Snowboard clothes: secrets of the right choice

Snowboard clothes: secrets of the right choice

For occupations the snowboard there isn't enough one board, bindings and boots. The good clothes suitable for active movements on the frost, falling during snow and well absorbing sweat are necessary. The improper clothes can quickly get wet both from within, and outside and to become the cause of illness.

Three layers of clothes

One of the main secrets of equipment – the principle of multiple layers: the clothes have to consist their three layers, each of which performs the functions.

The first layer – the layered clothing preventing overcooling of the organism. At active movements the athlete sweats, the emitted sweat cools the surface of skin. The qualitative layered clothing not only absorbs moisture, but also actively evaporates it, without allowing the body to overcool. When choosing the layered clothing pay attention that it for 100% consisted of synthetics, it is better – from polyester. Linen with the spandex which is the part or lycra adjoins to the body better. Synthetic materials with addition of cotton are nice on the touch, but pass air worse and worse take away moisture from the body. Combinations with wool addition are quite convenient in the absence of hypersensibility to this type of fabric too.

The first layer of clothes has to cover the maximum area of the body: shirts have to have the collar and long sleeves with cuffs, trousers – long trouser-legs. As socks it is better to choose special snowboard or just thin synthetic. Height of socks has to reach the middle of the shin.

The second layer – heater. It has to not only keep heat, but also take away its surplus and also miss those evaporations which were taken away from the body by the layered clothing. Cotton sweatshirts and woolen sweaters badly cope with this role. The best option – the fleece sweatshirt or the jacket.

The third layer – the membrane which is passing moisture outside and protecting from moisture hit inside. The snowboard jacket and trousers contain the membrane layer and heater, but there are models without heater. On signature things the producer writes membrane indicators. The Waterproof (Waterresist) parameter, the properties of the membrane which better are moisture defending is higher, the Breathable parameter is higher, the better the membrane evaporates moisture and worse defends in wind.

Choice secrets

When choosing the layered clothing it is very important that it strictly corresponded to the size. Thus, it will adjoin at the same time to the body and not to hold down movements.

When choosing the sweatshirt or jacket consider material: it is better to choose fleece things by the size, cotton and woolen – is one-two sizes more. The snowboard jacket shouldn't constrain movements and also have ventilation and the internal skirt for protection against snow. It is very convenient when the skirt is fastened to trousers, and sleeves of the jacket have cuffs for gas station them in gloves.

Choosing snowboard trousers, give preference to models with inserts from the strengthened fabric on buttocks and knees – in them it is possible to sit long in snow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team