Strong press: how to pump up it in house conditions

Strong press: how to pump up it in house conditions

The press belongs to group of difficult muscles which it is necessary to train persistently, long and regularly. It is possible to achieve the ideal shape of the stomach in sports club, being engaged according to the individual program, and it is possible to do it houses, having developed the system of exercises.


1. Develop the program of occupations. Muscles of the press need to be swung on the certain, circular system, without pauses for rest, performing exercises one behind another. Series of exercises have to go one after another, between them it isn't necessary to take the break more than one minute. It is necessary to be engaged on an empty stomach or two hours later after acceptance of food.

2. Take care of the conditions favorable for trainings. Provide good ventilation indoors, the convenient dense rug, clothes, comfortable for occupations.

3. Alternate exercises. The main movements have to combine bending and straightening of the back which happens at the expense of the stomach muscle tension. The neck, legs and hands at the same time shouldn't strain – so you considerably will increase efficiency of occupations. Carrying out bendings and extensions, observe correctness of the position – hands have to be behind the head, but not hold it, and just designate situation. Twisting studies oblique muscles of the stomach and forms the waist relief therefore they need to be alternated to bendings. Each exercise should be performed till 5-10 times, gradually increasing their quantity.

4. Train the press during the day. Besides daily occupations, add static exercises which you can carry out during the day. Keeping of tight muscles of the stomach on the exhalation during the greatest possible time belongs to such exercises. You learn to breathe correctly – the stomach, but not the breast, at the same time it is necessary to control the movement of belly muscles.

5. Gradually complicate trainings. Having mastered exercises in the prone position, you pass to occupations on the horizontal bar. Lifting of straight legs from trailing situation is the most effective exercise for formation of the strong press, but its performance demands good physical training.

6. Use various apparatuses and supportive applications. The good result is yielded by weightings – being engaged with dumbbells, you give additional loading to muscles, forcing them to work more tensely and more intensively. The rubber expander increases efficiency of trainings, and exercises with it allow to focus on the correct performance of the movement, but not on attempts to hold the right position. Swinging the press on the fitball, you do the training various and in addition study back muscles, ensuring the ideal bearing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team