Sport in the morning and in the evening: how to choose effective strategy

Sport in the morning and in the evening: how to choose effective strategy

Everyone who made the strong-willed decision regularly to play sports with the purpose to strengthen health or to lose extra kilos, surely thinks of in what time it is better for it to be engaged in physical exercises and through what interval after that to eat food. Scientific research and recommendations which we collected in this material will help to understand the matters.

All pros and cons in favor of morning

Probably, for those whose work begins from seven-eight in the morning and who likes to luxuriate in the mornings in beds, the choice in what time of day it is better to play sports will be obvious, they should not choose. Most often people who have a busy schedule of work prefer evening visits of gym.

And here the results of some researches of scientists which were carried out on focus groups will be interesting to those who has a floating schedule or in general free.

28 men age till 21 year participated in the first research conducted by professor of the Research sports center at the Catholic university of the city of Leuven (Belgium) Peter Hespel. The essence of an experiment was that to guys suggested to use the increased number of kilocalories for six weeks. All had an identical menu: 30% more calories also are 50% more than fats, than prior to an experiment.

At the same time they were divided into three groups. Guys who entered into the first group did not train at all. Guys, united in the second, were engaged in physical exercises in the morning, directly after a dream, and ate a breakfast after the training. The third group of young people trained in the morning, but after the breakfast saturated with carbohydrates. And for the first group, and absolutely identical set of exercises which they made for identical amount of time was developed for the second. As a result professor Hespel and his team managed to come to the following results. Men who did not play sports and strongly ate, in 1.5 months gathered on average in two kilograms of weight. Those who practised physically on an empty stomach remained in former weight, but at the same time scientists tracked that during the day their organism burned more kilocalories and their indicators on insulin were slightly better, than at the others. Playing sports after a breakfast put on weight to one kilogram.

These results, though a short-term research and with participation only of men, gave a reason for the statement of his research supervisor that it is possible to prevent emergence of excess weight if to eat healthy food in a balanced way and to lead active lifestyle with regular physical activities. At the same time those which are carried out in the morning to food will be the most effective exercises. Americans also tried to find out by practical consideration when it is better to play sports – in the morning or in the evening, on an empty stomach or after a meal. During experience of men in gym divided into two groups. The racetrack was the only exercise machine on which they were engaged. Burning of 400 calories was the purpose of each training (can be received during easy having a snack). The first group burned them to food, the second – after the use of a plate of the porridge containing 400 kcal.

As a result of an experiment, conclusions were drawn that more fats were burned at running on an empty stomach.

Why it is useful

If to take the results given above in attention, then obvious is an advantage of morning trainings and to food. First, at this time, to take forces on physical activity, the organism will spend energy from the fats which are laid up by it on an emergency. In the evening it will consume only those calories which were received as a result of the last meal. Also the advantage of sports activities is in the morning that after the organism a long time did not receive food, it is adjusted on more intensive and long combustion of fats.

And here fans of early sports activities entice supporters into the ranks, having composed a saying: Who gets up early, that harmonious lives!.

Whether you know? The choice of time for trainings is often influenced by a biorhythm on which there lives a person. Except larks (the people who are awake in the morning and in the afternoon) and owls (those whose activity falls on evening and night) there are pigeons. It is the intermediate type including the people who are awake for all day.

It is also possible to rank as advantages of sports occupations a small amount of people in gyms and at stadiums in the morning and consequently, easy availability to any desirable exercise machine. Only 20-25% training prefer to play sports in the morning.

In what harm

When holding morning trainings more attention should be paid to warm-up as the body during this period is less elastic. Also in the morning the risk of traumatizing increases. At this time it is undesirable to lift big loadings. If till a breakfast to be engaged in the strengthened physical activities, then the organism, without having received with energy food, will be quicker tired therefore you will be able to do less exercises, than, for example, in other time of day.

The full-fledged breakfast can be used in two hours prior to a training. If remains to time for food less, then the amount of proteins and carbohydrates in it has to be reduced.

It is recommended to hold morning trainings not earlier than in two hours after awakening.

All pros and cons in favor of evening

The advantage of evening physical activities is declared by Scots. The staff of University of Glasgow by researches decided to answer the question interesting many: when it is better to train in respect of the smallest risk for health.

Their conclusions were the following. As the body temperature of the person at noon and in the evening above, than in the morning, the probability to get stretchings and other injuries during these periods is much less. Therefore the lunch and evening should be given for power loading, exercises on stretchings, and for morning to leave jogs, sports walking, driving the bicycle.

Whether you know? Trainings are to the sound of music 15% more effective than usual. Rhythmical music helps to concentrate better on performance of exercises.

