Sportswear of new generation — a taytsa

Sportswear of new generation — a taytsa

Taytsa are rather new, but promptly extending type of the sportswear intended for run or cyclings.

Feature of sports leggings is the increased elasticity, comfort and ability of material to pass air. Sports activities in such clothes bring not only pleasure, but also huge advantage.

But the efficiency of trainings will depend on purchase of sportswear. Therefore it is worth understanding as it is correct to choose taytsa.

What is taytsa?

Taytsa happen different types and are made of various materials. Let's consider in what their feature, and we will begin with the detailed description of this unfamiliar type of sportswear.

Uniqueness of tayts

What is taytsa and in what a difference between them and usual leggings, each professional runner knows, however beginners have questions.

Taytsa is a type of sportswear which helps to do physical exercises not only useful, but also pleasant. In fact, it is the usual warmed tights, however they are made of elastic material which repeats all movements of a body, without limiting them.

So in what a difference between taytsa and leggings? The answer is simple: it is all about purpose.

Important! It is not dependent on the experienced strain at occupations and how air temperature grew around, the athlete's skin in taytsa will always remain dry.

Leggings make of various materials, for example, a velvet or cotton with lycra addition. Depending on fabric of elk meat it is possible to use as sportswear and as usual women's trousers.

Taytsa, in turn, are made only for sports activities, have the increased elasticity and perfectly are suitable for run and cyclings thanks to the ability to support and tone up muscles.

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In such sportswear as taytsa, the endurance due to excellent ventilation and moisture assignment increases.

Taytsa — a great option it is convenient for those who lead active lifestyle, and, above all — it is useful.

Whether you know? Taytsa pull together fats and stimulate to move more actively that finally yields more productive result.

Types and length of tayts

Let's consider in more detail that it is it taytsa and the description of their types, length and other important details. In spite of the fact that taytsa are used only in sport, there are their different types and length.

Professional running sports leggings happen such length:

  • to the middle of caviar;
  • to an ankle;
  • to a knee

The choice of length depends on season and also on preferences of the athlete.

Depending on a sex of the fan of sport, a taytsa it is possible to divide on:

  • men's;
  • women's;
  • unisex (that is a floor does not matter).

And here such concept what is taytsa for fitness or for occupations in the gym, no as this sportswear for yoga or aerobics has no features. Men's or women's yoga pants differ not only in appearance, but also arrangement of the zones of ventilation calculated on anatomic features of a body.

The unisex does not assume strict arrangement of the moisture taking away zones and is universal option both for the girl, and for the guy.

Generally taytsa are necessary for runners, however fans of other sports, such as fitness or aerobics, can also take this form of sportswear. Big advantage of these sports pants is not only the appearance, and and their ability to last.

The amount of lycra allows to stretch them even by 4 times and consequently, in such clothes it is possible to carry out exercises of any complexity in any position.

You should not confuse: the real taytsa are not a compression dress for run. Women's trousers for weight loss, than the compression clothes also are, are intended to create steam effect for fast combustion of fats. Taytsa, on the contrary, perfectly pass air and do not allow to gather to excess heat.

Production material

At material selection the producers consider first of all elasticity of fabric. Also very important role is played by ability of fabric to pass air and not to detain moisture.

The main materials for production of this sportswear is synthetics and cotton. Some known sports brands use mix of synthetics and cotton for achievement of bigger viscosity.

Whether you know? The word tights is literally translated from English tights.

What to pay attention when choosing tayts to

Before buying new clothes any person pays attention to such important factors as a season, material of which the thing, and its other functional features is made.

Also it is very important factors and when choosing sports regimentals, from it the quality and result depends on physical activities. Especially it is worth treating seriously a difference between clothes for men and women.


When choosing tayts it is necessary to be defined accurately what look approaches most of all, qualitative sportswear costs considerable money. Taytsa are all-weather clothes as material of trousers perfectly keeps heat given by a body.

Most of athletes give preference to long taytsa thanks to their universality: in the winter warmly, in the summer not hot. However if you seriously decided to play sports, it is worth taking all forms for bigger convenience and for all occasions.

Women know that the main problem zones are buttocks and legs therefore depending on a season it is worth paying attention at once that it is better to be engaged in the summer in clothes which influence directly zones with excess fat deposits, that is in taytsa knee-deep.

Regular trainings by sport will help to remove nervous tension and to lose weight.


The main purpose of tayts is improvement of comfort at sports, and therefore the first that needs to be made upon purchase — to try on on itself the chosen model, each body is unique, and what is convenient to someone, not necessarily will suit you.

In a question of comfort from the chosen clothes it is possible to rely only on himself therefore each person, not it is dependent on a floor has to be defined.


Sports leggings from cotton perfectly will be suitable for moderate trainings, such as fitness, yoga or occupations on an extension. Women give to clothes from this material preferences generally.

Men who carry out more intensive exercises more will suit synthetic clothes on which sweating will be not so noticeable. In synthetic trousers it is possible to carry out exercises of any intensity with comfort for the athlete.

Moisture assignment and ventilation

Not less important criterion when choosing sportswear is the ability of fabric to removal of moisture and ventilation.

As these clothes are intended for sports activities, a taytsa as from cotton, and synthetic perfectly cope with this task. The main thing is to choose truly the producer and model.

Important! By scientists it is proved that occupation in stylish sportswear lifts a self-assessment and increases thirst for sport.

The best manufacturing firms of tayts for run

Choice of producers of tayts today considerable. However it is worth giving preference to the known brands.

Contrary to opinions that in the price name of the producer is put generally, the quality of clothes of the known companies is several heads higher than the underground plants.

Brand of Adidas

One of leaders of producers of sportswear is Adidas. The specialized clothes and stock of this company are bought around the world by many years.

In brand and Adidas stock stores it is possible to find taytsa for every taste: short and long, winter and summer. All models of this producer have an ideal ratio the price quality.

Brand of Asics

Sports pants of Asics approach as the beginning runners, and professional athletes with long experience. This producer offers the huge choice of tayts. Feature of firm is combination of fashionable design and useful additions. For example, bright reflective inserts: it is unusual appearance in the afternoon, and in the evening of the runner in such trousers it will be well visible to the drivers passing by.

Craft brand

Sports squads of Craft are in great demand at the budget athletes. This firm releases a large number of quality various sports pants at rather low price.

On sale there are any kinds of tayts with various inserts and without them, with heating and also children's models.

Brand of Nike

One of brands most popular presently is Nike. In specialized and online stores it is possible to buy sports pants of any kind and for any purpose.

The Nike company offers the clients many options of tayts for occupation any kind of sport at all seasons of the year and day. The quality of prophetic this company does not force to doubt, many years of Nike are one of the largest dealers of sportswear and attributes.

Taytsa are very important addition to clothes of each athlete or just the fan. The sport in them becomes much more comfortable, and the advantage for a body and an organism increases many times thanks to their ability to tone up muscles.

Even after the first training it will become clear to the beginner what is taytsa and what they differ from leggings in.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team