers on which sole there are special rubber ledges, hooks will approach. They are called SUVs, thanks to the fact that they don't allow sliding. In the fall or in the spring when tracks for run damp, it is better to choose sneakers with metal or rubber spikes. It is provided in some models that metal spikes can be turned off. In such studded sneakers it is good to run on rigid snow and ice.

Run duration

If you plan to run every day or several times a week on small distances, it is better to choose sneakers which sole is resistant to attrition. If as trainings the long run is chosen, the facilitated sneakers or "marafonka" will become suitable option. But it is worth remembering that they are considered footwear of one running as ease is reached due to reduction of the sole. Also there are polumarafonka models which will sustain several runnings as at them the ability to attrition is higher.

Footwear on the season and by the size

That it is better to choose sneakers by the size, any beginning runner knows. But experienced professional runners have also exceptions. For example, some specially take footwear one size smaller that force of take-off was higher. Amateur runners of it need to try to avoid. By the way, it is better to choose and measure footwear in the evening as by the end of day the leg slightly increases in the size. The sneakers which are put on end-to-end since morning can be small in the evening. Also when choosing sneakers it is necessary to pay attention not only to the sole, but also footwear top. In the majority of models the top is made of the special goal net, and under the goal net there is one more layer of fabric. Also the goal net can be double that does sneakers by stronger. To run in the summer, it is better to choose sneakers with good ventilation, i.e. without additional layer of fabric under the goal net. For spring and fall with steady rains it is better to choose top from waterproof, but at the same time the breathing material. If it is necessary to be engaged in run and in the winter, it is necessary to choose sneakers with the additional external layer: it will prevent hit of snow and will defend legs in overcooling. By the way, for the best care for footwear it is worth choosing sneakers with the taking-out insoles. It will allow to dry up quicker them after each running.


Run is always followed by kicks of feet about the Earth's surface. Therefore the absorption extinguishing these kicks is considered important quality of sneakers. Modern producers for these purposes use different materials in footwear soles: special gel, plastic plates of the wavy form, the special made foam material. During fitting of sneakers it is necessary to lean on heels. If the springing effect is reached, so sneakers have necessary shock-absorbing properties.


Also when choosing sneakers it is necessary to pay attention to anatomic features of foot. By what way foot is put, is called the pro-nation. There are three types of the pro-nation: - the hyper pro-nation when the shin is filled up inside; - the nedopronation or the supination when the shin is filled up outside; - the neutral pro-nation when the shin isn't filled up and the leg costs exactly. According to it, modern firms make sneakers. Correctly picked up footwear has to put the athlete exactly. It is better to buy footwear in specialized sports shop where it will be possible to address personnel at emergence of problems. Most often, in such places, people who are engaged in run or other sport work. They will help to pick up qualitative footwear.

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