A little further in the researches Americans came. In particular, the staff of department of kinesiology of college of William and Maria in Vilyamsburg made experiments on changes in an organism of men during the trainings for day. 100 people were involved. Time of morning trainings was necessary for eight hours, day – for the midday and four hours, and evening – for eight hours.

As a result scientists came to a conclusion that the maximum capacity of muscles is observed in the evening. Muscle fibers are reduced much quicker when body temperature is higher, and as we already know from the previous researches, its peak falls on six o'clock in the evening.

Measurements of level of two hormones were one more parameter which was measured by the staff of educational institution: testosterone influencing growth of muscle bulk, and the cortisol participating in destruction of muscles and adjournment of fats. Growth of testosterone was observed at the men holding trainings in the evening. And growth of cortisol – at those who trained in the morning.

Measurements gave a reason the scientist to claim that evening visits of gym best of all are suitable for combustion of fat and building a muscle.

Advantage of exercises

Thus, the advantage of evening exercises consists in minimal risk for getting injured. Besides in the evening, around 18.00, the human body has the highest temperature that allows to do exercises more intensively.

Evening – the best time for extension of muscles. At this time at the person the peak coordination of movements and endurance, high rates of flexibility is observed.

Also evening trainings are the most effective for stress relief.

Minuses of occupations in the evenings

In the evenings it is necessary to carry to minuses of occupations that if the person has a priority to reduce forms and to burn fat, such trainings have to take place late at night, later at least couple of hours after a dinner.

Here it is necessary to add the answer to a question: whether it is possible to do exercises before going to bed. Any physical exercises it is necessary to finish a minimum in two hours prior to a dream. The fact is that the dream is an important factor for health of each person. And charging increases body temperature, strengthens blood circulation, brings nervous system to an excitability state, and an organism to wakefulness. All these factors not only do not promote normal and timely falling asleep, and even interfere with it.

It is important! If there is no other time, except as late at night, for trainings, then in conclusion of a set of exercises exercises for breath have to be carried out. They will help to adjust normal breath and to normalize body temperature.

And one more important aspect – hungry is not recommended to go to bed after the training. It is necessary to use something easy proteinaceous and carbohydrate.

And how lunch?

Lunch trainings are not as popular as morning and evening. Most often resort to them on vacation, on a holiday, in the period of lack of work, etc. Let's consider whether exercises are effective at present.

Why it is possible

In the afternoon the highest tolerance of an organism to pain is observed. Therefore at this time it is good to carry out power loadings. The daylight disposes to more comfortable and effective occupations.

It is possible to carry to advantages of day visits of gyms that at this time they are uncrowded, as a rule, instructors who can pay more attention to you are free. Also, if you have an opportunity to play sports in a lunch break, it will allow you to luxuriate in the morning in a bed or in the evening longer to have a rest after day of work. Lunch trainings load with energy for the rest of day, stimulate work of a brain, lighten the mood, increase performance. For certain the question interests many: whether it is possible to play sports after a meal, for example in a lunch break. The optimum interval between a training has to make also meal 1.5-2 hours (if the purpose only to be in shape, then it is possible to reduce till one o'clock).

At morning and evening sports lessons the main meal has to fall on a lunch. Trainings have to be held to lunch time taking into account the recommended intervals before meal. It is better to have dinner after classes.

Important! In food after the trainings it is necessary to minimize the use of fats and to exclude caffeine (within two hours). Before and after occupations for an hour it is necessary to drink a minimum on liquid half of liter.

Why it is impossible

At any person, irrespective of features of biorhythms, the zero activity of an organism falls on after-dinner hours – from two to three. Therefore you should not plan sports activities for this time.

It will be difficult for the working person to plan time for lunch meal as prior to a training to use a full-fledged lunch do not advise, and food after classes is already necessary for an afternoon snack which also should not be oversaturated by calories.

Let's sum up the result

Of course, everyone will select time for trainings individually, depending on a rhythm of life, operating or educational schedule, the hronotip and desirable result. The purpose of our article – to point to changes in an organism which happen in any given time of day at its physical activity. Summing up the aforesaid, we will note that for maintenance of health trainings and irrespective of an interval of acceptance of food will be at any time useful. If an ultimate goal of physical exercises is a set of muscle bulk and is planned to place emphasis on power exercises, on extensions, then evening will be the best time for this purpose. Also it is good to do swimming and team sports in the evening.

Persons interested quickly and effectively to lose weight need to give preference to morning trainings. At this time it is good to be engaged in easy types of loading: run, walking, cycle trainings, charging, yoga, etc.

If you accurately treat a certain hronotip, then larks best of all postpone trainings up to 12 o'clock in the afternoon, pigeons – perfectly train about four o'clock in the afternoon, and owls prefer to load physically an organism in the range of eight evening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team