Sports walking

Sports walking

is not only easiest way of movement, but also a useful and effective type of vigorous activity. It is difficult to overestimate advantage of walking. Occupations walking perfectly help at improvement of physical shape and strengthening of immunity. Unlike almost all other sports the walking is the most available and widespread. For occupations by sports walking you need only desire and comfortable footwear. Even occupations run concede in this plan to walking as a certain level of endurance and health is necessary for them. Occupations walking are available even to people with certain physiological restrictions, this sport – practically without contraindications. Unlike run the walking does not provide strong load of a warm system, a backbone and knee joints. On the contrary, at the correct trainings these parts of an organism can be developed in the necessary direction.                                

Technology of walking is the elementary among all the technician of vypolneniye of exercises. Each person is able to go since the birth. It is necessary only to correct this ability a little. If you are completely healthy and have no serious contraindications, then can safely begin occupations with thirty minutes walk a day. It is dependent on age, choose to yourself suitable speed. After fifty it is better for people to hold moderate speed, and to youth and adults – more accelerated. Too it is rather simple to pick up optimum speed for walking - it is the speed at which at which you can carry on a conversation, without losing breath. If in the course of walking you have a short wind – means, speed is too high for you and it needs to be reduced. The easiest way to learn your speed – to use a school formula and to divide the distance passed by you for a while for which you overcame it. But if with hours to find out time spent for walk, problems, as a rule, do not arise, then to calculate distance it turns out not always. In that case it is possible to use a pedometer is the device allowing to calculate what quantity of steps you passed. With its help it is possible to estimate your approximate speed when walking:

  • 60-70 steps a minute correspond to 2.5-3 km/h;
  • 70-90 steps a minute - 3-4 km/h;
  • 90-120 steps a minute - 4-5.6 km/h;
  • 120-140 steps a minute - 5.6-6.4 km/h;
  • more than 140 steps a minute - over 6.5 km/h.

After a while you will notice that after the next walk for thirty minutes you do not feel even the slightest fatigue. It is a signal to increase in loadings. For a start change a distance and speed and when you get used – change a route of trainings for more difficult. Use the imagination. Try to use ways where it is necessary to rise or fall much, the rough country, sand, soft soil, snow, etc. In few months of trainings you can even use ladder flights of multi-storey buildings as a route.

Now we will consider mistakes which should be avoided when walking. First of all, it is the wrong bearing. During walking you stand up straight, straighten a back and develop shoulders back. In such situation the lungs will function most effectively. Often when walking the people try to extend the step. It is an appreciable error. Increase in length of a step leads to strengthening of load of an ankle and a knee joint that is fraught with strain of muscle and ligaments. Is not necessary it intends to extend the steps, it is important that when walking you had no feeling of inconvenience and tension. At the same time, if you have a need to go quicker – make it increase in frequency of steps. Breath has to coincide with a walking step. Foot should be lowered smoothly that it is not strong to load a backbone and knee joints. It is necessary to roll smoothly body weight from heels on socks, trying to lean on outer side of foot at the same time more. To observe balance and to improve process of a metabolism try to move hands in unison with legs. When walking you intensively sweat therefore it is important to compensate these expenses of liquid. To ideally take a small small bottle of water and to drink gradually from it during walking. Also do not forget to drink a glass - two waters in half an hour after the end of a training. But if in process and even after completion of walk you had no feeling of thirst, then it is an occasion to think of your intensity of walking: after good foot walk of people, as a rule, thirsts.                    

Exercises by walking bear in themselves weight useful – they improve mood, helping at fight against a depression and stresses, increase the general endurance of an organism, help with fight against excess weight, promote increase in density and durability of a bone tissue, develop and strengthen muscles of muscles of a lower body and prolong youth.

So, you were convinced that walking is the excellent alternative to sports exercises which is not demanding anything except your desire!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team