Team games with the ball: handball

Team games with the ball: handball

In modern time there are various ball games: basketball, volleyball, soccer and others. All can have different rules, but the essence one – fight for the goal. These sports are rather known. For example, admirers of soccer or basketball infinite set. There is also one more sport which is capable to draw attention of the spectator who is interested in team competitions with the ball. It is handball.

The etymology of the word "handball" is simple. So, hand is translated from English as the hand, and ball – the ball. Respectively, in handball play hands with the ball. Difference of handball from the besketbol that the goal, but not the ring is provided in the first look. The handball is called differently the game "handball".

If soccer or beach volleyball matches  can be organized in the open air, then the handball is allowed to be carried out only indoors. The platform for this sport has the size of 40 by 20 meters. The ball weighing 425-480 g is used by men, and here weight of the apparatus for women makes 325-380 grams. The game includes two times to which it is allocated on 30 minutes for everyone. Half-time break of 10 minutes.

Purpose of the sports game: to throw the ball in the goal to the opponent. Closer than six meters to approach the goal and it is impossible to throw, otherwise the goal won't be signaled. Field players play the ball hands. The team which scored more than goals will win. The goalkeeper of team can defend the goal any parts of the body.

If in the match there is the draw after two times expire, two additional overtimes 5 minutes are appointed. In case of the equal score appoint one more time and if after it there is the draw on the score-board, then the series of penalty shots and both teams will be appointed will make 5 kicks in the goal of the opponent from the seven-meter mark.

In modern time there are professional handball leagues. Serious large tournaments on this sport are held. Such as World Cups and Europe.

This sport is played by both men, and women. The handball is included into the program of the Summer Olympic Games.

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