Sports terminology: what is the handicap?

Sports terminology: what is the handicap?

Handicap - the term used in sport for designation of odds. It is relevant for alignment of chances between teams. The concept is applied by bookmaker offices, allows to stake favorable on team.

Handicap – the term which is found in many spheres, but the thicket can hear it from athletes and fans. This concept is understood as granting advantages to more weak teams. It becomes to balance their opportunities with leaders.

Often handicaps are applied by bookmaker offices when the favourite is known in advance. To stake in this case favourably and directly for players as at usual rates there are three possible outcomes, and at the game on the handicap – only two.

Use of the handicap

The concept is applicable to those types of sports meets which are carried out in several stages, and the victory is set off to the team which gained the maximum quantity of points. It is possible to define the winner by such approach and at the last stage, without resorting to recalculation of points.

About this type of the bonus it is possible to hear in sports:


  • cross-country skiing;
  • equestrian sport;
  • chess;
  • soccer;
  • volleyball and in others.

Examples of the handicap in different types of sport

The handicap in pentathlon can serve as the example. At the last stage the participants start in turn with the interval which is defined by the difference in the previous results. There begins the leader, he is followed by the athlete, taking the second places. Each 4 points of the difference provide advantage in one second.

The handicap in golf is the numerical indicator of qualification of the athlete. Application of the special bonus system gives the chance to compete to players with different extent of preparation. In sailing this approach gives the chance to make correction of results of the regatta taking into account indicators of the yacht.

At the football game can attribute to the most weak team additional balls. Their quantity can be the miscellaneous depending on team. Application of the handicap in different types of sport allows to rely more interesting and popular.

In baseball this type of odds is called "wounds lines". Unlike other sports, the indicator is always equal to 1.5. It means that the rate on team wins if the team suffers the defeat with the difference in one wounds or gains the victory. At the same time players have the opportunity to increase or reduce wounds lines with application of the alternative handicap. Similar rates are influenced by the sizes of stadium and weather conditions.

There are specifics and in basketball. This game belongs to views with the highest effectiveness. The quantity of points gained during one match can be more than 200. Because of it they differ in low value that results in lack of the indicators peculiar to other sports. When determining odds is taken into account getting injured consequences, the schedule of matches and statistical data.

European handicap

At the European look integers are applied. At such approach of returns can't be. Because of it there are only two possible outcomes – the prize or loss. For example, if to rely on team with odds "-1", the prize will be considered included if the team gains the victory with advantage in two goals more.

At the European look there are three possibilities of the outcome:

  • 1 – the option wins at the victory of the first team with the difference in goals more, than the set odds.
  • X – this option assumes the victory with the difference in goals, equal to the established values.
  • The 2-advantageous look in case of the victory of the second team in the match at equality or loss of this team with the difference in goals is less, than the set odds.

Asian handicap

The Asian is divided into simple and double. In the first case it is about the rate in which there are odds equal 0,5, 1,5, 2,5 and so forth. The feature is in what advantages of the favourite is expressed not only the integer, but also in the value equal to the half of the goal or the point.

The double Asian handicap has the appearance 1.25, 0.25, etc. similar options are divided into two rates. At the same time the sum of the last is halved. The simplest is the handicap of DNB which provides the possibility of return of the rate if the match comes to an end in the draw.

In spite of the fact that the Asian handicap more difficult, it has several advantages. Treat them:

  • higher limits allowing to play for the large sums;
  • the high probability of the prize, sometimes it reaches 50%;
  • the opportunity to return about a half of the invested money at defeat.

The players who managed to understand in details specifics of the Asian handicap achieve on rates very much good results.

Rates with zero odds or the value of the handicap equal to zero go the separate look. In this case it is supposed that the option with the draw idle time is excluded. If teams divide points, the bookmaker does return of rates. There are some versions which duplicate other types of rates.

Handicap in adaptive sport

The term is applied also at games of disabled athletes. There are two types of classifications: medical and sports and functional. The first allows to distribute athletes on belonging to certain nosological groups and existence of the remained opportunities. At the same time is determined by the basis for participation in competitions by medical criteria without sport.

Sports and functional allows to distribute participants of competitions on classes taking into account specifics of adaptive sport, being guided by results of medical classification. For example, two athletes with identical diseases can have various sports and functional classes.

There is one more classification – gandikapny. It is applied to determination of percent of advantage of athletes of one functional class in relation to participants of other class. This approach is applied to increase in competition of competitions by reduction of classes in which medal events are held. It is considered that gandikapny classification can replace sports and functional over time:

  • in cross-country skiing;
  • cycling;
  • to track and field athletics;

In conclusion we will note: bookmakers offer the big variety of handicaps. It is possible to put on the victory in games, sets, on quantity of mistakes and other statistics. To learn to play successfully, some knowledge of types of odds isn't enough. The optimal variant is to look or complete several courses in which it is in detail told about handicaps.

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