Swimming — the best children's sport

Swimming — the best children's sport

Your kid grew up, and his physical activity increased. How to put irrepressible energy of the tot on the right track?

In this process the invaluable help will be rendered by sports activities. At the first stages it can be simple exercises: morning exercises and various outdoor games. Since four-year age there is the question of record of the child in any sports section. The mistake of many parents consists in the choice of sections "on prestigiousness" at the moment. In this case on the first place not the desire of the child, but unsatisfied ambitions of parents is put. The main objective in the child's occupations sport - to grow up physically strong and hardy person. Besides, the sport imparts discipline and concentration. And it is very important qualities.

Each sport is attractive in own way. But, if at the kid the susceptibility to frequent colds, viral infections is observed, then it is better, than occupation swimming, not to find. What gives swimming to the child? In what its advantage?

Major factors:

  • Strengthening of nervous system.
  • Development and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Favorable action on the cardiac muscle.
  • Development of respiratory organs.
  • Elaboration of rhythmic movements.

Experts strongly recommend to be attentive in the choice of the pool. If it is adapted for occupation with kids then it is suitable for the child. If you couldn't find the necessary pool, then you shouldn't hurry and write down the kid in swimming section. And if you were lucky and the pool is picked up, pass to performance of the following condition for implementation of the objective. It consists in the choice of the coach for your child.

Now quite often people who aren't professional teachers work in the pool with children. Such training can't yield good results. Not to get to such unfortunate coach, surely visit the training. Look how the coach works with children. Don't hesitate to be interested in its education and experience. Ask by what technique he teaches.

Main requirements to the coach:

  • Has to have vocational education.
  • To teach by the classical technique.
  • To be able to work with children of preschool age.

It is very important. In life of the child depends on the first coach, he will fall in love with this sport or will refuse flatly to be engaged in it. You don't seek to grow up from the champion's kid. Unless it is important? The main thing that he will grow up healthy!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team