Technology of breath for good health

Technology of breath for good health

It is known that air is necessary for the human body, all its bodies and cages. There are various techniques of breath which help the organism to be oxygenated necessary quantity, besides, such technicians improve the speech of the person, help to cope with stresses, are used in treatment of diseases.

Recovery techniques of breath. These exercises will be suitable for athletes, people who, for example, at rise or fast run feel the shortage of air. It is necessary for performance of exercise that hands were raised up, and legs stood shoulder width apart, then it is deeply necessary to inhale through the nose, to lower hands down and to loudly cry out any word. One more technique: situation remains the same, but at the exhalation hands draw the big sphere.

Technology of the correct breath are used for improvement of the organism, weight loss, therapy of some diseases. For performance of the technique deeply inhale air through the nose, at the same time it is necessary to breathe the stomach, but not the breast. Exhale air through the very narrow shchelochka of the mouth. In the termination it is necessary to make not less than three short exhalations to push out all air from lungs. Other technique: very deep breath that there was the feeling of overflow by air is taken, then the breath for about 30 seconds is held, then the deep and lingering exhalation becomes.

Diafragmalny techniques of breath. Such gymnastics is useful to people who diffident, often are nervous, feel uneasiness, are subject to stresses. Technicians will help to relax and remove nervousness. That exercise was performed correctly, it is necessary to be prepared a little: in the room to open windows, providing at the same time air flow, to put on clothes, free and not holding down the movement. Performance of exercises: it is necessary to lay down the back on the firm floor, slowly, without hurrying, to tighten air through the nose and to fill the stomach, then also slowly air exhausts, completely devastating lungs. After such gymnastics there is slight dizziness - it is the normal state of the organism therefore after performance of exercises it is necessary to lie down a little.

Speech techniques. These techniques are especially useful to small children. They learn to pronounce completely words, not to hurry, to control loudness, etc. Also speech gymnastics is suitable for those who have fouls in diction. All techniques can be carried out in playful way. The first exercise: from cotton wool skatyvat the small ball and try to blow into it, for example, in the improvised goal from children's cubes. The second exercise: display the objects having different weight which need to be blown off on the floor on the table. The third exercise: inflation of balloons or toys.

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