Step aerobics"

Step aerobics"

the numerous directions of aerobics the step aerobics is at the same time the most simple and the most productive. The name (stepna English means "step") this look means a lot of walking. For occupations a step aerobics it is not obligatory to think strongly of the correct assimilation of any given movements and simplicity of this direction of aerobics demands to own difficult technicians of performance of any given exercises – from you only abilities to go and desires to train regularly.

The emergence this direction of aerobics is obliged by the American champion in bodybuilding to Geena Miller. During the Gene's bodybuilding trainings strongly injured the knee, but it was necessary to train somehow for competitions prior to which there were only several months. Initially she used for step trainings on a porch of the house. These movements with elements of descent and rise strongly carried away it, and by the beginning of competitions it completely restored the former form. Stunned with such remarkable results, Geena decided to develop the new direction in aerobics subsequently, having taken as a basis those simple trainings on steps of the porch. Now a step aerobics it is popular more than in 40 countries of the world, and football players of Brazilian national team begin several years the warm-up about a step aerobics.

What represents a step aerobics? It is quite possible to call it a peculiar symbiosis of walking on a ladder and classical aerobics. However you should not think that all meaning of this direction consists in usual walking on a staircase there and back (though for maintenance of an organism in a tone it is very useful). To be necessary for you for effective occupations only one special a step platform, but not a huge number of steps. For beginners it is the best of all ispolzovatplatformuvysoty fifteen-twenty centimeters. Further it will be possible to use the thirty-centimetric platform. The point of exercise consists in rhythmical rise on the platform and the subsequent descent, it is desirable under vigorous music. The step aerobics influences a body in a complex, at the same time delicately adjusts a shape of legs, developing the necessary group of muscles. It has positive effect on all organism, strengthening respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular and nervous systems and also arterial blood pressure and activity of a vestibular mechanism are normalized.

The step aerobics is rather attractive way to be in good shape as it is available practically to everyone. It does not assume use of expensive exercise machines. To you there will be quite enough a wide rubber tape, a ball, a step bench and couple of dumbbells for load of a humeral belt.

With the help a step aerobics you will be able evenly and harmoniously to develop the body, will get a graceful and fine bearing and will develop graceful, exact and expressive movements. If your purpose is improvement of the waist, then a step aerobics is that it is necessary for you. But the most important, your legs will become incredibly strong and harmonious as during the trainings the main loading goes on them.

The step aerobics uses the exercises similar to exercises from classical gymnastics. They stimulate work of a cardiovascular system, develop the improved coordination of movements and train breath. But, unlike classical gymnastics, the step aerobics allows to regulate loadings, so, desirable results can be achieved much quicker. By the way, exactly thanks to a set of exercises from a step aerobics it is possible to train those groups of muscles which are difficult for involving at ordinary trainings: the bringing muscles of hips, buttocks and a back part of a hip. The step aerobics is a key to transformation of a usual body into a plastic, flexible, hardy, slim and graceful figure.

If you seriously decided to be engaged a step aerobics and to devote it a considerable part of the free time, then it is necessary to resolve an issue concerning the organization of occupations. As it is better to be engaged: individually or in group? It, first of all, depends on your character and personal preferences: if to you to train houses, far from excess eyes more comfortably – nothing terrible. And, on the contrary, if support and communication with companions on a training are necessary for you – be engaged in group. The main thing that it was pleasant to you. To be necessary to consider that both options of trainings have the features. To beginners of occupation in group will help to learn to carry out correctly exercises, and trainings will take place easy and cheerfully. Also there are options of exercises together with the partner. Occupations with the instructor will be more productive and fast, and individual trainings in house conditions will allow you to regulate loadings and rate of trainings independently. It is desirable to study specialized literature for occupations of the house.


For rather small history of the existence a step aerobics managed to win hearts of many people and turned into a popular type of fitness. During studying influence of this direction of aerobics on a human body such facts became clear:

  1. The result from occupations a step aerobics is noticeable in two-three months of regular trainings.
  2. At increase in height a step platform on each five centimeters the additional loading increases by fifteen percent.
  3. Regular trainings a step aerobics positively influence not only physical, but also a mental state. In particular at most of athletes the level of depressiveness and nervousness decreased.
  4. Classical occupation on a step aerobics which usually to last about an hour, burns from two hundred to five hundred calories.
  5. On physiological effect the full-fledged and intensive training on a step aerobics is equated to run on ten kilometers on average speed.

It is interesting also that in some clinics the elements apply a step aerobics at treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis which are usually caused by a lack of the movement. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team